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When it comes to decorating a room, there is no better way to bring a bit of nature indoors than with a rug inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. Whether you are looking for something rustic and cozy, or bright and playful, these rugs have something for everyone.

There are plenty of designs available that feature the beloved book’s signature illustrations by Maurice Sendak - from subtle abstract patterns that recall the lush jungle-like setting of Max’s adventures to more distinct art featuring colorful characters themselves. The options don’t stop there either - you can find wild rugs adorned with furry monsters, moonlit forests, or even sea creatures from the film adaptation. The possibilities are endless!

No matter where you go looking for your perfect rug - online or locally at bigger stores - one thing is sure: each one will be unique and special in its own way as many Where the Wild Things Are inspired products are handcrafted pieces made by passionate artisans who share their love for this classic storybook series with every stitch they make. As your rug becomes an anchor point in your home design scheme it will not only make any space look great but also bring back fond childhood memories through their adorable motifs while reminding us all that going “where the wild things are” can be an exciting journey no matter what age you take it on!

Where can I find a Where The Wild Things are rug?

If you’re looking for a special rug as a tribute to the beloved classic children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want something subtle or something that stands out, there are several options available online and in stores.

First and foremost is Etsy. This online marketplace is chock-full of handmade items featuring ‘max in his boat' illustrations from Maurice Sendak’s storybook. There are plenty of custom designed rugs that come with different sizes, colors, styles and finishes available according to your preference - making it easy to find one that fits perfectly in your home! You can also find wonderful designs like arrow patterned rugs or fanciful ones with colorful Wild Thing characters.

If you're feeling crafty, Amazon carries various kits for DIY projects such as crocheting a Where The Wild Things Are rug from scratch using your own yarn selection and latch hook technique. It's sure to be a rewarding (and budget-friendly!) project to take on if you're up for it!

Alternatively, Furniture Village offers unique retro contemporary collection of statement pieces inspired by children's literature classics such as Where The Wild Things Are. Their range includes modern takes on traditional patterns like Max Adventure area rug which features patchwork squares with intricate detailing and bright hues from Maurice Sendak's legendary illustrations. How adorable!

So whatever style or space best suits your needs - go wild choosing the perfect rug honoring this beloved storybook classic!"

Are there any Where The Wild Things are rugs available for purchase?

As an iconic part of popular culture, fans of "Where The Wild Things Are" have long admired the story and characters of the beloved art piece. As such, finding items such as rugs featuring those characters can be a challenge-- however if you know where to look, it is possible!

Most online retailers that offer products featuring officially licensed artwork from Where The Wild Things Are do often sell rugs. Companies such as Wayfair or Society6 usually carry designs derived from Maurice Sendak's classic picture book in many different sizes and configurations. If you happen to stumble across one in the wild, these unique pieces will add a fun conversation-starter to any room! Additionally, there are still some rare carpet versions out there for die-hard fans who are willing (and able!) to commit to their fandom even further.

For those with a more DIY spirit, don't forget about other user-friendly options like custom printing your own rug using fabric printing services. With this route you can truly make your rug design totally unique by incorporating elements from the original artwork or doing your own creative take on it too! While this may be costly depending on the size or material chosen, you can rest assured that you'll have something that no one else has-- Except maybe Max himself.

Are there any Where The Wild Things are rugs in stores?

If the question "Are there any Where The Wild Things Are rugs in stores?" has been on your mind, you're in luck! There are indeed beautiful and unique Where The Wild Things Are rugs available for purchase from online retailers. Whether you want to keep Disney theme going throughout your home or just want an eye-catching piece of decor, these rugs are sure to make a statement in any room.

The vibrant and imaginative designs that adorn each rug will take you back to the classic children's book by Maurice Sendak. Many of the designs include illustrations of Max and his lovable crew – The Wild Things – as portrayed in the 2009 film adaptation directed by Spike Jonze. You can opt for a vintage-style distressed rug design which features tiny stars on light grey background, or choose a more modern style featuring multiple images surrounded by colorful strips (perfect for any fan of bold geometric design).

But if neither one fits your aesthetic needs, don’t worry – there are dozens upon dozens of other exciting designs out there! From watercolor prints adorned with intricate illustrations to abstract versions featuring some very groovy prints inspired by 1970s psychedelics culture – Whichever one catches your eye is certain not disappoint! So if you’re looking to add some incredible artistry and literary charm into your home decor, don’t forget about the wonderful world of Where The Wild Things Are themed rugs!

What stores sell Where The Wild Things are rugs?

Gardening enthusiasts often purchase decorative and functional Where The Wild Things Are rugs to add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to their outdoor spaces. If you are looking for rugs inspired by this classic and beloved children's book, there are several outlets where you can find them.

One of the more convenient sources for Where The Wild Things Are rugs is online retailers like Amazon or Wayfair. Both of these stores have an impressive collection of options that should fit into any budget and deliver to your doorstep without hassle.

Another great source is Etsy, as it allows shoppers to discover pieces created by independent artisans with unique details like wild animal motifs – perfect for expressing your affinity for characters from the beloved book! Etsy also offers opportunities to customize items from size and color variations, which makes it easy to create just what you need for styling your home or garden space.

If you’re looking for more economical options, shops featuring discounted home décor items often carry small selection of Where The Wild Things Are rug designs too, such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Marshall’s Department Store. Thrift stores may also be good places to start looking, as vintage items tend to be cheaper than their contemporary counterparts – but make sure everything is clean before taking a piece home!

Whatever store type best suits your needs, finding the perfect piece shouldn’t be an issue whatever space needs brightening up with nostalgia-inducing Where The Wild Things Are vibes!

Are there any Where The Wild Things are rugs being sold online?

Now that the beloved children's book "Where The Wild Things Are" has been turned into a movie, rugs inspired by the characters and world of Where The Wild Things Are are becoming more popular than ever. While it may seem difficult to find these unique rugs at first glance, there are plenty of options available online if you know where to look.

For people looking for a rug that closely resembles an image from the book or movie, Etsy is usually your best bet. By searching for Where The Wild Things Are on Etsy, you’ll be able to browse through myriad handmade designs based around Max’s wild adventures – no two will be exactly alike! Prices start from around $50 USD and ship worldwide.

If it’s a more subtle design you’re after – something which still nods to the source material without necessarily being an obvious reference – then there are plenty of other places to find items like this too. Good sources include large home decor websites like Wayfair and Overstock; though fewer designs featuring King Of All Wild Things or Carol will likely be visible here, they still offer a selection of inspirational pieces with one-of-a-kind character traits perfect for lending any room a touch of imagination. Plus they also tend to have lower prices than handmade pieces!

Overall there are lots of creative Where The Wild Things Are “ruguations” (see what we did there?) waiting out in the wilder parts of internet marketplace - all you need is your intrepid spirit!

Is there a way to custom order a Where The Wild Things are rug?

Yes, there is a way to custom order a Where The Wild Things Are rug! Whether you’re looking for something to decorate your child’s bedroom with, or wanting to create the ultimate fanboy/fangirl lounge room, you can make it happen.

For those with a bit of skill and patience who aren’t afraid of a DIY project, you can purchase your own Where The Wild Things Are rug kit. You'll need crochet hooks or looms and colorful yarn in different shades and textures, depending on the size of the rug and what design elements you'd like included. There are loads of tutorials online that will help first-timers understand all the techniques used to create your one-of-a kind masterpiece.

If crocheting isn't for you though there are plenty of manufacturers out there that offer custom orders service for rugs. Simply contact them and provide them with artwork or a description about what type of motifs should be featured on the rug - from forests inhabited by your favorite wild creatures, to more abstract designs inspired by Maurice Sendak's modern classic - then they will craft it just for you! A few weeks later voilà: an amazing new masterpiece suitable for any Max (or not so wild Rumpus) room out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Wild Things?

The Wild Things are Max's imaginative dream creatures who live in a forest where it is acceptable to romp and run wild. They admire Max as their king, and they are fun, frisky, and appreciative of his leadership.

What are the Wild Things in the jungle?

The Wild Things are creatures that Max encounters on his island journey. They are made up of all sorts of different animals and insects, and they want to scare Max. However, Max is undeterred and eventually conquest the island with their help.

When was where the Wild Things are written?

Where the Wild Things Are was written by Maurice Sendak in 1963.

Who are the characters in where the Wild Things are?

Max, a young boy who thinks no one understands him. His mom, Caroline. His dad, Jack.

What happens in where the Wild Things are?

Max is transferred to a strict boarding school, where even the smallest misbehavior can lead to a harsh punishment. One night after getting into a fistfight with another student and being grounded, Max has an unusual dream in which he is transported to an incredible place called the Land of The Wild Things. In this place, Max is the king and can do whatever he pleases. Due to his bad behavior at home though, Max finds that he must maintain strict rules in order to keep his people happy. For example, he cannot eat sweets or play too loudly. With the help of his four loyal subjects - including a bear named Wisdom - Max manages to keep his kingdom safe from wicked creatures such as wolves and tigers who would like nothing more than to take over. The setting and plot of Where the Wild Things Are are inspired by Maurice Sendak's own childhood experiences. After being removed from his family home for causing trouble, Sendak often fantasized about escaping into fantastical worlds where

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