Which of the following Is a Zero Dimensional Geometric Object?

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Posted Jul 12, 2022

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A zero dimensional geometric object is one that does not have any dimensions. Examples of zero dimensional objects include points and lines.

A point is a zero dimensional geometric object.

There are a few shapes that come to mind when thinking about zero dimensional objects, however the answer is a point. A point is an element of a space that is undefined in all directions and has no size. Therefore, it is considered to be zero dimensional. Other shapes that are typically considered to be zero dimensional are lines and planes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a point a zero-dimensional object?

No, a point is not zero-dimensional. A point has dimensionality but no size.

Which shape is actually a zero dimensional geometric object?

A point is actually a zero dimensional geometric object.

What is the difference between two dimensional and zero dimensional?

In two dimensional space, points occupy a single plane. In zerodimensional space, there are no planes and points are scattered throughout the space.

Is a line segment one dimensional or two dimensional?

A line segment is one dimensional.

What is a zero-dimensional point?

A zero-dimensional point is an object whose length, width, height, etc. are all zeroes.

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