Tips for Writing the Perfect Mba Application Essay

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Author: Jean Jimenez

Published: 2022-10-27

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Tips for Writing the Perfect MBA Application Essay

If you want to write the essay required for admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, you should already know that this is a complex exercise that has no predetermined structure for writing.

Therefore, you should view this requirement as a challenge. Your essay should be special, whether it's a 200- or 300-character "mini essay" that requires great synthesis abilities, or a classic "motivational letter."

Here are some tips to help you write the best possible essay so that you can make a name for yourself at the business school you want to apply to.

1. Wake up!

American singer Jim Morrison's shout-out on stage captured the audience's attention and then put them into a trance with his stories. This is the attitude you must bring to your essay to attract the interest of the admissions committee, which will surely become numb to so much monotony, to so many soulless essays.

Of course, your story should hint at some kind of experience, which may be related to an academic endeavor or a specific area of requirement.

2. The Straight Path

This advice may be best understood through Pessoa's expression, "The people I know / and talk to / have never fallen under ridicule, / have never endured insults, / have never been princes / - all princes - in life... / Ah, who would hear / a human voice confessing not sin / but meanness; / telling not of violence / but of cowardice".

And that's exactly what's going on with the admissions committee; it wants to hear a human voice. When writing your essay, feel free to express defeat and, above all, how it taught you this will give your speech a light of honesty and courage that will create a halo of confidence in those who read you.

3. Be sincere but strategic

Deepen your knowledge of the university you are applying to. Do your research. The institution's admissions committee will certainly appreciate any meaningful bios you have about endeavors you are very attracted to.

They will be honored if you are familiar with the department's program, or some area of research that is of great value to you. So strategically, you can highlight in your essay, for example, some course, activity, or emphasis that is not in other universities' programs, thereby raising their profile, and setting them apart from other academies that offer these graduate degrees.

4. Be clear about your goals

The admissions committee wants to know the nature of your projections, how you have developed your past plans, what you are doing now, and what you can contribute to the academic process, the university, and the world at large after completing the program you are interested in. The admissions committee should see in your essay that you are clear about your goals.

5. Grading criteria

Before you write your essay, get counseling on the subject, and learn about the university's admissions profile and, more specifically, about the evaluation criteria used by the admissions committee to evaluate essays. It may be helpful for you to check the forums on the university website and make contact with students, alumni, or other members of the university community.

6. Study the questions carefully

The college admissions committee will want to know about you and your abilities, so they will ask you some questions that you should answer as accurately as possible. Avoid rambling, and do not try to impress them with topics that have nothing to do with what they want to know. Analyze the nature of the questions and anticipate their length, as the form you should give your essay will depend on this.

7. Organize the information

8. Respect the boundaries they've set for you

A busy admissions committee takes a certain amount of time to read these essays, so they set enough limits so they can figure out what they want to know. Exceeding the word limit indicates to them your inability to be specific with your questions or shows them that you are inattentive to the instructions given to you.

9. Generalities are detrimental

Avoid using phrases that say absolutely nothing; "I have a sense of responsibility", "I'm a passionate person", and "I have a creative business mind" may not get you anywhere, but they help you get to the facts.

10. Constantly review

Writing is a complex activity, and creating an essay is a spiral process, so you will probably have to do several versions of your essay, don't worry, it's okay and comfortable, ideas reorganize, style is honed, and you read and reread it silently and out loud.

Let them listen to you or read it to you and think about their observations. In his poem "Perorata", the Colombian Jaime Bonilla warns, "Oh, gentlemen: don't eat poetry hot; good poetry is eaten cold”.

If the hour of inspiration has come and you are writing an essay and your mind is boiling and flowing and you think everything is perfect, be aware that it is not; your essay is still hot and the admissions committee will eat it cold; that is why you should check it cold and keep correcting it with the help of an expert.

A simple spelling error or inconsistency in your writing can definitely expel you.

With these notes in mind, you will be able to take advantage of all of these and other benefits in your daily practice.