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Are planet fitness tanning beds open?

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Published: 2023-01-15

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Planet Fitness is known for its wide range of amenities, including tanning beds. Whether or not Planet Fitness's tanning beds are open varies by location, so it is important to check with your local club. Although many Planet Fitness clubs have tanning beds that are open and ready for customers, some might be closed due to state regulations or renovations.

At this time, the majority of Planet Fitness locations across the United States still offer access to their tanning beds; however, there are a few states where all salons and similar services remain closed until further notice (like Illinois and Utah). Unfortunately, any existing spots in these locations cannot yet be accessed. Additionally, if you happen to visit a club in South Carolina or Arkansas then you will also find currently closed when it comes to tanning bed use due to state regulations that haven’t allowed them since mid-March 2020.

So if you would like to access the available planet fitness Tanning Beds – please ensure different website based on your region & targeted area) look into local announcements & regulations so that they can plan accordingly as those might affect operations & closures at some point during your membership period and these days should in no way hinder you from enjoying the other exciting amenities which makes Planet Fitness great!

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What types of tanning services are available at Planet Fitness?

Sun-kissed skin is the ultimate summer look, but unless you’re naturally blessed with a stunning golden hue, getting that perfect tan can be a challenge at times. Luckily, Planet Fitness offers an easy and affordable way to get just the right amount of color.

Planet Fitness has some of the most modern tanning beds available on the market today to keep your golden glow looking its best. They offer both Traditional Tanning Beds and High Pressure Tanning Beds for use by their members or visitors. All of their beds feature adjustable sun intensity settings allowing you to customize your session from anywhere from delicate bronze up to deep bronze super dark tans.

If Ultra Violet Radiant heating isn’t your style, Planet Fitness also has Stand Up Booths available for those who prefer using a spray booth system instead of beds. These are ideal for getting into nooks and crannies that bed systems simply can’t reach! Plus all booths have automated application systems that evenly dispense just the right amount of product ensuring even coverage every time!

Finally no visit would be complete without mentioning Planet Fitness’s signature item; Power Plate Tanning! This revolutionary approach blasts you with a combination of therapeutic heat AND ultra violet light making it an incredibly efficient way to quickly get beautiful lasting results in one session! These powerful machines are ideal for building up base tans or maintenance tans between beautiful days in nature's sunshine!

Whether you want natural bronzing or something more intense we highly recommend checking out what Planet Fitness has on offer before taking off on vacation this summer season - we know it definitely won't disappoint!

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What are the hours of operation for Planet Fitness tanning beds?

If you're looking for a tan before hitting the beach, then you might be wondering about the hours of operation for Planet Fitness's tanning beds. After all, the sun will only take you so far! Knowing when the beds are available can help you find just the right moment to bask in those golden rays. Planet Fitness offers many different types of tanning services, which vary based on location. Generally speaking, however, they open their salon at around 7AM and offer everything until 10PM in most locations. To make sure that they give each person enough time to get an even tan without getting burned too quickly or waiting too long between sessions, there are time limits within each day- so if it's 5PM or later it may be difficult to get an entire session in with enough time for rest. For your own safety and convenience, check out your local branch and ask about their exact hours of operation for tanning services – sometimes holidays or special scheduling may alter what’s available at any given club! A Planet Fitness representative should be able to help you determine when best suits your schedule for getting a great glow safely.

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How much does tanning at Planet Fitness cost?

If you're looking for a great tanning experience that won't break the bank, Planet Fitness is an excellent choice. Tanning at Planet Fitness starts at just $5 for one time use or as low as $20 for a month. With competitive rates and a variety of tanning beds to choose from, Planet Fitness is the perfect place to get your sun-kissed glow without spending too much money.

At many Planet Fitness locations, you can choose between basic, turbo and super beds. Depending on which type of bed you select, it will determine the cost per session (which is always cheaper than buying multiple single sessions). As an example, the cost of one session in a basic bed at my Planet Fitness location is only $10 while 1 session on their turbo beds costs just $15. Not bad considering how quickly these prices add up! Furthermore; if members would like to take advantage of free tanning options they are often available as well - usually two free sessions per month with certain membership plans.

Ultimately - no matter what your budget may be - tanning has never been easier or more affordable than with Planet Fitness where you can enjoy unlimited tans each month so that you can look fabulous all year round!

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Are tanning beds at Planet Fitness clean and sanitized?

At Planet Fitness, our customers and their health comes first. That's why we take extra precautions to ensure that all tanning beds are regularly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

By using hospital-grade disinfectant, the tanning beds are thoroughly cleansed both inside and out on a daily basis. We also perform regular maintenance to all of the equipment to ensure they remain safe for use. Additionally, equipment mats are replaced with new ones each week in order to guarantee a clean surface area when customers enter their private tanning cubicle. Furthermore, towels and eyewear that go in the non-private bed areas is ALWAYS given fresh packages for every customer visit!

Your safety is paramount at Planet Fitness so relax knowing that your skin will be treated with the utmost care in one of our state-of-the-art sanitized facilities!

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Are Planet Fitness tanning beds safe to use?

Whether you are hoping to get a jump start on a golden tan before summer or just looking to maintain your current hue, it can be tempting to use tanning beds when the sun’s rays just aren’t quite as strong. But before you hop into one of Planet Fitness's tanning beds, it pays to do some research about the safety of this particular type of equipment.

At Planet Fitness, all indoor tanning bed bulbs are FDA-certified and changed at least once every twelve months. Additionally, each bed is designed with ventilation for optimal air circulation and features maximum exposure times that strictly adhere to regulations in order to enhance safety. Staff members also go through special training in order to properly maintain and monitor the beds according to industry standards, which further ensures they are kept in tip- ‐top shape each time they are used by a member.

Overall, Planet Fitness's tanning beds generally provide a safe environment due safeguards like these being put into place; however that doesn't mean there aren't any risks associated with using them. Specifically: overexposure has been linked with both short term issues such as sunburn and long term conditions including skin damage and skin cancer developments over time. So if you choose to use indoor tannings beds under any circumstance – including those from Planet Fitness - doing so responsibly is key! Starting slowly with low-level bulbs while wearing protective eyewear while limiting usage sessions whenever possible can help minimize your risk even more without sacrificing the results you desire!

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Are tanning accessories like goggles and lotions available at Planet Fitness?

The short answer to the question: "Are tanning accessories like goggles and lotions available at Planet Fitness?" is No. While many gyms offer access to tanning beds and other tanning services, Planet Fitness does not list this as one of their amenities.

Though Planet Fitness generally focuses on providing a wide range of quality exercise machines for their members, there are a few other related products that can be of assistance with sunless or indoor tanning. For instance, special-use creams and lotions may help prepare skin for a better quality indoor/sunless spray-tan than would be possible without them. Additionally, protective eye-wear such as specially-made indoor tanning glasses (or optical goggles) are essential items that should always accompany an individual seeking any type of UV or UV Free professional or at-home self-tanning process.

Thankfully, these products – which do involve premium value investments - are readily available both on the web & in physical stores specializing in home beauty care products so they're never too far away from availability whenever you need them! From local shops to big box retailers & major online mercantiles you can get your hands on whatever accessory it is you’re searching for easily & quickly - adding renewed sparkle & shine to your already comprehensive gym experience in the form of attractive summery appearances all year long!

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Related Questions

What kind of tanning beds are at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has high-pressure and medium pressure beds.

Can you get tan with the Planet Fitness beds?

Yes, you can tan with the beds at Planet Fitness.

Does planet Fitness have tanning beds or spray on?

Planet Fitness only has high-pressure and medium pressure tanning beds, not spray on options..

What kind of tanning equipment does Planet Fitness use?

Planet Fitness uses high-pressure and medium-pressure tanning equipment.

Is there an alternative to tanning beds at Planet Fitness?

Yes, there is an alternative to tanning at Planet Fitness such as sunless lotions or creams applied manually or outside in natural sunlight as a safe option for getting a bit of color without the use of UV rays from the sun or tanning bed lamps inside the facilities locations.(6) The number of locations will vary depending upon area, but many offer this service as part of their membership services package offerings

What is the minimum age to use Planet Fitness tanning beds?

18 years of age.

What type of tanning services does Planet Fitness offer?

Planet Fitness offers UV bed and booth tanning services.

Can you use a tanning machine at Planet Fitness?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers stand-up tanning machines.

Can you use a tanning bed at a gym?

Yes, some gyms offer tanning beds for an extra fee or as a part of their membership package.

What types of rays does Planet Fitness use?

Planet Fitness uses ultraviolet (UV) rays in its equipment to help achieve a darker and long lasting tan quickly and safely with proper use.

What equipment does Planet Fitness use?

Planet Fitness uses a variety of modern equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, strength training machines and free weights to help members reach their fitness goals efficiently in the gym environment they provide

What is it like tanning at Planet Fitness?

at Planet Fitness is relaxing and convenient.

Does planet Fitness have yoga balls?

Planet Fitness has yoga balls available to use during workouts.

How many guests can you bring to Planet Fitness?

can bring up to two guests with you when visiting Planet Fitness.

Is there age requirement for guests at Planet Fitness?

all guests must be 18 years or older at Planet Fitness locations in the US & Canada.

How to use a tanning bed at Planet Fitness?

use a tanning bed at Planet Fitness simply purchase your session online or through their app then follow instructions provided on the tanning bed before beginning your session.

What are the rules for Planet Fitness?

for visiting/using services at Planet Fitness include respecting the judgment free zone rules, no grunts or loud noises, proper attire including shirts and shoes indoors, hygiene required (no bodily fluids), clean up any mess made during workout sessions, no smoking/vaping etc...

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