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Are planters cheese balls gluten free?

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Author: Adrian Brown

Published: 2022-10-28

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Yes, planters cheese balls are gluten free. The ingredients in a standard can of planters cheese balls are: cheese (cheddar and Parmesan), whey, salt, onion, and spices. None of these ingredients contain gluten.

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What is in a planters cheese ball?

A planters cheese ball is a round, soft, white cheese that is made from milk and cream. It has a mild flavor and is often used as a dip or spread.

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How many grams of fat are in a planters cheese ball?

A standard size cheese ball from Planters contains approximately 27 grams of fat. This fat content consists of both saturated and unsaturated fats, with saturated fats making up the majority of the total fat content. Cheese balls are also a good source of protein, containing around 6 grams per ball.

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How many grams of carbohydrates are in a planters cheese ball?

There are 40 grams of carbohydrates in a planters cheese ball.

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What is the allergen information for a planters cheese ball?

A planters cheese ball is a snack food made by combining cheese, butter, and spices. The allergen information for a planters cheese ball is as follows:

This product contains milk and soy.

People who are allergic to milk or soy should not eat this product.

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Are planter's classic Peanuts gluten free?

Yes,Planter's classic peanuts are gluten-free.

Are cream cheese sausage balls gluten free?

Yes, these cream cheese sausage balls are gluten free. They are made with gluten free bread crumbs and a sweet corn flour mix as a binder.

Is Chester Cheetah gluten-free?

Yes, Chester Cheetah are gluten-free snacks.

Are planters Cheez balls coming back?

Yes, the snack is now a permanent member of Planters' product line-up.

Where can I buy planters'Cheez balls?

You can purchase Planters' Cheez Balls on, and in some grocery stores.

Where can I buy Cheez balls near me?

You can purchase Cheez Balls at most major general retailers nationwide and on the Planters website.

What is in Cheez curls and balls?

Cheez Curls and Balls are made of semisoft cheese and dried cheese seasoning.

Did planters discontinue Cheez balls?

Yes, Planters discontinued the Cheez Balls in 2006.

Are Cheez balls coming back in 2018?

Yes! The popular snack will be available once again starting in July.

Can Cheez balls get any more addictive?

Yes, they most certainly can!

Can you buy planters'Cheez balls and Cheez curls in stores?

No, at this time planters'Cheez balls and Cheez curls are only available online.

Are Cheez balls coming back?

Yes! The orange cheezy taste is back and people are asking for them. Get your Planters Cheez Ball while they last!

What happened to the cheese balls?

Some cheese balls changed shape over time, while others may have been stale.

Do cheese balls taste the same as they used to?

Yes, cheese balls generally taste the same as they used to.

Where can you buy cheese balls and Cheez curls?

Cheese balls and Cheez curls are only available at Amazon and for the time being, starting July 1. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they bless grocery store shelves around the country with their deliciousness, but I won't be holding my breath.

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