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Whiskey Myers is an American southern rock, country and Texas/red dirt group from Palestine, Texas. The group was formed in 2007 by lead singer Cody Cannon and guitarist John Jefferson. They were soon joined by bassist Tony Kent and drummer Jeff Hogg, who have been with the band ever since then.

Today the band is made up of Cody Cannon (vocals/guitar), John Jefferson (lead guitar), Gary Brown (guitar/vocals), John Exall (bass) and Jeff Hogg (drums). With the addition of these key members Whiskey Myers established themselves as a legendary red dirt southern rock bands from East Texas.

The Texas town of Palestine has served as Whiskey Myer's spiritual home for their career so far. This is where they wrote their music for their debut album "Road Of Life" which was released in 2008. A month later they performed at South By Southwest and caught the attention of many other musicians including Jack Ingram and Pat Green who quickly became fans.

Since then Whiskey Myers have gone on to tour extensively across Europe, Australia & The U.S., while also releasing four full-length albums with a fifth on its way in 2020; Firewater, Early Morning Shakes, Mud, & Whole Damn Life respectively all to critical acclaim! Through it all we have seen this East Texan ruffians grow musically throughout time without missing a beat!

What state is Whiskey Myers from?

Whiskey Myers is a popular Southern rock/country band hailing from Palestine, Texas. The small East Texas town serves as the home base for Whiskey Myers, and the city has been integral in shaping the band’s sound and style of music over their three studio albums.

Whiskey Myers was formed back in 2007 by frontman Cody Cannon and guitarist John Jeffers. The current lineup also includes bassist Gary Brown, lead guitarist Cody Tate, drummer Tony Kent and keyboardist Josh Nino most recently joining in 2017.

The region that Whiskey Myers calls home provides them with incredible inspiration for their songwriting which often touches on themes such as being an outsider or just trying to make it from one day to the next whilst fighting inner demons. Tracks like “Firewater”, “Frogman” and “Deep Down In The South” tell tales of rural living against a powerful musical backdrop that draws influence from classic country to modern rock n' roll.

For fans looking to catch a live show then look no further than Whiskey Myer's home state of Texas where they regularly tour up and down the Lone Star State hitting big cities like Austin as well as small towns along I-45 which is otherwise known among locals as "The Texas Music Trail". From these shows it's clear that local crowds are proud of their hometown heroes who continue to fly the flag for Lone Star Country music far outside of its traditional depths reaching into Canada and Europe alike!

How did the band Whiskey Myers get its name?

In 2008, Whiskey Myers was born from the east Texas city of Palestine. Comprised of Cody Cannon (lead vocals and guitar), John Jeffers (guitar), Tony Kent (bass and background vocals), Gary Brown (drums) and Cory Talor (guitar, keys and background vocals); their roots-rock southern sound is one that many fans have quickly come to recognize.

But what's really interesting is how the band got its name: a tribute to an old-time family hangout named "Whiskey Myers". It's a spot that holds lots of special memories for Cody Cannon—the lead singer/songwriter in the group—who was inspired by his family stories about this lively place. As it turns out, Whiskey Myers was owned by his great-great grandfather who went by Walter "Whiskey" Myers during the settling days of Texas' wild west towns in 1898. Back then, locals would gather at Whiskey Meyers' rugged hand-built dance hall where they'd kick up their heels with jukebox tunes spilling over whiskey shots until sunrise.

The tale brings us full circle to present time when Cody pens down meaningful story lyrics morphed into country/southern rock anthems he calls - you guessed it - Whiskey Meyers! Today they still clammer tight to those beloved old-time values; crafting reliable country hits such as “Lightning Bugs And Rain”, “Anna Marie”, “Crazy To Your Bones” and so many more singles are part of their musical legacy that has become known all across Texas…and well beyond! There may be no more drinkers or dancin’ at Widow Bird Walsh's original saloon today but sure enough our pal Canyon Cannon hasn't forgotten as he kept family alive through music as part of his motivation that gave birth to super group we now know as--- no doubt ---Whiskeys Meyers!"

Who are the members of Whiskey Myers?

If you’re a fan of Southern Rock, then it’s likely that you have heard of the talented band Whiskey Myers. This five-piece band has been touring and making music together since 2007. The current members of Whiskey Myers are Cody Cannon (vocals/guitar), John Jeffers (guitar/background vocals), Gary Brown (bass/background vocals), Tony Kent (drums) and John Exall (fiddle, mandolin and background vocals).

Cody Cannon is the face and voice of the group, providing dynamic lead singing for nearly every song in their repertoire. He’s no stranger to performing - after high school he left his home state of Texas to join up with an independent record label in Nashville from 2006-2007. Shortly after his return home he formed Whiskey Myers alongside Jeffers, Brown and Kent.

John Jeffers has been an integral part of Whiskey Myers since day one - he writes countless songs for the group that bring their unique Southern Rock sound alive on each album release. Not only can you hear him shredding away on guitar within each track but also layering its sounds with those coming from bass guitar thanks to Gary Brown who joined around the same time Jeffers did back in 2007 completing their core lineup ever since then – they even joke around that they are inseparable like brothers!

Tony Kent adds some hard hitting rhythm to each song being able to play all sorts of different drum kits including congas as seen live on recent tours whereas John Exall provides some extra twang in fiddle as well as multiple other string instruments such as mandolin or banjo when required so there's sure never a dull moment when listening or watching these amazing musicians perform no matter if it's a catchy single or epic jam session like at SXSW this past year!

Whiskey Myers truly represents what rock music should be: dynamic, powerful and most importantly catchy – they take their craft seriously while still not taking themselves too seriously which is evident both on stage during performances but also through their lyrics which often contain hilarious one-liners that make fans feel right at home right away… Everyone who has heard them will agree: whiskey never sounded this good!

When was Whiskey Myers formed?

The Texas-based rock and blues band Whiskey Myers is a multi-talented group that has been captivating audiences since 2007. The band consists of lead singer Cody Cannon, guitarist John Jeffers, bassist Gary Brown, and drummer Tony Kent.

Whiskey Myers was initially formed as a country rock act in 2007 by founder members Cody Cannon, John Jeffers and Aaron Davis after meeting during their days playing in the Tyler/Longview music scene of East Texas. The three shared musical inspiration from the likes of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings - two important country figures to them each - crafting a sound that paid homage to those roots but served up something fresh too. Eventually their efforts gained traction among Texas locals as well as on local radio stations which led to the trio releasing their self-recorded debut album Road Of Life in 2008. Later that same year Kent (their former bass player) moved into the drummers seat making way for Brown (who joined around 2010).

With lineup now stabilized they went on to release three more full length projects; Firewater (2011), Early Morning Shakes (2013) and Mud (2015). To coincide with Mud’s release they announced they’d signed with Last Chance Management who still manage them today serving up another burst of creative energy which set Whiskey Myers on an unstoppable path; touring continually while writing new material and even developing their own whiskey brand showing no signs or limitations to what lies ahead both musically or otherwise. \r\n Fast forward to 2021 where even in the unpredictable times we find ourselves facing off against today, Whiskey Myer’s fan base continues growing bringing stories from all corners of our planet singing songs about being young adults making sense outta life with sometimes wise but often wild tendencies coming through loud ‘n clear every night at shows wherever cylinders are hot Letting folks know it's been exactly 14 years since this gang went from rendezvous & roadhouse playin' dreams amongst themselves learning how to trust & share alike 'til gelling over time becoming a true family gaining altitude ever since like stars 'round twin peaks lightening up not just this lonesome flat land known for tornados & ghost towns both musically speaking but much more so across society

How many albums has Whiskey Myers released?

Whiskey Myers is a country/southern rock band born and bred in East Texas. Since forming in 2004, they've become one of the most acclaimed acts in the genre with their combination of hard-rocking country and classic southern rock. And along the way, this eclectic band has released an impressive collection of albums.

To date, Whiskey Myers has put out six full album releases: "Firewater" (2010), "Early Morning Shakes" (2012), "Mud" (2014), "Missing You...Cumberland Gap" (2016), “Whiskey Myers” (2019) and “Ohio” 2020). They have also released 5 EPs titled ‘Mud EP’(2015), 'Live at The Capitol Theatre'(2017),"Songs from The Vaults"(2018),"Frogman"(2018)",Fireproof(2019).

Whiskey Myers' albums have all been highly successful, with both fans and critics alike praising their sound for being energetic yet maturely nuanced songwriting style. They've toured extensively over the years as well, appearing on stages both large and small to promote their latest works or cover old classics.

So whether you're an avid fan or just a music lover looking for something unique to listen to during your next car ride or camping excursion, Whiskey Myer's impressive discography is sure to please any palate!

What genre of music does Whiskey Myers play?

If you’re a fan of rootsy, Southern rock-country, then Whiskey Myers is the perfect band for you.

Hailing from the small town of Palestine, Texas, Whiskey Myers has quickly become a favorite in the genre. The band burst onto the scene with their 2008 self-titled release and they’ve been gaining speed ever since.

The group features vocalist Cody Cannon on lead vocals; bassist Gary Brown; guitarists John Jeffers and Cody Tate; pedal steel guitarist Jon Knudson; keyboard player Tony Kent; and drums/percussion measures being performed by Jeff Hogg—all of which come together to create an infectious sound that is as timeless as it is contemporary.

At its core Whiskey Myers play hard driving country music with a little bit of twang thrown in for flavor – think tunes about good times, bad luck and living life on your own terms set to musical styles ranging from soulful Americana to folk-tinged rock ‘n roll. They expand beyond just country though – traces of blues and classic rock can be found in their repertoire as well. While they don't fit into becoming one genre or subgenre exclusively, they draw upon all these influences nonetheless to create an eclectic mix that bridges together popular styles with those coming out more recently (and even some older ones).

With two full length albums to date (the latest entitled “Firewater”) along with several EPs, live records and singles thrown in for good measure–one listen will have you feeling like you’ve known them forever: that kind of familiarity that comes from knowing talent when you hear it!

In conclusion - if good time southern rock infused country music is your thing then Whiskey Myers should definitely be on your radar!

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