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If you’re looking for a source for quality lavender seeds, your first stop should be a local nursery or garden center. They’ll be familiar with the local climate and what types of lavender will do best in it. Plus, these stores usually carry pure species varieties that are not hybrids – so you’ll know what to expect when they bloom and produce the essential oils used in aromatherapy products.

You can also find affordable and quality lavender seeds online. However, beware of generic cultivars and mixed packets that include both hybridized varieties as well as wild type species (some labeled simply “lavender”). You want to know all of the plants that were put into the packet ahead of time so you can research them fully before planting them in your garden or yard.

Once you find a seed distributor or seller that suits your needs, consider purchasing multiple packets at once if they give discounts when more than one is bought together. This way, you get more bang for your buck and don't have to worry about running out before growing season ends!

Finally, if possible visit an herb farm near where you live! There may not be any located close by but even a trip across state might provide up-close access to some rarer varieties that only big farms can stock on their shelves - plus personalized advice on how to grow them right the first try around!

What is the best place to purchase lavender seeds?

When it comes to buying lavender seeds, you want to make sure your purchase is from a trusted and reliable source. You should also make sure the seller has high-quality products that are free from contaminants. To ensure you get the best seeds possible, it’s worth taking your time to seek out a reputable online store or really any retail store that specializes in lavender seed purchases.

One of my highest recommendations would be Strictly Medicinal Seeds (strictlymedicinalseeds.com), an Oregon-based seed bank that specializes in organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds for gardeners of all levels. After more than 10 years in business, they have built a reputation for having clean, viable seeds guaranteed to germinate - as well as certified organic inputs such as compost tea and fertilizers made with various sustainable ingredients like seaweed extract or fish meal.

Their selection of quality lavender varieties is not only expansive but also well organized according to their different types: English Lavender (Lavandula angustofolia) Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) Munstead Lavender (Lavendula x intermedia 'Munstead'), amongst many others. Plus their excellent customer service team can assist with orders by emailing them directly or via phone call during regular business hours throughout the weekdays! Plus if you catch one of their sales events - usually around holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas - there's an even greater chance at scoring some awesome deals on top quality lavender varieties without breaking the bank!

In conclusion if you’re looking for some greatlavenderseeds then I highly recommend Strictly Medicinal Seeds – they have great customer service and prices that won't disappoint!

How can I find lavender seeds for sale?

If you're looking for lavender seeds to buy, your best bet is the internet! With just a few clicks, you can find a variety of lavender seeds available for sale. Many seed companies specialize in producing herbs and flowers, so you'll be able to find types of lavender suited for just about any climate. In addition, you’ll also likely find organic and heirloom varieties as well.

When searching for seeds online, it's important to check out the reviews other customers have left for the companies or sellers before buying from them. You want to make sure the company is reliable and providing quality products that will germinate properly. You may even want to contact the company directly with any questions or concerns prior to placing your order, as some companies are occasionally willing to provide additional resources such as growing tips and advice on how to start your own garden.

Also think about buying your lavenedr seedlings at local nurseries or farmers markets near where you live; these small businesses can often provide more personal service than larger retailers while offering high-quality plants at reasonable prices. Sometimes they even give away free samples of their products during select times throughout the year - make sure you inquire when shopping around!

Finally if all else fails consider checking local classifieds such as Craigslist - occasionally home gardeners have lavender seedlings or bags of dried mature flowerheads that they'd be willing part with in exchange for cash payment or barter/trade arrangement!

Is there an online store that sells lavender seeds?

If you're looking for an online store that sells lavender seeds, then look no further! Lavender has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are now many stores – both physical and digital – selling the fragrant seeds.

The most notable online store known for selling lavender seeds is Sow True Seed. This company specializes in organic gardening and offers a wide selection of heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of lavender. On their website, you can find packets of Spanish Lavender, French Provence Lavender and English Lavender among other varieties of this beloved flowering plant. The prices vary depending on the type chosen; however, free shipping is available for orders over $50 to make things a bit more affordable!

There are several other online options as well when it comes to buying lavender seeds. You might also consider checking out Etsy or Ebay where numerous sellers offer packets or bulk quantities at various prices points and with different packaging options as well. Additionally, many garden centers will carry this product in their stores—or have it available through virtual shopping experiences these days—which may be worth considering if you prefer having your items delivered with speedy local delivery times rather than paying extra for standard shipping methods from cross country providers.

Ultimately, finding an online store that sells lavenders seeds should be fairly easy – just make sure to do your research so you can find the best option that fits into your budget before making a decision!

How much do lavender seeds usually cost?

When it comes to buying lavender seeds, there are many factors that can affect the overall cost. The price of these seeds usually depends on the variety of lavender you plan to grow, where you purchase them from, and how large of a quantity you're looking for.

Tiny packets containing 100-200 Lavender seeds typically range in price from $4-$8 USD. If you purchase more manageable packs that contain 500 - 1000 Lavender Seeds, the prices tend to range between $6-$14 USD.

Bulk buys such as those with 2000+ Lavender Seeds can often cost between $15 and up ranging depending on supply and demand.. Buying in bulk is typically much more affordable than buying smaller packs if you have larger areas to sow. These lots are also great for gardeners who may need continual replenishment when starting their plants in various seasons throughout the year over several months or even years!

Lastly, aside from purchasing your own lavender seeds online or at garden centers there is always the option to collect your own seed heads by waiting until September when they become ripe for harvest off of spent flower stalks! When collecting your own seeds it's important to keep an eye out for different varieties so that someone else's hybrid heirloom cultivar fad doesn't mix with what you already have planted - just one reason why good record keeping should be kept ;) In this way collecting is a great way for anyone interested in growing their own perennials and herbs without investing a lot of money into purchasing seed packets.

Are there any local stores that sell lavender seeds?

If you're looking to add a fragrant touch of lavender to your garden, there may be some local stores in your area that sell lavender seeds. Depending on where you live, the availability of stores stocking these tiny seeds can vary from city to city.

In the United States and Canada, most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry flower containing different varieties of seed. Even if your specific store doesn't carry it directly on their shelves, many plants come pre-packaged with “sprouted” or “pre-germinated” lavender seedlings that you simply need to transfer into well-draining soil.

You can also check out boutiques specializing in gardening supplies or boutique nurseries for both fresh and dried Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) seeds as well as other traditional varieties like Spanish Lavenders and sweet permunters (Lavandula stoechas).

For those looking for more variety than just lavender seeds, herbal garden shops may provide a treasure trove of unique finds including French heirloom selections along with dry bundles featuring blends such as Anether blend consisting of thyme, oregano marjoram along with its companion commonly known as Bee Balm Ring blend which consists mostly of Common Sage blooms along with oregano chamomile & fennel flowers – all grown organically from non-GMO sources.

Finally if all else fails or if you’re simply too busy (or lazy) to hunt down the perfect store carrying what you seek then fortunately there is always online retailers readily available for purchase when it comes plant material - which includes various species & hybrids including bulk orders directly from farmers worldwide – delivering doorsteps ready set grapes at reasonable prices!

What are some of the top brands of lavender seeds?

When it comes to growing a fragrance and visually stunning lavender crop, the right lavender seed is an invaluable part of the equation. With so many different types of lavender varieties, it can be challenging to pick which seeds are best for your garden. Thankfully, there are some excellent brands that offer high-quality lavender seeds that will give you beautiful results.

One popular brand offering excellent products is ‘Annies Annuals & Perennials’. Their range includes English Lavenders “Hidcote Blue” and “Munstead” as well as other varieties like French Lavenders 'Grosso' and Spike Lavender 'Otto Loisel'. All their seeds are non- genetically modified meaning they avoid any genetic engineering or hybridization processes when producing them resulting in true-to-type plants every time.

Another reliable source for lavender seeds is Richters Herbs, who have a variety of options including both regular cuttings as well as rarer finds like Spanish Lavenders Gajo de uvas and Somma Romanesco. They take pride in providing good quality through their strict seed selection process so you know you're getting authentic products with every batch they sale..

Lastly, customers looking for exceptional heirloom varieties often turn to Botanical Interests Roses & Plants shop; here you can find impossible-to-find Mediterranean scented herbs like the White Spike Lavenders or Speik Ochtendnevel – both which make captivatingly fragrant additions to landscapes around the world.

All these brands provide high quality products that stand out from other online or local shops; with skilful attention given to yield results worthy of your time spent growing them in your garden!

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