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The 2014 season of The Bachelorette ended with Andi Dorfman choosing Josh Murray over Nick Viall. Andi sent Nick home in the final rose ceremony, which airred on July 28, 2014, making Josh the season's winner.Nick had been a front-runner throughout the season, but Andi ultimately chose Josh because she felt a stronger connection with him. The two are still together and currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did they feel about going home?

They felt excited about going home. They had been away from home for so long and they were finally able to go back. They were also curious about what had changed back home and how their friends and family were doing.

What did the other contestants think about them going home?

The other contestants were surprised that they were going home. They thought that they were going to be in the final three. They were shocked and disappointed.

How did the bachelorette feel about them going home?

The bachelorette was heartbroken when her suitor left. She felt betrayed and abandoned. She felt that she had put her trust in the wrong person and had let herself down. She was angry and resentful at him for leaving and felt that he had made a huge mistake.

What will they do now that they're back home?

Now that they're back home, they'll have to readjust to life outside of the military. It will be difficult to readjust to a more relaxed lifestyle and to be around people who haven't experienced the things they have. They may feel like they can't relate to anyone and will struggle to find common ground. There may be a disconnect between them and their loved ones who they were able to stay in touch with while they were deployed. It will be hard to readjust to being home and being around loved ones all the time. There will be an adjustment period where they have to readjust to sleeping in a bed, being around a lot of people, and having a more structured day. They may find it hard to do things that they used to do like going to the gym or going out with friends. It will be a challenge to find a new routine and to find their place in the world now that they're back home.

How did their family and friends react to them going home?

Few things are as simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking as announcing to your friends and family that you're finally going home. On the one hand, you can't wait to share the news with the people who matter most to you. But on the other hand, you're worried about how they might react.

Are they going to be happy for you? Sad for themselves? Jealous? Relieved? It's impossible to know for sure, which is why it's so important to be prepared for any and all reactions.

Here are a few tips for dealing with your loved ones' reactions to your big news:

Be ready for anything: As we said, it's impossible to predict how your family and friends will react to your news. So, it's important to be ready for anything. If someone is negative or doesn't seem as excited as you'd hoped, don't take it personally. Just keep moving forward and focus on the people who are supportive.

Be understanding: It can be tough to see someone you care about be anything other than supportive, but it's important to remember that not everyone is going to understand your decision. They may not know what it's like to feel trapped in a city or a situation that's just not right for them. So, try to be understanding of their reactions, even if they're not completely understanding of yours.

Be thankful: No matter what anyone says, you should be thankful for the support you do receive. Not everyone is going to be happy for you, but the people who are will be an important part of your support system as you make this big transition.

In the end, it's important to remember that you're the only one who knows what's best for you. So, don't let anyone else's reactions get in the way of your happiness. Just stay positive, be grateful for the support you do receive, and keep moving forward.

What did they learn from the experience?

Life is full of experiences, both good and bad. What we learn from these experiences can be the difference between success and failure.

The most important thing we can learn from our experiences is how to deal with the aftermath. No matter how good or bad the experience was, we always have to deal with the consequences. We learn how to pick ourselves up after we fall and how to dust ourselves off after we're knocked down.

We also learn how to handle both the good and the bad. We learn how to savor the good moments and how to get through the tough times. We learn that we can't control everything and that sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

In the end, we learn that our experiences make us who we are. They shape our character and our outlook on life. They teach us valuable lessons that we can take with us into the future.

What are their thoughts on the bachelorette and the other contestants?

The bachelorette and the other contestants have their own thoughts and views on the show. The bachelorette usually wants to find true love and she is usually very genuine about her feelings. The other contestants may be there for different reasons, but they all want to win the bachelorette's heart. Sometimes the contestants can get jealous of each other, but overall they all want the best for the bachelorette.

Would they do it again?

Would they do it again? This is a question that has been asked time and time again, particularly in reference to moments or events in history where great harm has been inflicted. It is a question that is impossible to answer definitively, as we can never know definitively what motivates another person or group of people. However, there are some factors that can be considered in an attempt to answer this question.

Many times, the circumstances that led to the initial harmful event are not the same when considering whether or not the event would be repeated. For example, the September 11th attacks were motivated by a desire to bring about change through destruction and chaos. The individuals who carried out the attacks believed that by inflicting great harm, they would force the United States to change its policies in the Middle East. However, the years since the attacks have shown that this was not an effective strategy, and it is unlikely that the same individuals would carry out a similar attack today.

In other cases, the circumstances may be similar, but the stakes are higher the second time around. This was the case with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan during World War II. The United States knew that the devastation caused by the bomb would be immense, but it decided that the destruction of a couple of cities was worth the lives that would be saved by ending the war. The decision to use the atomic bomb was made with the intention of saving lives, but it is doubtful that the same decision would be made today, when the stakes are much higher and the risk of nuclear warfare is much greater.

There are also instances where individuals or groups may be more likely to repeat a harmful event if they feel that they have not been held accountable for their actions the first time. For example, if an individual commits a crime and is not punished, they may be more likely to commit the same crime again. This is also true for groups of people, as evidenced by the fact that many terrorist organizations continue to carry out attacks even after being targeted by military or law enforcement.

Ultimately, it is impossible to say definitively whether or not someone would repeat a harmful event. However, there are some factors that can be considered when trying to answer this question.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened on the ‘bachelorette’ finale?

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey reunited on stage to recap the dramatic season of The Bachelorette that saw them go head-to-head for the final rose. They recounted their explosive encounter in Mexico, with Rachel ultimately choosing to part ways with Gabby. What were the highlights from Rachel and Gabby’s reunion? Gabby expressed her disappointment in missed opportunities with Rachel, while Rachel tearfully remembered the heart-wrenching moments leading up to her decision to end things with Gabby. Watch the full reunion below, and make sure to catch part two on Sept. 20 at 9pm ET/PT on ABC!

What happened to Logan on ‘the bachelorette’?

Logan ended up changing his mind and becoming Gabby’s contestant instead.

What happened to Tyler and Rachel on ‘the bachelorette’?

On the July 10, 2018 episode of The Bachelorette, Tyler Kepner was eliminated from the show in a rose ceremony after appearing to be head-over-heels in love with Rachel Lindsay. Hours later, he posted a heartfelt confession on Instagram with the following caption: "As I sit here writing this post, I am overwhelmed with depression and anxiety. It's been a tough week for me and I don't know how to make it better." Tyler went on to reveal that he had been seeing another woman behind Rachel's back and that he was just looking for support during filming. Despite his efforts to seek help, it appears that Tyler's relationship with Rachel will end in heartbreak.

When is the final episode of 'the bachelorette'?

The final episode of 'The Bachelorette' airs on Tuesday, September 13th at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

What happened to meatball on ‘the bachelorette’?

James "Meatball" Clarke, from Winnetka, Illinois was eliminated from Gabby and Rachel's bachelorette season on ABC. After Rachel offered him a rose but he told her that he was more interested in Gabby, he was eliminated from the competition.

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