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How a poker faced girl really feels?

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Posted May 27, 2022

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It's not easy being a poker face. You have to constantly keep your emotions in check, no matter what life throws your way. You can't let your true feelings show, even when you're hurting inside. It's a lonely existence, but it's one that poker faced girls have to live.It's not easy to bottle up your emotions and never let them out. It can be incredibly frustrating, day after day, to never be able to express how you truly feel. You put on a brave face for the world, but inside you're dying a little bit more each day. It's a endless battle to keep the facade up, but you never let it down.

You've learned to keep your feelings to yourself, because you know that if you let them out, you'll be vulnerable. And being vulnerable is something that you simply can't afford. Poker faced girls have to be strong, because if they're not, they'll crumble.It's not easy living a life where you can never show your true emotions, but that's the hand that poker faced girls are dealt. It's a difficult existence, but it's one that poker faced girls have to learn to live with.

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How does a poker faced girl really feel?

There are two types of poker faces: the accidental poker face and the intentional poker face. An accidental poker face is when you have no intention of hiding your emotions but your face just naturally gives away nothing. This can be due to genetics, Botox, or just a naturally calm demeanor. An intentional poker face is when you are purposely trying to keep a blank expressions in order to hide your true emotions. This is often seen in people who are trying to bluff in a game of poker.

Having a poker face can be advantageous in some situations, such as when you're trying to keep a secret or when you're in a high-stakes negotiation. But in other situations, it can be frustrating, such as when you're trying to convey how you really feel but your face betrays you.

So how does a poker faced girl really feel?

There are a few possibilities. She could be hiding her true emotions because she's trying to bluff her way through a situation. She could be purposely keeping a secret. Or she could just have a naturally poker face and her emotions aren't giving anything away.

If she's trying to bluff her way through a situation, she's likely feeling nervous or anxious about what could happen if her true emotions are revealed. She's likely to be sweating, have a racing heart, and feel tense all over. But she's doing her best to keep calm and project an image of confidence.

If she's keeping a secret, she's likely feeling guilty or ashamed about whatever it is she's keeping hidden. She might also be feeling anxious about being found out. But again, she's doing her best to keep a poker face and not give anything away.

If she just has a naturally poker face, she might not be feeling anything out of the ordinary. She's likely just as emotional as anyone else, but her face isn't betraying her.

In any case, it's impossible to know for sure how a poker faced girl feels without asking her directly. And even then, she might not give you a straight answer.

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Does she ever let her true emotions show?

It's a common misconception that women are emotional creatures who wear their hearts on their sleeves. The truth is, women are just as capable as men of suppressing their emotions and hiding their true feelings. We do this for a variety of reasons - to protect ourselves, to avoid conflict, or simply because we don't want to seem "weak."

There are times when it's impossible to keep our emotions in check, however, and our true feelings come spilling out. This usually happens when we're tired, stressed, or upset about something. It can also happen when we're experiencing intense positive emotions, like happiness or love.

So does she ever let her true emotions show? The answer is yes - but only when she feels safe enough to do so. When a woman feels like she can't hide her feelings any longer, that's when you'll see her true self.

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What does it take to make her crack a smile?

It takes a lot to make her crack a smile. She's not the type of person who smiles easily, or even very often. When she does, it's usually only a small, fleeting thing, gone as quickly as it appeared. It's not that she's unhappy, exactly, but she just doesn't find much reason to smile. Life is just sort of...average, to her.

But there are moments, rare moments, when she does crack a smile. When she sees something genuinely funny, or when something good happens, or when she's with the people she loves. In those moments, her whole face lights up and she just looks so beautiful.

It's hard to say exactly what it takes to make her smile, because it's different every time. But it's always something special, something that makes her feel happy and alive. And that's the best thing about it.

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Do girls make decisions based on emotions?

Most experts say the answer to this question is, yes and no. Yes, girls do tend to make decisions based on their emotions sometimes, but no, they're not more likely to do so than boys. Girls are just as likely as boys to weigh different factors when making a decision.

How do I get a girl to show her feelings?

It can be helpful to ask questions that get the girl to talk about her feelings. For example, "What sparked your emotions when you thought of that memory?" or "How do you feel about not being able to come see us this weekend?" This will help her channel those emotions and open up more, which will make her more attracted to you.

Is it better to show your feelings or keep them hidden?

Showing your feelings can help you get understanding and resolution. It also helps others see that you're responsive to their concerns and that you care about the issue. On the other hand, hiding your feelings can make them more difficult to detect or understand and may aggravate the situation further.

Does emotion influence decision-making?

Consider the following hypothetical situation: You are faced with a problem that you need to solve. You have two possible solutions to consider, A and B. Your mood at the time of contemplation will affect the degree to which you process information about option A and B. Option A may be more appealing if you are feeling joyous, whereas option B may be more appealing if you are feeling anger or frustration. The depth of information processing related to decisions can also be affected by stress hormones. When someone is under stress, their body releases a variety of chemicals that have various effects on cognitive function. Some of these chemicals (such as cortisol) increase the amount of superficial thought processes that people engage in when making decisions. This means that people who are under stress are more likely

Do girls make better decisions than boys?

The researchers say this is because girls learn from a young age to weigh the consequences of their actions - something that is essential in making good decisions in complicated situations. "Gender stereotypes can lead boys and girls to make different types of decisions, such as focusing on personal rewards or disliking obstacles," the authors write.

What gender feels more emotions?

Multiple researchers have found that women express emotions more frequently than men on average. Multiple researchers have found that women cry more frequently, and for longer durations than men at similar ages. The gender differences appear to peak in the most fertile years.

What percentage of people make decisions based on emotions?

According to research, up to 90 percent of the decisions we make are based on emotions. This includes things like parenting decisions, making business decisions, and choosing who to befriend or date. Why is this important? When we make emotionally based decisions, we often end up regretting them later on. We may not be able to solve a problem rationally because we haven’t taken the time to understand it from all angles. But, if we make a decision based on our emotions, we may be more likely to expect too much from ourselves and feel frustrated or upset when things don’t go our way. How can I start making more rational decisions? The first step is acknowledging that emotion plays a big role in our decisions. Once you understand how your emotions influence your behavior, you can start trying to work smarter instead of harder by using your emotions as prompts for better thought processes. Here are some tips for improving your rationality skills:

How do I get a girl to reveal her feelings?

Compliment her on things that she does that make you happy or are characteristic of who she is. This can be anything from a clever remark she made, to something small that happens every day. Showing your appreciation will help the girl open up and share her feelings with you.

How do some people stay calm under pressure?

1. Sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed 2. Praying or chanting 3. breathing exercises 4. focusing on a particular mantra or visualization technique 5. using an aromatherapy inhaler

Why is it good to stay calm under pressure?

The benefits of staying calm under pressure are many. First and foremost, when an individual is calm, the body releases less cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that can lead to weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and heart disease. Additionally, when an individual is calm, he or she is more likely to think clearly and make sound decisions. As a result of these positive behaviors, staying calm under pressure leads to lower risk factors for many health conditions.

What is it called when you calm down a situation?

It's called tranquillization.

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