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How a poker faced girl really feels?

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Published: 2020-03-28

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How a poker faced girl really feels?

A poker face is an expression that we wear when we don’t want to give away our emotions. It’s a way of hiding what we’re really feeling so that we don’t have to show our vulnerability. For some people, it comes naturally. They’re able to keep a straight face no matter what’s going on inside. For others, it’s something that they have to work at. It takes practice and focus to keep a poker face, but it can be done. So, what’s it like to be a poker faced girl? It’s not easy. It takes a lot of effort to keep your emotions in check. You have to be constantly aware of your facial expressions and make sure that they don’t betray how you’re really feeling. It can be enjoyable, in a way. You get to be the one in control, the one who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s a power trip, in a way. But it’s also exhausting.It’s hard to keep up the act all the time. There are times when you just want to let loose and express how you’re really feeling, but you can’t. You have to keep the poker face on, no matter what. It can be lonely, too. When you’re the one who’s always in control, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one who really knows what’s going on. It’s not a life that everyone would want to live, but it’s the life of a poker faced girl.

How does a poker faced girl really feel?

A poker faced girl is someone who is very good at hiding her emotions. She is usually calm and collected, and she doesn’t let her emotions get the better of her. Poker faced girls are usually successful in life because they are able to keep their cool in difficult situations. They are also very good at reading other people, which helps them in both their personal and professional lives. So, how does a poker faced girl really feel? Well, it depends. Poker faced girls are usually very good at hiding their emotions, so it’s difficult to say. However, they are human after all, and so they do have emotions. They just don’t let them show very often. Poker faced girls tend to feel things very deeply, even if they don’t show it on the outside. They may bottle up their feelings and only let them out in private, or they may just keep them hidden away completely. It really depends on the person. Some poker faced girls may seem emotionless on the outside, but inside they are feeling a range of emotions. They may be happy, sad, angry, or anything in between. They just don’t show it to the world. Poker faced girls usually have a few close friends or family members who they can be themselves around. These are the people who know them best and understand them the most. These are the people who will see the emotions that the poker faced girl is hiding from the world. So, to sum up, a poker faced girl is someone who is very good at hiding her emotions. She may be feeling a range of emotions on the inside, but she doesn’t let them show on the outside. She is usually successful in life because she is able to keep her cool in difficult situations.

What is she thinking when she has a poker face?

When she has a poker face, she is thinking about how to best maintain her composure. She does not want to give away her true feelings or intentions, so she remains calm and neutral. This can be difficult, especially if she is feeling strong emotions, but she knows that it is important to keep a poker face. She might be thinking about what she will say next, or she might be trying to figure out what someone else is thinking. In any case, she is focused on hiding her feelings and maintaining her poker face.

Does she ever let her true emotions show?

It's a common refrain, one often directed at women: "Does she ever let her true emotions show?" The implication, of course, is that women are somehow inherently better at hiding their emotions than men, that they're more adept at keeping a cool, calm exterior even when they're feeling anything but. This stereotype is rooted in sexist assumptions about women's abilities and emotional needs. It's based on the idea that women are more emotional creatures than men, and that they need to keep their emotions in check in order to be seen as level-headed and capable. This stereotype is harmful for a number of reasons. First, it perpetuates the false idea that women are more emotional than men. This is simply not true. Men and women experience the full range of emotions, and there is no evidence to suggest that one gender is more emotional than the other. Second, the stereotype is used to justify discrimination against women. If women are seen as being more emotional, they're also seen as being less capable of reason and more likely to act on impulse. This can lead to them being passed over for promotion or being given less challenging work assignments. Finally, the stereotype is damaging to women's mental health. Women who suppress their emotions are more likely to experience negative mental health outcomes, including anxiety and depression. So not only is the stereotype wrong, it's also harmful. It's time to retire the idea that women are better at hiding their emotions than men. Emotions are a part of who we are, and we should all feel free to express them without judgement or discrimination.

What is her poker face hiding?

It would be difficult to answer this question definitively without knowing more about the person in question and what her poker face might typically look like. However, there are a few potential explanations for why someone might wear a poker face or why it might look different from their normal expression. One possibility is that the person is trying to hide their emotions for strategic reasons. In a game of poker, for example, it is generally advantageous to maintain a neutral expression so as not to give away any information about the strength of one's hand. Similarly, in other situations where it might be important to maintain a poker face, such as in negotiations or when trying to maintain a poker face might be important to prevent someone from taking advantage of a person emotionally. Another possibility is that the person is hiding something that they don't want others to know. This could be because they are embarrassed or ashamed of something, or because they feel like they need to keep up a certain image. For example, someone who is usually very confident may put on a poker face in order to hide their anxiety in a particular situation. Whatever the reason for the poker face, it is usually hiding something. The person may be trying to keep their emotions in check, or they may be trying to hide something from others. In any case, a poker face is typically not an accurate reflection of what the person is really feeling.

How does she stay so calm under pressure?

It's a good question, and one that people ask about successful people all the time. How do they stay calm under pressure? The answer, of course, is that they have learned how to manage their stress and anxiety. There are a few key things that help people stay calm under pressure. First, they have learned how to control their breathing. When you are calm, your breathing is slow and steady. When you are anxious or stressed, your breathing becomes fast and shallow. Learning how to control your breathing is a simple but effective way to reduce stress and keep calm under pressure. Second, successful people have developed a positive attitude. When you believe that you can handle the pressure, you are more likely to stay calm than if you think that you can't. It's important to remember that your thoughts influence your emotions. If you focus on negative thoughts, you will feel anxious and stressed. If you focus on positive thoughts, you will feel more confident and calm. Third, people who are successful at staying calm under pressure have developed strong coping skills. They know how to deal with their stressors in a healthy way. They might exercise, meditate, or spend time with friends and family. They have also learned how to set realistic goals and expectations. This helps them avoid getting overwhelmed by the pressure. Finally, successful people have learned how to accept that they can't control everything. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some things that are out of your control. Accepting this reality can help you let go of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Learning how to stay calm under pressure is a process. It takes time and practice. But it is possible to learn these skills and be successful in any situation.

What is going on behind that poker face?

Behind that poker face, there is often a story. A story of pain, of hardship, of loss, of love, of hope. These stories are hidden behind the facade of a poker face, hidden behind the mask that we all wear to protect ourselves from the hurt and the pain of the world. What is going on behind that poker face is often a story of great strength. A story of someone who has been through more than anyone could ever imagine, and yet, they are still standing. They are still fighting. They are still living. What is going on behind that poker face is often a story of great courage. A story of someone who has faced their fears head-on and come out the other side stronger for it. They are a warrior, a survivor. What is going on behind that poker face is often a story of great love. A story of someone who has been through the worst of times and come out the other side still able to love and be loved. They are a reminder that love always wins. What is going on behind that poker face is often a story of great hope. A story of someone who has been through the worst of times and come out the other side still believing that things will get better. They are a reminder that no matter how dark the night, the sun will always rise again. What is going on behind that poker face is often a story that deserves to be told. A story that needs to be heard. A story that will inspire others to keep going, to keep fighting, to never give up. So, the next time you see someone with a poker face, remember that there is often a story behind it. A story of strength, of courage, of love, of hope. And, if you're lucky, you might just get to hear it.

What is she really feeling inside?

What is she really feeling inside? This is a question that we must all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. We must be willing to go beyond the surface level of what we see in order to find the root of her feelings. Only then can we hope to truly understand and empathize with her. On the surface, she may seem happy and content. She may even be laughing and smiling. But what is she really feeling inside? Is she truly happy, or is she simply putting on a brave face for the world? Digging deeper, we may see that she is actually quite sad. She may be struggling with her own demons, feeling like she isn't good enough. She may be feeling lost and alone, unsure of where her life is going. The only way to know for sure is to ask her. But even then, she may not be completely honest with us. She may not want to burden us with her problems or she may be too embarrassed to reveal her true feelings. The best we can do is to try to understand her, to be there for her, and to support her through whatever she is going through. Let her know that we are here for her, no matter what. And maybe, just maybe, she'll finally let us in and we'll get to see the real her.

Is she really as emotionless as she seems?

It's hard to say for sure. She definitely comes across as being very stoic and unemotional, but it's possible that she's just really good at hiding her feelings. It's also possible that she genuinely doesn't feel very deeply about things. It's hard to say without knowing her better.

What does it take to make her crack a smile?

It takes a lot to make her crack a smile. First, you have to be able to make her laugh. This is not always easy, as she has a very dry sense of humor. However, once you get her laughing, you will have her smiling in no time. Secondly, you must be able to make her feel comfortable. This means being able to converse with her and make her feel at ease. If she feels uncomfortable, she is less likely to smile. Finally, you must be able to make her feel special. This can be done by complimenting her, doing something thoughtful, or just simply being yourself. If you can do these three things, you will have no problem making her crack a smile.

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Do girls make decisions based on emotions?

Most experts say the answer to this question is, yes and no. Yes, girls do tend to make decisions based on their emotions sometimes, but no, they're not more likely to do so than boys. Girls are just as likely as boys to weigh different factors when making a decision.

How do I get a girl to show her feelings?

It's important to know how to communicate your feelings to the girl you are interest in. Start by being honest and open with her. Let her know when something is bothering you, and let her know that you want to work on resolving the issue. Be willing to take risks and be playful at times - doing things that make her happy will help show her that you care about her. Finally, take actions to improve your relationship - showing that you are invested in the future of your relationship will go a long way.

Is it better to show your feelings or keep them hidden?

Showing your feelings can help you get understanding and resolution. It also helps others see that you're responsive to their concerns and that you care about the issue. On the other hand, hiding your feelings can make them more difficult to detect or understand and may aggravate the situation further.

Does emotion influence decision-making?

Yes, emotions influence decision-making by influencing the depth of information processing related to decision making. Emotions are associated with different depths of thought, and these depths influence how much information is processed and how well decisions are made. Depth of thought refers to the amount of time that a person spends considering a particular piece of information. There are three levels of depth: surface level, intermediate level, and deep level. Surface level thoughts involve superficial consideration of all available information. Intermediate level thoughts involve more careful examination of specific details within a problem. Deep level thoughts involve thorough consideration of all possible solutions to a problem. The way that emotions affect decision-making depends on the depth of thought that is being used. When surface level thoughts are involved, emotions have little effect on decision-making. However, when intermediate or deep level thoughts are involved, emotions can strongly impact decision-making. For example, anger can lead to shallow thinking and make it difficult to consider all possible solutions to

Do girls make better decisions than boys?

Studies that compare the decisions boys and girls make often find that girls tend to be more thoughtful and deliberate in their decision-making. In a study of 300 university students, for example, researchers found that male students were more likely than female students to make rash decisions based on their feelings rather than objective evidence. What does this research mean for women as corporate leaders? The findings of this research suggest that women are better suited to lead organizations when competing interests are at stake. Women are typically more empathetic and cooperative than men, which makes them less likely to put their own interests first. When making decisions, they are more likely to take into account the rights of others and weigh all available information carefully.

What gender feels more emotions?

Multiple researchers have found that women express emotions more frequently than men on average. Multiple researchers have found that women cry more frequently, and for longer durations than men at similar ages. The gender differences appear to peak in the most fertile years.

What percentage of people make decisions based on emotions?

90 percent of the decisions we make are based on emotions.

How do I get a girl to reveal her feelings?

There's no guaranteed way to compel a girl to reveal her feelings, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Start by being genuine and understanding. Make sure that the things you say filter out any ambiguity or gamesmanship. When she opens up to you, she'll feel more comfortable doing so because she trusts you. Listen attentively. Not only should youheed her when she talks, but also focus on what she's saying. Don't analyze every word she utters; instead, let the conversation flow and take it all in. Express your own feelings in a reciprocal way. Let her know how much her words mean to you and why you care about them. This will help her trust that you're not just using her for emotional support – which, after all, is what most people do when they're trying to get into someone's pants.

How do some people stay calm under pressure?

Some people have a “internal locus of control” or an understanding that their thoughts and actions are within their own control. They learn to take responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings, and don’t assign blame to others for events that happen in their lives. Other ways to stay calm under pressure are by practiced deep breathing, visualization, focusing on positive thoughts, writing out your goals, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and generally taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

What is it called to stay calm under pressure?


Why is it good to stay calm under pressure?

By reducing your anxiety level, you are less likely to experience an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and other wellness risks. When the body is stressed it produces cortisol which can lead to weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and other health problems.

What is it called when you calm down a situation?

It is called "relaxation."

What is a word for being under pressure?


What is the synonym of to stay calm?

to remain in control; to be businesslike

Why is it important to stay calm in a difficult situation?

When we are in a difficult situation, our emotional state can affect what we do. calm minds are better able to make thoughtful decisions and focus on the task at hand. They are also less likely to get stressed out and react emotionally, which can lead to poorer decision-making and outcomes. What can you do to keep your emotions in check? There is no guaranteed way to stay calm in all situations, but there are some things that can help. First, keep a positive outlook –focus on the good aspects of the situation rather than the negative. Second, take some time for yourself –give yourself a break if you find it hard to remain focused. Finally, remember that even if things don’t go according to plan, you will eventually reach your goals –once you have calmed down and regained perspective.

Why is it important to remain calm and in control at a workplace?

When you're calm, you're usually able to think more logically, which helps you make the decisions you must in the course of your workday. Not only that, but staying calm can also help reduce tension and improve working relationships.

Is Poker Face by Lady Gaga about bisexuality?

There's no definitive answer, but many people believe that Gaga was referencing her rock and roll boyfriends in the song's lyrics. The chorus features the line "I'm just a little bit bisexual" which some people interpreted as a declaration of affection to her past partners. However, it's also possible that the line could simply be a playful nod to Gaga's fan base.

Why is it called Poker Face?

Originally, poker players didn't have faces markings on their hands. Instead, they would keep their facial expression neutral or " poker face." Over time, this terminology stuck and the name Poker Face was born.

Who wrote Poker Face by Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga wrote and recorded Poker Face in 2008.

What movie is Poker Face by Lady Gaga in?

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Where did the term poker face come from?

The term poker face comes from the card game of poker, which often requires a player to bluff, or make the other players think he is holding different cards than the ones he is actually holding. The oldest known use of the expression poker face is in the 1870s, in a book explaining the game of poker.

What does the poker faces mean?

The word 'poker face' typically refers to a facial expression that does not reveal one's thoughts or feelings. This is typically done for the purpose of preserving some element of surprise or secrecy, either for oneself or for others.

Why is a poker face important?

When people are emoting, they reveal their cards and this can give away their hand. Secondly, if you're emotional while playing poker, it'll show in your play and could cost you money. A poker face is the key to an opponent not knowing what you're thinking or what cards you have.

How much money did Lady Gaga make off of Poker Face?

Lady Gaga made $728,000 in songwriting royalties off of Poker Face.

How old was Lady Gaga when she made the song Poker Face?

What is the Official Track List for Poker Face? 1. Poker Face 2. Just Dance 3. The Fame 4. Born This Way 5. Meatball Subs

What movie is Poker Face used in?

Poker Face is used in the movie of the same name.

What is the meaning of the phrase poker face?

The phrase "poker face" means an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person's thoughts or feelings.

Why is it good to have a poker face?

There are a few reasons why having a poker face is beneficial. First, it can give you an edge when playing games – by looking determined and unflappable, you can make your opponents doubt their own strategy. Second, it can help you keep your emotions in check; if you let your guard down, your emotions might get the better of you and spoil your play. Finally, having a poker face can project confidence – which can be invaluable in any situation.

What is another name of poker face?


What is the feeling inside out?

The feeling inside out is an intense mix of all the emotions Riley feels.

What does in her feelings mean?

In your feelings might describe someone who is feeling overwhelmed and confused. This person might use the phrase to avoid talking about what is really bothering them.

What are the 5 core emotions in Inside Out?

Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith).

What is Inside Out in psychology?

Inside Out is a Pixar film released in 2015 that revolves around the mind and its complex interactions with emotions. It is intended as an introduction to the topic for children, and its aim is to help children understand their own emotions and how they interact with others' emotions. The movie has been well-received by psychologists, who see it as an informative tool for teaching about the mind.

What mental illness does Riley have in Inside Out?

Riley has a mental illness called adjustment disorder. This is a disorder characterized by problems with mood, energy, and activities in daily life. Riley's major symptoms are that she is often restless and uncomfortable, and has trouble controlling her emotions.

Are the Inside Out emotions real?

The Inside Out emotion icons were created by Pixar and the reactions they depict are accurate to how people might react in certain situations. Anger, fear, sadness, and joy are all real emotions that can occur when we deal with difficult or positive life experiences.

How does a girl feel when he is in love?

A girl feels very excited, happy and loved when she is in love. She will be affectionate towards him, want to spend all her time with him, and may even become obsessed with him.

What is a emotionless person like?

A emotionless person typically is not very expressive, either verbally or nonverbally. They may not enjoy interacting with others and may be very reserved. They may have few close relationships, including family, friends, or romantic partners.

Is being emotionless a real thing?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the presence or absence of alexithymia may vary depending on an individual's unique circumstances and developmental history. However, experts generally agree that alexithymia is a real phenomenon, and that it can be associated with a number of negative outcomes, including difficulty managing emotions, difficulty forming close relationships, and a greater likelihood of experiencing anxiety and depression.

Is it good to be an emotionless person?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as what may be healthy for one person may not be healthy for another. However, some people believe that being emotionally detached can lead to problems in relationships, workplace productivity, and overall wellness. Being emotionally detached from your emotions can make it difficult to connect with others and feel empathy for them. It can also lead to a decreased sense of happiness and well-being.

What causes a person to be emotionless?

Many things can contribute to a person feeling emotionless, including serious traumatic events, drug addiction, and major mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Some of the factors that may play a role in causing emotional numbness include: Serious stress or nervousness: This can lead to feelings of emotional numbing because it can drain your energy and make it difficult to feel emotions. Medications: Certain medications, such as benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and nerve agents, can cause emotions to become numb. These medications work by slowing down the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain. Traumatic events: Many people who experience traumatic events eventually develop PTSD, which can cause them to feel emotionally numb.

What is it to be emotionless?

To be emotionless is to show, have, or express no emotion. Without any feeling, an individual can appear distant and unapproachable. This may make them difficult to deal with, as others may feel they do not care about their feelings or struggles.

Can I become emotionless?

No, it's not possible to become emotionless.

Is being emotionless better?

How do I make emotional connections? Building healthy emotional connections is a process that takes time and effort. First, try to be aware of your own emotions. Be aware of how you feel in different situations, whether you’re relaxed or anxious, happy or sad. Pay attention to your body too – if you feel a sudden surge of energy, it might mean that you’re feeling excited or nervous aboutSomething. If you find yourself zoning out frequently during conversations or interactions with others, it might be helpful to start practicing mindfulness meditation or some other form of self-care. Once you know what makes you feel good and bad, focus on accent

Is it normal to want to be emotionless?

It's not normal to want to be emotionless, but it can often be a symptom of mental health problems. If you're feeling very detached from your emotions and don't feel like you connect with them, seek professional help. There are many ways to deal with emotional difficulties, and being emotionless isn't necessarily the best option.

What if you are emotionless?

If you are emotionless, it may be difficult to understand what is going on around you or express your feelings. People who are emotionless often have a hard time communicating and interact with others in a meaningful way.

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