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Invisalign is one of the leading clear aligner systems that are used to straighten teeth, and the brand has recently had a successful commercial campaign to promote their product. The commercial shows an affable young actor who talks about how Invisalign changed his life and made him feel more confident about his smile.

This actor in the Invisalign commercial is Will Branske, an up-and-coming Hollywood star from Los Angeles. Will has been appearing on television shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother for many years. He is also well known for being featured in several feature films including 22 Jump Street and Bird Box.

Will loves taking part in multiple projects which allows him to get immersed with different characters that he gets to portray onscreen; it truly speaks of his artistic talent and passion for acting. His diverse roles range from comedy to drama, making it evident why he was such a perfect fit for this role - promoting a product that helped him gain confidence again with his own smile!

Who is the celebrity spokesman for Invisalign?

We all know that Invisalign is an effective braces system that uses aligners to straighten teeth without the need for metal brackets and wires. But did you know that Invisalign also has a celebrity spokesman?

That’s right: former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is the official celebrity spokesman for Invisalign. He was fittingly selected due to his own experience with the product, having used it personally to achieve his own smile goals. As part of his partnership with Invisalign, he has spoken out about their importance in giving people the confidence to smile again – something he knows firsthand. Even before he became a household name during the 2008 Olympics, Michael had already found success in his swimming career, making him an ideal spokesman for this company and its mission to help people look and feel their best smiles every day.

At many engagements across North America, Michael has been highlighting how life-changing straightening your teeth can be using Invisalign’s innovative solutions and how it gave him back confidence and self-esteem by correcting minor misalignment issues to give him better oral health overall.

Michael's story speaks for itself; but more than just being a spokesperson for this great product, Michael serves as an inspiration for others who ever felt like less because of teeth problems or other alignment issues preventing them from smiling confidently — encouraging them not be afraid of investing in themselves by taking advantage of products like Invisalign which can make real changes over time with dedication and consistency while avoiding wires or intrusive operations normally associated with braces treatment options used decades ago.

What famous person appears in the Invisalign advertisement?

If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for Invisalign, the invisible braces worn by millions of people around the world, then you may have noticed an unexpected celebrity face smiling back at you. That's right - megastar singer-songwriter Demi Lovato appears in Invisalign advertisements!

As the owner of a dazzling smile, Lovato was approached by Invisalign to be the face of their brand and help promote their revolutionary technology in a powerful way. Even though Lovato herself didn't need braces as a child (like many celebrities before her), she made it known that she was interested in being affiliated with a brand advocating for self-care and affordable healthcare solutions like Invisalign. She became part of their family in December 2018 when she posted on Instagram photo from her first appointment after undergoing treatment with Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

Shortly after, custom animated storytelling content was released online that featured Demi herself talking about how comfortable and discreet an experience it had been for her. The message reads: “My experience with Invislaign has been amazing...It’s so discreet I could focus on my life while they fixed my smile". With this messaging connected to her own positive experiences using the product, Lovato has become one savvy endorser promoting tooth straightening technology!

Demi's powerful presence is hard to ignore: filmed ads appear again not only on TV but also accompanied by both billboards and print elements like magazines - all featuring inspiring stories of confidence contributed directly from Demi's personal life story. Her involvement in raising awareness towards oral health solutions is inspiring more young people all over the world to prioritize dental visits and feel good about themselves while maintaining healthy smiles.

Who is featured in the Invisalign television commercial?

One of the most recognizable faces of Invisalign is actress and singer, Emily Osment. As the Invisalign TV commercial notes, Emily was an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment because as a public figure she wanted to make a first impression that reflected her personality and style - without having to let her misaligned teeth get in the way.

At only 16 years old, Emily opted for Invisalign's clear aligners instead of conventional metal braces. She received custom-made aligners to gradually move her teeth into place over time while remaining undetected by those around her. During this time, he encouraged others on Instagram with posts like "I'm just chillin' with my invisible braces," as she kept up appearances during speaking engagements and performances.

Now 20 years old, Emily’s journey has come full circle as star of Invisalign’s latest campaign film “A New Wave of Style” which brings attention to how people can express themselves with flair even when wearing braces or retainers. It shares how children want their look to reflect who they are on the inside — confident, playful and unique.

The ad also features alongside Emily is Mason Bates playing drums as part of his own orthodontic journey with Invisalign Teen treatment; Evgenia that moves gracefully in a parkour on bars; Carlos carrying out impressive dribble skills football tricks; Matthias cheering himself from behind his aviator shades and retention aids; Luciana showcased showcasing attitude while hopping over branches at dusk and Valentina brought it all together wearing ski masks showing off both an outfit change & one final swish through sparkles thanks to video projections mapping onto their clear aligner device trays!

Who stars in the Invisalign commercial?

Invisalign commercials feature several different actors portraying real-life individuals with Invisalign aligners. These actors have included Joan Jett, Bella Thorne, Kumail Nanjiani, Skylar Astin and the cast of the TV show "Black-ish."

Joan Jett is a legendary rock and roll singer who has starred in many Invisalign ads. She demonstrates her chipped teeth due to her lifelong career of hard rock singing and then shows off her shiny new smile after wearing Invisalign for a year. The message in this commercial is that even if you have lived hard – you can get your teeth looking healthy again with Invisalign treatment!

Bella Thorne is an actress best known for her roles on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” and the smash hit Freeform drama “Famous in Love”. She stars alongside Joan Jett in some of their campaigns to talk about how fast straightening their crooked teeth was using Invisalign!

Kumail Nanjiani is an actor, comedian and host best known for his show on HBO - Silicon Valley when he debuted as Dinesh Chugtai. He uses his comedic wit to demonstrate how easy it was to get his smile fixed according to him: “Well it worked out pretty quickly… I mean one day I had gaps between my front teeth; next thing you know they're gone but now they're back but not quite so far apart… look at that straight row! That's the power of Invisalign”

Skylar Astin is no stranger when it comes crusading for a cause – he's been featured talking about social issues like gun control via March For Our Lives initiative as well environmental concerns with Watch Earth Now as well as health related causes like Movemeber foundation which supports men's health initiatives. He appears alongside Katherine McPhee who talks about gaining back confidence using Invislign technology

Finally, many popular characters from ABC's hit family comedy "Black-ish" are also featured together in an ad campaign from 2017 where they spoke about how easy it was to get perfect smiles without metal braces or wires by using the clear alternative - invisalign!

Who plays the role of the adult in the Invisalign advertisement?

Invisalign, the revolutionary clear aligner therapy to straighten your teeth, has an engaging and funny ad campaign that has truly made an impact in the orthodontic world. The central figure in these ads is a grown adult looking back on their struggles with braces during middle-school days.

That adult is none other than actor and comedian Jim O'Heir. O’Heir has been a familiar face for many years, starring as Garry/Jerry Gergich on NBC's hilarious series Parks and Recreation from 2009 – 2015; he also starred opposite Chris Pratt in Delivery Man (2013). He was recently seen as County Commissioner Brown-Bauer in two episodes of This Is Us (2017) and currently stars as principal Jack Finnegan on Teachers (2018).

O'Heir's works spans from feature films to numerous shows across all major networks – hence his recognition by so many households across America. Jennifer Walsh, vice president of creative services at Align Technology Inc., says “(O’Heir) understands what it means to be a real person …we believe viewers immediately connect with him." This understanding of "real people" makes him the perfect empathetic adult for Invisalign's ad campaigns which aim to relay its effectiveness through humourous nostalgia.

Who plays the adult in the Invisalign commercial?

Invisalign is an increasingly popular and effective method for straightening teeth and improving smiles. But one important question often goes unanswered: Who plays the adult in the Invisalign commercial?

The answer may surprise you! The adult in the commercial is actually not a professional actor or actress but a real-life Invisalign patient named Joaquin, who is from Brazil. Joaquin started his journey to get perfect teeth with Invisalign back in late 2016, and after going through several stages of treatment, he finally got his dream smile. As recognition of his hard work, he was invited to be part of the commercial that showcases his transformation.

For many, seeing their before-and-after pictures on Invisalign's website had inspiring results since they could easily visualize how efficient and dramatic such transformations could be with clear aligners. This made Joaquin’s story even more powerful — it gave visual proof that real-people can get noticeably improved smiles using this increasingly popular orthodontic solution.

But there's one thing that sets him apart from other patients: even after having completed all treatments (including wearing retainers) to maintain great oral health and shapely standard approaches at smiling - Joaquin still pursues activities like skateboarding to show off his new set of straight teeth! It just goes to show that you can still have fun with clear aligners!

And if you need further proof that you too can get amazing results with Invisalign, just take a look at Joaquin’s radiant smile — it looks perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the popcorn stuck in the Invisalign AD?

The popcorn could be stuck in the braces because of the food. A professional should be able to remove it for you.

What do you think about the Invisalign commercial?

The Invisalign commercial is very interesting because it shows how the braces can change a person's life. I think that the commercial is very convincing and shows why people should use Invisalign.

Why is the Invisalign commercial so annoying?

There is no one specific reason why the Invisalign commercial is so annoying. It could be because it's repetitive, intrusive, andFeatures people that may not actually need the treatment.

What advice does the girl's sister give her about Invisalign?

The sister might advise her to speak with a Invisalign® dentist to find out more about the treatment and whether it would be a good fit for her.

Can you go to Invisalign and be drama free?

Yes, Invisalign is a comfortable and drama-free experience. You will have clear, beautiful teeth without any discomfort.

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