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Anastasio Bustamante y Oseguera was a Mexican general and political leader who served three times as the President of Mexico. He was a key figure in the Mexican War of Independence and the subsequent defeat of the Spanish Empire in Mexico. In the early 1820s, he was instrumental in pioneering the rebellion against Spanish rule in Mexico and helped to defeat the Spanish forces in the country.

Bustamante was born in Jiquilpan, Michoacán, in 1780. His father was a Spanish cavalry officer who died when Anastasio was only seven years old. His mother remarried a few years later and Anastasio was sent to live with his grandparents. He received a good education and was fluent in both Spanish and English.

In 1808, Bustamante joined the Spanish colonial army as a cadet. He rose quickly through the ranks and by 1811 he was a colonel. He was sent to fight in the Mexican War of Independence in 1812. He was initially loyal to the Spanish Crown but after witnessing the brutal suppression of the Mexican people by the Spanish authorities, he joined the rebels. He became a key leader in the successful war for independence from Spain.

After the war, Bustamante was one of the most important political leaders in Mexico. He served as the head of state three times, although his first two terms were cut short by coups. He was a controversial figure and was often at odds with other political leaders, including his close friend and collaborator, Miguel Hidalgo.

Bustamante was a strong advocate of a centralized government and modernization. He oversaw the construction of roads, railways, and canals and he promoted education and industry. He also instituted a number of reforms that were designed to reduce the power of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico.

Bustamante was overthrown in a coup in 1832 and spent the next few years in exile. He returned to Mexico in 1837 and was again elected President. He served until 1841, when he was once again ousted in a coup. He spent the next few years in hiding, but continued to be an important political figure.

Bustamante died in 1853. His legacy is mixed. He was an important leader in the struggle for Mexican independence and helped to modernize the country. However, he was also a dictatorial leader who often used violence to consolidate his power

When was Anastasio Bustamante born?

Anastasio Bustamante was born in the city of Jalapa, in modern day Veracruz, Mexico on February 15, 1780. He was the only son of Josefa Bustamante y Marquínes and Juan Miguel Arreguin y Pascual. His mother died when he was only seven years old and his father soon remarried and had three more children. His stepmother was much stricter with him than his father was and he often ran away from home. He began his education at a local jesuit school but his rebellious nature led to him being expelled. He then studied at a seminary in Puebla but was eventually kicked out of there as well.

Bustamante then took up law, which he studied for four years before being admitted to the bar in 1804. He began to practice law in his hometown of Jalapa but soon moved to Mexico City where he quickly made a name for himself. He became involved in politics and in 1808, he was elected to the first Chamber of Deputies of the new Mexican congress. He served in this role until 1810 when he was elected to the Mexican Senate.

In 1811, he played a key role in the overthrow of the Spanish viceroy and the establishment of the First Mexican Empire under Emperor Agustin de Iturbide. After the collapse of the empire in 1823, Bustamante became one of the leading figures in the fight for Mexican independence from Spain. He served as the President of Mexico three times, from 1830 to 1832, 1833 to 1835, and 1837 to 1841. He also served as the Minister of War on several occasions.

Bustamante was a strong supporter of the Mexican Republic and worked to consolidate the country after independence was achieved. He continued to serve in various political roles until his death on January 30, 1853.

How did Anastasio Bustamante die?

Anastasio Bustamante died on August 30th, 1885 from drowning. It is said that he was swimming in a lake near his home in Las Lajas, Mexico when he drowned. His body was never recovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Anastasio Bustamante come to power?

Anastasio Bustamante was first elected president in 1830 after leading a coup against Vicente Guerrero.

When did Anastacio Bustamante die?

Anastacio Bustamante died on March 23, 1853.

What happened to Hernan Bustamante?

Hernan Bustamante died in 1853.

Where did Anastacio Bustamante go to college?

Anastacio Bustamante attended a seminary college in Guadalajara, studied medicine in Mexico City, and practiced medicine in San Luis Potosí.

How many times did Anastasio Bustamante become president?

Three times.

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