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Discover the Benefits of Delta Premium Select

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Posted Feb 18, 2023

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Delta Premium Select is an upgrade from economy class that provides luxury at a budget. It's the perfect compromise for travelers looking for the international flight experience without paying the full price of business class. Delta Premium Select offers bigger seats with additional recline, adjustable footrests, and extra perks without the bigger price tag associated with other travel options.

This upgrade allows passengers to fly Delta Premium Select at a fraction of the extra cost compared to business class, while still enjoying the benefits of more space and comfort. With this option, travelers have access to larger overhead bins for carry-on bags and several complimentary snacks along with free cocktails and beer on flights over 900 miles. In addition, passengers are provided with a special amenity kit that includes items such as headphones, eye shades, earplugs, and tissues.

Delta Premium Select is an excellent choice for those looking to take their flying experience up a notch without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for extra room or just want to enjoy additional perks during your flight - Delta Premium Select is sure to provide an ideal combination of comfort and affordability.

Discover the Luxuries of Flying Delta Premium Select

Traveling in style just got easier with Delta Premium Select. Delta Premium Select travelers flying on select international long-haul flights have access to many luxurious benefits. When booking tickets, make sure your ticket type is Delta Premium Select to enjoy all that this service offers.

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When flying premium select, you will be comfortable in a seat that is wider than other economy class seating and offers additional recline and an adjustable footrest. You can also take advantage of the enhanced entertainment options available. With the embedded in-flight entertainment screen measuring 133 inches, you can watch TV or listen to music using complimentary noise canceling headphones.

Along with the amenities of Delta Premium Select comes Sky Priority Service which helps airport passengers receive accelerated check-in, airport security screening and priority baggage service. To make your flight even more enjoyable, you'll also receive exclusive amenities from Air Enjoy like memory-foam pillows and plush blankets, as well as a Tumi amenity kit including eyeshade, socks, Le Labo facial mist and lip balm for additional travel products. On top of all that, passengers receive complimentary wine and beer in addition to the premium food and beverage menu.

Couples: Reap the Benefits

Couples looking to travel in style need look no further than Delta’s Premium Select seats. Not only can couples find widebody delta jets with 2-4-2 configurations, avoiding the dreaded 3-3-3 layout, but they can also enjoy a honeymoon vibe in their seat pairs. Couples can get up and stretch their legs while en route, allowing for greater concentration during the flight. Plus, with additional legroom and armrests that don’t carve out space between them, couples have a greater shot of making it through even the longest distances comfortable and together.

Delta Premium select seat pairs are designed with added space so couples don't feel cramped on what could be an otherwise tedious jaunt. From extra recline options to larger personal television screens, couples can make sure their travels are as enjoyable as possible. Seat pairs also offer more privacy for conversations or cuddles, as well as more storage for hand luggage.

For couples looking for a bit of luxury on their travels, Delta premium select offers both comfort and convenience - giving passengers a chance to arrive at their destination refreshed and relaxed without breaking the bank. The experience provided by this option is sure to make any long haul journey much more tolerable!

Book the Perfect Delta Premium Select Ticket

Booking a Delta Premium Select ticket doesn't have to be complicated. With an Apple or Android mobile device, booking a Delta Premium Select flight is easy. First, head to the website and click the "Check & Shop" tab in the upper left corner of the page. On the Check & Shop page, select "Delta Premium Select" from the dropdown menu and enter your arrival city, travel dates and preferred departure time. The search results will appear with a small marker in the upper left corner of each that indicates it is a Delta Premium Select flight. To find the lowest fare available, use the Advanced Search feature and select "Delta Premium Select" from the dropdown menu. Once you've found your desired flight, complete the booking process by entering your payment information.

If you are a member of Delta's SkyMiles program, you may also book award flights for miles instead of cash by clicking on the Miles button when searching for flights. Award flights can be just as fully refundable as paid tickets but may require more miles for an equivalent ticket than it would cost in cash - so keep an eye out for higher prices! Lastly, consider using a Delta credit card when booking to earn additional miles and enjoy added protection such as baggage delay benefits that come with many airline credit cards.

To learn even more about booking with Delta Premium Select or other options through Delta Air Lines, refer to their comprehensive guide online or contact customer support directly if needed.

Uncover the Highlights of Delta Premium Select Recapped

The Delta Premium Select ticket offers international travelers an upgraded premium cabin experience, but at a higher cost than typical flying business. However, it’s well worth the upgrade compared to regular business tickets on long-haul international flights.

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Delta Premium Select includes a wider seat with adjustable footrest and leg rest, complimentary adult beverages, and an enhanced in-flight menu. Flying Delta Premium Select is also more rewarding, with more Delta SkyMiles earned than other economy classes. All of these amenities make the upgrade worthwhile for those who seek greater comfort while traveling on longer flights.

How to maximize your rewards

The Delta Premium Select travel credit card is the perfect way to maximize your rewards and prioritize what’s important for your travel. It offers flexible point transfers, flat-rate travel rewards, bonus travel rewards, luxury perks, and a no annual fee bank statement credit. Plus, up to $100 in statement credits through 2023 including purchases with American Express. With the Delta Premium Select travel credit card you can get more than just great rewards – you get the flexibility to customize your reward experience. Enjoy capital venture rewards and exclusive access to luxury amenities on flights no matter where you're going. Maximize your rewards today with the Delta Premium Select travel credit card!

Comparing Delta Comfort Plus and Premium Select

The options of Delta Comfort Plus and Premium Select allow customers to upgrade their in-flight experience beyond the standard economy class seats. Both are great options for international flights, but there are some important differences between the two that customers should be aware of when booking.

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When comparing Delta Comfort Plus versus Premium Select, the main difference is in legroom. While Delta Comfort Plus offers more legroom than economy class seats, Premium Select has even more space with an adjustable footrest. With a few upgraded fares, Platinum Medallion members can book Delta Comfort for free on short-haul international flights and Premium Select for free on long-haul international flights. For all other customers, including Diamond Medallion members and parents traveling with young children, both may be booked at an additional cost or by redeeming miles.

In terms of boarding priority, Delta Comfort customers board after Main Cabin tickets but before Premium Select customers. However, when it comes to route availability and earning miles, customers who book either Delta Comfort or Premium Select will enjoy identical benefits. The only exception is that Medallion status holders earn identical miles per dollar spent no matter which option they choose—Delta Economy or Main Cabin for Delta Comfort and Premium Select for those who opt for the upgraded flight experience option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta Premium Select the same as comfort plus?

Yes, Delta Premium Select is the same as Comfort Plus. It offers additional services such as enhanced legroom, wider seats and complimentary snacks and drinks to ensure that your flight experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

How much does Delta preferred seating cost?

Delta Preferred Seating varies in cost depending on the flight. To get the most up-to-date information on prices, please visit Delta's website where you can find detailed information and explore your seating options.

Is Delta travel insurance worth buying?

Yes! Delta travel insurance can provide peace of mind and protection, as well as reimbursement for unexpected expenses or delays. Read on to learn more about the benefits and coverage offered by Delta travel insurance.

Does Delta have a first class cabin?

Yes, Delta offers an exclusive First Class cabin with luxurious amenities and extra legroom for a superior flying experience. Learn more about the perks of flying in Delta First Class here.

Are Delta Comfort Plus seats worth it?

Yes, Delta Comfort Plus seats are worth it! With additional legroom, premium snacks and drinks, complimentary blankets, pillows and amenity kits on select flights, you'll be ready to relax and enjoy your journey.

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