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If you're looking for a captivating and intense experience, then you need to check out the anime series "Black Lagoon". Spanning twelve episodes, Black Lagoon takes viewers through an action-packed journey into an underworld of piracy and crime that operates on the high seas.

One of the best places to watch Black Lagoon is on Crunchyroll. This popular streaming platform has both English-dubbed and subbed versions available for streaming in HD quality. It's a great option for those wanting to avoid any potential language barriers or simply wanting to hear every line in English.

You can also find the entire series on Hulu in both English dubs and original Japanese subs. Although Hulu is more expensive than Crunchyroll, their library of anime is second-to-none when it comes to size and variety. So if you’re looking for other creative content rather just watching Black Lagoon, then this platform should be your go-to choice!

Another great option is Netflix. Netflix currently offers all 12 episodes of Black Lagoon with subtitles only, but they feature some really good ones so viewers won’t have any problems understanding what’s happening onscreen while watching the show in its entirety.

Finally, if you want have access physically copy of Black Lagoon at home or don't mind paying extra money upfront, Funimation collects all 12 episodes (alongside movies) onto Blu Ray discs or 4K UHD discs which makes them excellent purchases that lasts forever!

No matter which way watch it though, do yourself a favor by checking out this awesome action anime - you'll thank yourself later!

What streaming services offer the anime series Black Lagoon?

If you’re looking to watch the explosive anime series, Black Lagoon, then you’re in luck. This series is available on a wide variety of streaming services, giving viewers tons of options to get their fix. Here’s a look at some of the top streaming services that have Black Lagoon available and where you can go to watch it online.

The first streaming service for anime fans is Crunchyroll. This subscription-based service offers all 12 episodes and two OVAs of Black Lagoon for those who sign up for the basic plan. In addition to this, users can also access over 800 other titles from Japan such as One Piece and Naruto Shippuden as well as movies like Your Name and Akira.

Another great option that carries Black Lagoon is FunimationNow, which also has a monthly subscription fee but with exclusive access to more than 15000 episodes and movies featuring some classic titles such as My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan along with added features like audio dubs in multiple languages. FunimationNow is an ideal choice if range should be your priority when looking for streaming content since they offer not only subbed versions but audio dubbing in Japanese/English/Spanish (Latin American).

Netflix also carries many popular anime series with Black Lagoon included among them due its immense popularity during its original run back in 2006-7 specifically part 2 ‘The Second Barrage’ which was first aired here back in 2014 so Netflix could make sense for those who just want an easy one stop shop experience minus all the bells n whistles that come along with the other platforms stated above.

Finally Hulu might be worth taking into consideration since they have 9 seasons available containing both subtitled versions or English dubbed episodes depending on user preference. You will find plenty enjoyable extra contents à la films,short films & manga featured too making it another viable candidate when choosing an online platform.

In short any combination of these 4 sites will satisfy anyone interested into watching Revy & co ' s antics within Roanapur, regardless whether someone already has subscription plans or starting fresh anew there ‘ s sure no wrong option when it comes times watching this timeless piece!

Is Black Lagoon available on DVD?

The short answer to the question is yes, Black Lagoon is available on DVD. The popular action anime series, created by Rei Hiroe and animated by Madhouse Studios, can be found as both a standard two-disc or collector's edition four-disc set in various retail stores or online shopping sites.

Black Lagoon follows the story of a mercenary group consisting of Revy, Rock, Dutch and Benny known as the Lagoon Company. The team operates out of Roanapur in Thailand and engages in all sorts of activities such as smuggling contraband throughout Southeast Asia. As their work gets increasingly dangerous and chaotic, they find themselves pitted against powerful organizations including Human Traffickers, Yakuza Bosses and Arms Dealers.

The DVD releases feature special features such as extended versions with never before released segments from some episodes, some which turned up time-paed more than 6 months for airing dates! On top of these there are also behind the scene interviews with cast members & production staff plus hundreds of image galleries so you can go back to your favourite scenes anytime you want! All in all this makes it a must have for any diehard fan looking to revisit their favourite moments from Black Lagoon again and again!

Where can I buy Black Lagoon on Blu-ray?

If you’re looking to get your hands on Black Lagoon on Blu-ray, then you’ve come to the right place! Black Lagoon is an action-packed show that has been a fan favorite for years, and what better way to watch it than in stunning HD quality? Luckily, there are several options available for purchasing Black Lagoon on Blu-ray.

First off, you can purchase the regular edition of the series from Funimation. The five-disc collection comes with all twenty-four episodes of Season One as well as a few extras such as liner notes and textless openings. This option is perfect for any fans who want to experience the show from start to finish with no hassle or added features. It’s definitely one of the most cost effective ways of getting your hands on Black Lagoon’s Blu-ray release.

Next up, if you want something even more special, Funimation also offers their Limited Edition Box Set which includes both seasons one and two along with numerous exclusive items such as art cards featuring Revy's Badger Badge logo and Tachikoma robot figure replicas. There’s also some interesting artwork featured in this set that captures various moments in time throughout the series which make it an excellent collector’s item too!

Last but not least is Right Stuf Anime who offer both aforementioned sets mentioned above plus a stand alone release featuring just season two exclusively on their website at discounted prices. If budget is definitely a concern then this may be your best bet since you won't have to buy all 24 episodes from season one again if you already own them—saving money where it counts!

So no matter how much or how little money you have available at present there are plenty of options out there when it comes to picking up Black Lagoon on Blu-ray—giving fans plenty of reasons why they should dive into this fantastic anime series once again (or for first timers especially!).

Who has the legal rights to distribute Black Lagoon?

When it comes to who has legal rights to distribute the popular anime series "Black Lagoon," there are a few key players involved in the process. From production companies in Japan, to North American and European distributors, each stakeholder has important legal rights that they must abide by when deciding who can release and air the beloved show.

At its core, “Black Lagoon” is a Japanese anime production, produced by Headgear and Geneon Universal Entertainment. As such, both companies hold legal distribution rights for their own territories in Japan and other parts of Asia. In some cases though – as typically seen with international distribution contracts – these same companies will agree upon an exclusive 'territorial license', allowing another entity outside of Japan exclusive streaming or broadcast rights within certain countries.

In terms of North American streaming licenses, "Black Lagoon" is available on FunimationNow while Netflix holds non-exclusive broadcast licenses in certain countries (excluding US/Canada). Hulu also has streaming agreements through Funimation but not widely throughout their entire network. Similarly for European fans: Select services offer localized versions via Netflix but not across the entire continent yet; although this could be subject to change in future years thanks to new contractual reshuffle agreements between broadcasters or depending how successful it becomes over time.

Any new distribution for "Black Lagoon" outside of FUNimation's current agreement would likely involve becoming partners with existing networks that are already holding broadcast licences from either Headgear/Geneon & partner studios (such as Mappa) OR trying out different options specified within separate + alternative NDA contracts available globally like those outlined by Amazon Prime Video etc., instead! Ultimately though - no matter where you live - when it comes down who holds the ultimate responsibility and power over all these rights? That'd be our good friends at any respective broadcasting licensing company currently assigned control over 'BL' right now - wherever you reside worldwide!

Is Black Lagoon available for purchase online?

If you're looking to purchase Black Lagoon, the beloved Japanese manga series and anime adaptation, then you're in luck! The entire series is available online both physically and digitally. You can find either all individual volumes or the entire box set, depending on what you prefer. In terms of physical copies, they can be purchased from many retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. For digital copies, it's available on platforms such as Comixology and Kindle though unfortunately not on Crunchyroll (seriously though Anime Limited? Get with it). All in all it's great seeing that this classic manga / anime series is readily accessible for everyone. So don't wait any longer if you've been wanting to take a dive into Black Lagoon - head over to your retailer of choice right now!

Are there any official websites offering the Black Lagoon series?

If you’re looking for the ultimate online viewing experience when it comes to one of the best anime series out there, look no further than the official websites offering Black Lagoon. With an incredible range of interesting and exciting episodes that are direct from the studio, fans have access to all their favorite shows. Whether you are looking for a classic like Roberta’s Blood Trail or full action packed themes like Romance Dawn and Reef Encounter, this is your go-to place for all kinds of quality entertainment that can be enjoyed at any time.

What makes these websites ideal options when it comes to streaming Black Lagoon is that they offer a variety of choices from where fans can view their favorite shows. This includes access via Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll with options varying depending on which region is being watched in. So if you’re living outside an area which contains its services there will still be choice selections available naturally giving people many ways in which they can enjoy watching this thrilling animated series online.

With each season containing twelve killer episodes while two OVA specials bring even bigger bursts of excitement it’s clear why so many choose to watch Black Lagoon through these websites as they give fans access without fail at any time they want over large geographical regions no matter where one may live making sure everyone gets their fair share! The quality in terms of viewing capabilities stands true here giving people crystal-clear HD streams no matter what platform people use – setting them up with a sensational experience whichever way round!

In short: yes; There are official sources such as Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll outlets offering entire seasons worth of very entertaining content for viewers interested in catching up on The Black Lagoon series - spanning across various regions accordingly – Guaranteed abundance access!

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