Who Sells Durastart Batteries?

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Posted Jul 25, 2022

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It's a good question. Who sells durastart batteries? I did a quick Google search and found a few results. The first result is Durastart Batteries. They are a company that specializes in selling batteries, specifically durastart batteries. I'm not sure if they are the only company that sells them, but they are definitely one option. Another option is to buy them from a company that specializes in selling car parts. I found a company called Auto Parts Warehouse that sells them. I'm sure there are other companies that sell them as well, but these are just a few that I found with a quick search.

Where can I buy Durastart batteries?

Durastart batteries are a type of lead acid battery. They are made with a thicker plate to extend the life of the battery. They are also used in high performance applications where a long life battery is required. Durastart batteries can be bought at most auto parts stores and some battery stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a replacement battery for my Duralast?

To find a replacement battery for your Duralast, use our battery finder. Enter the manufacturer's part number or chemistry and Battery Lookup will provide you with a list of compatible batteries. You can also verify you're using the correct battery by using our power sport application search tool.

Why choose durastart® batteries?

Durastart® batteries have the same high performance as other, national leading brand batteries, plus Durastart® offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all battery types. Best of all, when tested against national brands, Durastart® is a better value, providing a savings to your overall wallet. Now, that’s a brand you can count on . . . .

What is the difference between a Duralast battery and a gold battery?

Duralast batteries are made of lead and gold, both heavier materials that result in a more vibration resistant and powerful battery.

What should I look for when buying a car battery?

In general, you'll want to make sure that the car battery you're purchasing has a CCA rating of at least 140 (or higher) and is configured for terminal positioning in the front of your vehicle.

Why choose Duralast batteries?

Because they are tough. Duralast batteries are built to last, with a two-year, full-replacement warranty from the company. And their powerful cells deliver more power and cold cranking amps than other conventional battery replacements.

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