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How much boost can a stock ej205 handle?

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Posted May 31, 2022

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A stock Ej205 engine can handle up to about 8-9 psi of boost before fuel delivery becomes an issue. Beyond that, you're looking at around 12-13 psi with upgraded injectors. 18 psi is achievable, but after that you start running into problems with the ringlands.

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How much boost can a EJ20 handle?

300 whp: The EJ20/EJ25 engines can handle 300 whp maximum with stock internals with no further modifications other than a proper fuel management tune. 400 whp: We suggest a set of forged AMR pistons and billet rods to safely boost up the engine.

How much HP can a EJ20 block handle?

A safe maximum boost for the EJ20 engine is 400 horsepower.

How much boost can you run on stock internals?

Most people can safely run around 400-500rwhp on stock internals.

Is the EJ205 a good engine?

Yes, it is a reliable engine and will make around 250hp. However, there are few tuning options available on the stock ECU.

How much horsepower does an EJ20 make?

The EJ20 makes 150 horsepower.

Is EJ20 engine turbo?

Yes, EJ20 engine is turbocharged.

How much horsepower does a EJ20 have?

A 2002 Legacy with the EJ20 engine produces 150 horsepower.

How much HP can you get out of a WRX?

In standard trim, a WRX produces 268 hp. The upgraded S-Limited model lases out 305 ponies.

Can you run a turbo on stock internals?

Yes, you can run a turbo on stock internals. Some stock engines are able to reliably make 100 or more horsepower when turbocharged on the stock internals.

How can too much boost damage an engine?

Boosted engines can generate more air pressure than the engine is designed to handle, which can damage turbochargers or engines. A high boost level also causes exhaust gas to squall into the engine at high speeds, which can cause seizing and other damage.

How much boost does a stock turbo make?

A stock turbo usually makes around 20-24 psi of boost.

What car has the EJ205 engine?

The EJ205 is used in the world market WRX models outside Japan as of 1999.

Is EJ205 a turbo?

Yes, EJ205 is a turbo.

How much power can a EJ20 handle?

The EJ20/EJ25 can handle up to 300 whp with stock internals. With a proper fuel management tune, you can easily push this number up higher.

How do I know my JDM EJ205?

Most JDM EJ205s use a slightly different outlet design than their US-market counterparts, which may require some modification to an aftermarket intake if you're looking to convert it for road use. Otherwise, just about anything else (headers, manifolds, etc.) will work with either engine.

Is EJ205 DOHC?

Yes, the EJ205 featured double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank.

Is EJ205 closed deck?

Yes, the EJ205 is a closed deck engine.

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