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How do you spell clear?

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Published: 2022-02-21

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How do you spell clear?

The word "clear" can be spelled in a number of ways, depending on the context in which it is being used. The most common spelling is "clear," but it can also be spelled "klare," "klaer," or "klar." In many cases, the spelling of "clear" is determined by the nationality of the speaker. For example, in British English, the word is typically spelled "clear," while in American English, it is more commonly spelled "klare." There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, the spelling of "clear" is fairly consistent across different dialects of English.

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How do you spell the word Clair?

Clair is spelled with a C and an L, like in the word can. The I comes before the R, because that is how you say it when you say the word out loud. Clair is pronounced like Clare, but with a hard C sound instead of a soft C sound.

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How do you spell the word clare?

Clare is spelled with one letter c, two letters l, one letter a, and one letter r.

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How do you spell the word k-l-e-a-r?

The word "k-l-e-a-r" is spelled correctly.

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What is the spelling of the word clear?

The word clear can be spelled several ways. The most common spelling is with the letters C-L-E-A-R. However, it can also be spelled with a K, as in the word Kleenex. Other variations include Clorox and Claritin. The correct spelling depends on the context in which the word is being used.

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Related Questions

What is the meaning of clearer?

a person or thing that clears or clears away something

What is the synonym of clear?

The synonym of clear is transparent.

How do you use clear in a sentence?

It was clear that he wasn't happy about the decision.

What is the difference between clearer and clear?

clear is the comparative form - something is less clear than before clearer is the superlative form - something is the most clear

Is “ clearer” a real word?

Yes, “ clearer ” is a real word.

What is the meaning of clear day?

A clear day is a day where the sky is free of clouds, mist, or haze.

What is the comparative form of clearer?

cloaker is the comparative form of clearer.

What is an example of clear in English?

In English, we would say something is clear when it is understandable or transparent. For example, "The water is crystal clear."

Is clear or more clear a two-syllable adjective?

clear is a two syllable adjective, and more clear is a comparative form of this adjective.

What are some words that mean clear in English?

evidence, evident, lucid, lucidity, manifest

What is another word for clear liquid?

Clear fluid.

Is clear and translucent the same thing?

The two terms are close in meaning, but translucent implies the passage of light while clear does not.

How do you use clear in a sentence?

After the storm cleared, the sun shone brightly.

What is the meaning of the word cleared?

1 : free from a type of obstruction or interference The road was cleared of snow. 2 : made available for use or operation free of obstruction We need to clear the table before we start dinner. 3 : having no blemish, defect, fault, or suspicion cleared :: completely free from all criminal charges He was cleared of all wrongdoing.

What is a synonym for clear?

Visit our Synonyms of Clear page for more information.

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