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Are magnetic lowboy trailers real?

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Author: Jennie Chandler

Published: 2022-08-09

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Yes, magnetic lowboy trailers are real, and they are an increasingly popular option for those looking to transport large loads. While traditional lowboy trailers use a winch to lower and raise the trailer bed, magnetic lowboy trailers utilize magnets to do the same thing. This makes them much easier to operate and significantly reduces the risk of damage to your load.

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What are magnetic lowboy trailers?

Magnetic lowboy trailers are heavy duty trailers that are used to haul very heavy loads. They are usually used to haul construction equipment, tanks, and other large vehicles. Magnetic lowboy trailers have a very low loading angle, which allows them to safely and easily haul very heavy loads. These trailers are equipped with powerful magnets that help to keep the load secure and in place during transport.

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Related Questions

What is a lowboy trailer?

A lowboy trailer is a specialized trailer with two drops in deck height: One directly after the gooseneck and another right before the wheels. Compared to other trailers, and as the name suggests, this trailer’s deck is extremely low to the ground, providing the ability to transport loads up to 12 ft tall, meaning it can carry extra-tall cargo.

What are the advantages of tubeless tires on a lowboy trailer?

There are many advantages to using tubeless tires on a lowboy trailer. The biggest advantage is that they reduce the weight of the trailer, which can help reduce fuel costs. Tubeless tires also have a long service life, and good wear resistance, so they can be used for long distance transportation.

What is a double drop deck lowboy trailer?

A double drop deck lowboy trailer is a type of lowboy trailer that has two sets of gooseneck brackets. When the trailer is loaded, the first set of brackets goes into the first pair of receiver downrights and the second set attaches to the gooseneck located in between the first and second set of receiver downrights. This allows for maximum cargo room while keeping the trailer as level as possible.

What are the different types of gooseneck lowboy trailers?

There are three main types of gooseneck lowboy trailers: hydraulic, mechanical, and dual-purpose. hydraulically operated hydraulic gooseneck trailers are powered by a pump that creates a force that pulls the trailer up and down. This type is often the most popular because it is easy to use, requires no extra work from the contractor, and is very stable. mechanical gooseneck trailers are powered by a motor that operates the winch or pulley system to pull the trailer up and down. This type tends to be more challenging to operate but can offer a more customized experience for the contractor. dual-purpose trailers can be either hydraulically or mechanically operated, depending on their features. These trailers are designed to be used as both a mobile worksite and storage solution, with different sections able to be raised or lowered independently.

What are the different types of lowboy trailer?

There are two main types of lowboy trailers: fixed gooseneck and swinging-door.

When did the low boy trailer Come Out?

The low boy trailer originated in the 1950s.

What are the risks of lowboy trailers?

The main risks of lowboy trailers are related to the cargo they carry. Any accidents that occur while transporting goods can lead to large losses for the owner of the freight company. The cargo also has the potential to be damaged, which can also lead to large losses. Additionally, any vandalism or theft of the cargo can have a devastating effect on your business.

What does lowboy mean?

a small truck with two drops in deck height

What are the advantages of tubeless tires?

Punctures do not cause the tire to deflate as with a traditional tire. A tubeless tire can run for quite a decent distance without getting flat, saving you time and hassle in case of an emergency. Additionally, there is little or no risk of nails from road debris puncturing the tube when riding on unpaved surfaces or gravel roads.

What type of tires are used on lowboy trailers?

Tube and tubeless tires

How much weight can a lowboy trailer hold?

A lowboy trailer can typically carry up to 80,000 pounds.

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