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Are there any Stranger Things comic books?

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Published: 2023-01-16

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The answer to the question "Are there any Stranger Things comic books?" is yes!

Stranger Things first hit television screens in 2016, and with its huge popularity, it wasn't long before the beloved horror-science fiction series was available in comic book form. While Netflix owns the exclusive rights to the show, Dark Horse Comics has released three volumes of a Stranger Things comic book series. This comic book contains different stories set in the world of Hawkins and features several members of the gang along with other characters that fans may recognize from Season 1.

The storylines follow extraordinary activities such as uncovering dark secrets within Hawkins Lab, battling monsters from supernatural dimensions brought forth by Eleven’s powers and finding a way to save Joyce’s son Will during his frightening ordeal at The Upside Down. With a mix of action-packed adventures as well as heartfelt moments involving family drama and romance, this series adds an interesting new chapter to epic franchise.

In addition to this main series, Dark Horse Comics also released special one-shot comics featuring additional stories about eleven & her friends navigating through strange happenings in Hawkins Indiana such as The Demodogs uprising against modern technology harms Joyce & Hopper's lab - leading them on dangerous rescue mission full of remarkable discoveries about dark forces at work within small American town Alongside these issues are chapters exploring character backstories - like Lucas's journey as he joins team save Will alongside Mike Nancy & Dustin; or Max's tough battles once she sets foot into strange realm many times referred 'the upside down'. These interesting multi-layered mini adventures really add additional insight for fans into events surrounding legendary heroes modern times facing even greater threats unknown before like powerful Mind Flayer entity operating unseen round clock weakening fabric reality itself which puts all our protagonists lives line time runs out! All these thrilling narratives offer long dedicated readers means further explore characters they already love while gaining mastery exceptional skills battling unforeseen enemies waiting around every corner lurking shadows lurking past...

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Are there any Stranger Things novels?

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has been incredibly popular over the past few years, so it's no surprise that fans are looking for ways to explore and expand on the show. Unfortunately, there are currently no Stranger Things novels available. While there have been some comic books based on the series, as well as a novelization of season one titled Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond, no additional materials have been published or announced.

That being said, if you're interested in reading something related to the show I would suggest checking out Stephen King’s works (as his pieces heavily influence the show) or Gwenda Bond's book which focuses on Eleven's mother before she joined Hawkins Lab. Additionally there is an official Stranger Things magazine available with exclusive interviews, comics and more!

If you’re simply dying to get a deeper look into Will Byers' backstory or find out what happened after that Season 2 cliffhanger then don’t worry - Netflix will be bringing us another Season of Stranger Things in summer 2019! Until then I hope this helped to tide over any curiosity about further explorations into our beloved Upside Down world.

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Does Stranger Things have any spin-offs?

The answer to the question of whether or not Stranger Things has any spin-offs is both yes and no. While there have been no official spin-off projects announced, it has also been hinted that certain aspects of the series could form their own stories in the near future. One possible avenue for a spin-off would be The Upside Down, which is a dark alternate universe featured in Stranger Things. Its mysterious nature and frighteningly creative monsters suggest that it could easily become its own show with any number of compelling storylines exploring its otherworldly potential. Similarly, fans of the series may recall Will Byer’s journey through The Upside Down while seeking answers to his disappearances — an adventure that could certainly stand on its own as a separate narrative too. Another aspect ripe for spinning off into its own series is Eleven's past story arc before being found by Mike Wheeler and his friends. A period drama focusing on her survival amidst Hawkins Laboratory’s experiments would provide an exciting opportunity to explore influences outside of science fiction, if done correctly with attention paid to historical accuracy. Finally, while we expect Stranger Things 3 will be the last season in this iteration of the show, this isn't goodbye forever because signed contracts with all four main actors imply that Netflix may one day revisit Hawkins as part of flash forward/flashback specials featuring our intrepid group dealing with new monsters from The Upside Down - leading back full circle where we initially began: a brand new hazard threatening our heroes all over again!

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Are there any Stranger Things novels for younger readers?


No, there are not currently any Stranger Things novels for younger readers. While the show’s popularity has continued to grow among people of all ages, older audiences have been the main focus of books and other merchandise based on the show. This isn’t surprising since the show contains dark themes and complex storylines that wouldn’t be suitable for all ages.

However, younger fans who can’t get enough of Stranger Things still have plenty to enjoy! A few writers have created their own fan-fiction stories inspired by the show - perfect for younger readers who want a taste of Hawkins without having to worry about frightening monsters or tense moments like those found in the series itself. Additionally, several “choose-your-own-adventure” style stories and gamebooks exist which would make great gifts or activities for fans looking to explore “the upside down".

At this time official novels based on Stranger Things do not exist specifically geared towards younger readers. However, it doesn't mean young fans can't get their fill through various other forms of media such as fan fiction, games, or books written around similar themes that capture some essence of what makes Stranger Things so great!

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Are there any Stranger Things graphic novels?

Unfortunately, the answer to "Are there any Stranger Things graphic novels?" is a resounding no. Despite being one of the most popular and beloved shows in recent memory, Netflix's original series "Stranger Things" has yet to be turned into a full-length graphic novel series. This is likely due to the complexity of adapting a long-running television show into comic book form, since the episodes tend to interconnect in complicated ways that would require intricate adaptation.

However, although there are no full-length Stranger Things graphic novels available yet, that doesn't mean fans cannot get their hands on comics based on the show! Fantagraphics recently released a collection of short comic stories based on Stranger Things titled ‘Stranger Artists: Volume One’ which features stories from many different illustrators and explores characters, themes and moments from seasons 1 and 2. The anthology not only provides an interesting look at how different creators have interpreted this beloved show but also serves as an amazing piece of memorabilia for those nostalgic for our time spent in Hawkins.

Although there aren't currently any full length "Stranger Things" graphic novels out there just yet - don't lose all hope! With Season 4 coming soon (fingers crossed), it may be only a matter of time before we get more official tie-ins through comics or even direct adaptations into novel format down the line! Until then be sure to check out 'Stranger Artists: Volume One' as well as other fan made comics online - you'll definitely find something that scratches your nostalgia itch until season 4 arrives!

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Are there any Stranger Things audio books?

Today, Stranger Things fans don't just have the hit Netflix show to enjoy – they’ve got audio books, too!

If you love the fantastical world of Hawkins, Indiana and all of its inhabitants – from Eleven to Hopper and everyone in between – then you’ll be delighted to hear that there are several Stranger Things audio books available.

These audiobooks will take you on a journey through the Upside Down; they offer much more than just gripping stories: they contain sound effects that give listeners an immersive experience. You'll even get to hear some exciting original music composed specifically for these audiobooks.

For instance, Audible has an exclusive audio book series called “Stranger Tales” which re-tells stories from the show with a new twist. Each volume comes with over five hours of content narrated by some big names including Lacey Chabert and Sam Palladio. And if you prefer listening on physical media then GraphicAudio has released several volumes as well in both CD and MP3 formats.

No matter which format or medium you choose for your Stranger Things listening experience, we guarantee it will make for some spooky yet fun hours!

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