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Where can I buy waffle crisp cereal?

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Posted Dec 11, 2022

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If you're searching for that perfect Sunday morning breakfast, look no further than Waffle Crisp cereal! Packed with waffle-shaped goodness in every bite, this yummy cereal will leave you wanting more. But where can you find it? Don't worry – Waffle Crisp can be found in many grocery stores across the United States.For those looking to purchase Waffle Crisp online, there are a few places to check out. The most popular spot is and they even offer free shipping if your order totals more than $25! Another great option is Walmart since they also carry a variety of cereals including Waffle Crisp at discounted prices. In addition to stocking up online, WalMart also has several store locations throughout the US which have the waffley deliciousness readily available.

Lastly don’t forget about Target who does carry boxes of Waffle Crisps as well as options for bulk buying for those who want stock their pantry full of this scrumptious favorite! So go ahead and indulge yourself or your family with some tasty bites – just make sure to stock up on this crunchy delight so all can enjoy a breakfast that's both convenient and delicious!.

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In what store can I purchase Waffle Crisp Cereal?

If you’re looking for a delicious cereal to start your day, you can’t go wrong with Waffle Crisp Cereal. Not only does it taste great but it doesn't contain any artificial colors or flavors and its also made with no high fructose corn syrup either. This makes it a great option for breakfast and is sure to keep you energized all morning long!

You can purchase Waffle Crisp Cereal from most major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger. To make sure that the store near you has the cereal in stock, be sure to check out the store locator on their website. Once there, just enter your location information and then view the available products at each store in your area. You can even order online or arrange for pickup if it's available at your local pharmacy or grocery store!

If you don't have easy access to these stores in your local neighborhood, there are some other options as well -- including Amazon! You can order individual boxes of Waffle Crisp Cereal on Amazon along with many other popular breakfast cereals too - making checkout easy and convenient. Plus, if you don't have time to wait around at home waiting for delivery orders that is no problem either! Many online suppliers are now offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount so be sure to take advantage of those offers when shopping online for Waffle Crisp Cereal.

No matter where you eventually purchase this delicious breakfast cereal from -- Walmart, Target or even Amazon--you're sure to wake up happy knowing that Waffle Crisp is around for all of us who enjoy its unique crispy texture and classic taste!

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What shops offer Waffle Crisp Cereal?

If you're looking for a delicious breakfast treat that satisfies, Waffle Crisp Cereal is the way to go! This tasty cereal can be found at many local grocers and specialty shops, making it a convenient option for those looking to start their day with a special crunch. Whether you opt for the classic Waffle Crisp or try the new flavors like Apple Pie and Maple Brown Sugar, there's sure to be something that fits your taste. For those of us in the United States, Walmart Supercenters are one of your best bets when it comes to stocking up on Waffle Crisp. Walmart carries both sizes of boxes -- regular and family size -- so you won't have any trouble finding just what you need. Other big-box retailers like Target, Kroger and Sam’s Club are also great places to look when searching for this popular cereal option. Of course, if you prefer shopping locally then your local small-town food market is likely already stocked with all sorts of delightful breakfast treats including our beloved Waffle Crisps! If organic or vegan options are important to you then most health food stores should carry several varieties as well. If a high protein content is more your speed then some high end grocers may also carry bran versions or other nutritious varieties perfect for fueling up before starting off your day. Last but definitely not least don't forget about online ordering; websites such as Amazon offer large selection boxes making it easy for anyone wanting multiple bags without leaving their couch! So next time someone asks what shops offer Waffle Crisp Cereal - don't hesitate; whether stopping by your nearby grocer's aisle during an errand run or browsing from home - everyone can find ways to enjoy this nostalgic crunchy bite sprinkled in sugar sweetness!

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Bowl of Cereal With Raisins

Are there any online retailers that sell Waffle Crisp Cereal?

If you're a cereal lover in desperate need of Waffle Crisp Cereal, have no fear - there are online retailers that can help!

For starters, you can get your hands on some Waffle Crisp Cereal right now via Amazon. Simply head over to the Amazon website and search for 'Waffle Crisp Cereal' - there you'll see a variety of listings from several different sellers, so you should be able to find what you're looking for easily enough.

It's also worth visiting eBay. An easy search for 'Waffle Crisp Cereal' will bring up an array of listings from both buyers and sellers, so chances are good that you'll be able to purchase several boxes from one or more reliable sources.

For those who don't mind taking their chances with potentially used items (paying closer attention to the quality scores assigned by previous customers where applicable) there is also Craigslist. A simple search on Craigslist may yield results (assuming any sellers in your area actually have some boxes available). Be sure to communicate with potential sellers over private messages before actually making a purchase though – just in case something isn't right.

Lastly, it's always possible that your local grocery stores or specialty shops might carry Waffle Crisp too– but they will likely offer a smaller selection than many online retailers can provide so make sure to check those out as well if all else fails!

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Where is the nearest store to buy Waffle Crisp Cereal?

If you’re looking for a store to purchase Waffle Crisp Cereal, the nearest one might be right around the corner. This classic General Mills cereal is available at most supermarkets, as well as many convenience stores and other specialty retailers.

One of the best things about Waffle Crisp Cereal is that it can easily be found in nearly any place where cereals are sold. If you have a local grocery store or pharmacy near you, chances are they carry this unique breakfast item. The sweet and crunchy combo of cinnamon-flavored waffles and crispy sugar pieces will thrill your taste buds every morning!

Online retailers may also offer good deals on Waffle Crisp Cereal if you’re willing to shop around for a few extra minutes on your computer or mobile device. Amazon Prime members have access to free two-day shipping on select products such as this one, so if you’re in a pinch it could be your best option until you find an open brick-and-mortar store with inventory still left in its shelves.

Another great resource to find out where to buy Waffle Crisp Cereal is through their website and social media channels. They often post updates when new and interesting stores begin carrying their deliciously crunchy cravings — so keep an eye out!

Overall, finding Waffle Crisp Cereal shouldn't be too difficult if you do some searching both online and off — just make sure it's that last box on the shelf before anyone else beat ya there!

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How much does Waffle Crisp Cereal cost?

If you’re looking for a delicious morning treat, Waffle Crisp Cereal is the perfect choice. While it may seem like just a bowl of breakfast cereal, this crunchy wheat and corn grain cereal has quickly become America’s favorite. The sweet taste of waffle goodness makes Waffle Crisp Cereal an ideal way to start off any day.

So how much does it cost? On average, a regular-sized box of Waffles Crisp can be found at most grocery stores and typically costs between $2 to $3 per box. Prices may vary depending on where you buy it and what retailer offers the best deal. If you purchase in bulk or stock up during certain times of year, there are also ways to find great deals on this tasty cereal.

Waffle Crisp Cereal is a staple in many homes and has been around since 2002 when it was introduced by Post Cereals as part of The Kellogg Company's family of cereals. It's become popular worldwide due to its unique taste which combines the classic brown syrup flavor with sweet maple that results in a nostalgic home-cooked-breakfast experience every time you pour out one for yourself or your family members to enjoy!

Overall, if you're looking for an affordable breakfast delight with options for discounts on combined purchases then you really can't go wrong with Waffle Crisps Cereal!

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Is Waffle Crisp Cereal available for delivery?

When it comes to having delicious breakfast options shipped right to your door, Waffle Crisp cereal is a great choice! This classic morning meal has been a favorite for generations, and now you can have it delivered right to your doorstep with just the click of a few buttons.

The Waffle Crisp cereal brand is one of the oldest cereals in production today and packs an unmistakable flavor that's sure to start your day off on the right foot. This scrumptious cereal contains crispy mini-waffles made from wheat and rice flour covered in rich sweet syrup. It's also the perfect mix of crunchy texture combined with hints of sweetness that leaves you wanting more. And while Waffle Crisp was originally only available in stores, now you can get it delivered straight to your home with ease!

Online retailers like Amazon make it easy for you get your hands on this decadent breakfast food without ever leaving your house. You can even find creative recipes made with Waffle Crisp that are as delicious as they are simple to make; from creamy ice cream sundaes topped off with cookie bits or fruity smoothie bowls infused with creamy yogurt, these treats make for tasty meals any time during the day.

So if you're craving an old-time favorite breakfast option and need convenience at its finest, then look no further than Waffle Crisp cereal available for delivery! With amazing flavors guaranteed to brighten up any morning routine, this option truly gives deliciousness straight into your home. Enjoy!

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Is post Waffle Crisp cereal still available?


When was Waffle Crisp discontinued?


How many ounces is a box of waffle Cracker?

15.5 ounces.

What is the meaning of the name of the Waffle cereal?

It is a reference to the shape of the cereal pieces, which resemble syrup-drenched waffles.

Do they still make Waffle Crisp cereal?

No, it was discontinued in 2017.

Is Waffle Crisp cereal still available?


What is the history of Waffle Crisp commercials?

Waffle Crisp television commercials were popular in 1997 and featured a character named Maxx Power, an exaggerated version of professional athlete Michael Jordan portraying him as an overzealous narrator of children's sports activities while eating bowls of Waffle Crisp cereal and milk throughout the commercial segments animation sequences..

What is the difference between Waffle Crisp and Waffle Crunch?

Waffle Crisp was introduced by Post Cereals in 1979 and features vanilla flavored "waffle" shaped pieces surrounded by oval shaped "syrup pools". Waffle Crunch has sweetened oat and corn squares with a hint of maple flavoring and crunchy sugar crystals coated on top..

What happened to Waffle Crunch cereal?

It was discontinued in 2006 after being replaced with several variants including Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, Wheat Chex clusters, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shapes and Malt O Meal cereals' Waffle Crisp CerealBarz line up before being fully replaced in Turtle Rain flavor in late 2017.

How many ounces are in a cracker?

It depends on the size of cracker.

How much does a box of waffles cost?

Prices vary by brand and store location.

How many oyster crackers are in a pound?

Approximately 1,000 oyster crackers in a pound.

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