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If you’re looking for a truly unique candy experience, look no further than wacky wafers! These miniature discs of fruity flavor are beloved by kids and adults alike for their chewy texture, fun designs, and of course the delicious fruity taste.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to buy some wacky wafers of your own, they can be found in several places. The main source is the company's official website at www.wackywafers.com; here you can buy original four-packs of the candy or pick up six-boxes with dozens of flavors inside them—perfect for parties or play dates! In addition to this website, you may also be able to find these tasty morsels in select retail stores around America such as Walmart and Target; simply ask a store associate if they carry it.

Finally, don’t forget eBay! There are tons of individual sellers who offer large boxes full of random flavors and designs from all over the world; it's definitely worth checking out if that special flavor isn't available elsewhere online. No matter which option works best for you or whose budget is most accommodating—getting some delicious wacky wafers has never been simpler (or tastier)!

What stores carry Wacky Wafers?

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will make you smile, then Wacky Wafers are just what you need! These colorful and crunchy little treats always bring a smile to everyone’s faces. But where can you find them?

Wacky Wafers are one of those rare treats that can often only be found in specialty stores. On the rare occasion, some major convenience stores and gas stations such as 7-Eleven may have a limited selection of flavors available, but in most cases it’s exceedingly difficult to find them in large chain retailers.

However, if you’re lucky enough to come across one of the handful of local specialty shops - or head to an online retailer – then you will have no trouble at all finding your favorite flavor! From classic fruit punch and root beer to fan favorites like zebra stripes and blueberry pie, there is something sure to please each person in the family (and don't forget about graham cracker!). Although not widely available for purchase at mainstream venues, there really is no shortage when it comes down crunching into these flavorful thin wafers.

Where can I find Wacky Wafers for sale?

If you're looking for a blast from the past and are on the hunt for Wacky Wafers, then you're in luck! These iconic wafer cookies were popular in the 80s and 90s, but they remain a favorite treat among fans of all ages. Though they haven’t been on shelves at your local store ever since then, finding them is still possible.

For starters, there are numerous online retailers that stock them. A quick web search will bring up a variety of options with foods grouped under nostalgic or retro snacks – or just search ‘Wacky Wafers’ directly to be taken to some of these stores. Most brands retail individually-packaged wafers or bags with multiple flavors per bag so you can get as many (or as few) as you'd like!

Though harder to come by than other candy sold in supermarkets today, some stores could have Wacky Wafers stocked sporadically throughout the year if enough demand is spurred. Keep an eye out for short-term sales during special holidays like Halloween too – when rare candies tend to pop up more often than usual. Of course this isn’t guaranteed due to availability issues but it doesn't hurt to check from time to time if nothing else works out!

Ultimately, however one chooses to acquire these delicious retro treats: thankfully it's still possible! So go ahead and satisfy that sweet tooth with a blast from the past and score yourself some classic Wacky Wafers!

Are Wacky Wafers available in supermarkets?

If you’ve been searching the aisles of your local supermarket in search of those iconic Wacky Wafers, you’re probably wondering: are these sweets available in supermarkets? The answer is a resounding YES!

Wacky Wafers, made of layered fruit-flavored hard candy coating and creamy white chocolate interior, are widely available in grocery stores – both online and physical locations. While our wafer flavors (strawberry, lemon-lime, cherry and orange) have long existed as a nostalgic favorite for many decades, innovation has recently brought our original squares into round shape packaged treats. These perfectly puffy spheres make them even more enjoyable to snack on!

Taste buds dance as they experience the candy coating while the center delights with its soft creaminess. Plus what reminds us more of childhood and carefree days than these delicious morsels? Now you can treat yourself or your family to this classic confection without having to break out grandma's recipe book - simply head over to the nearest grocery store!

Who is the best retailer to purchase Wacky Wafers?

When it comes to purchasing Wacky Wafers, the best retailer to consider is none other than your local convenience store. Convenience stores often have a wide variety of snacks and confections, including classic sweets like Wacky Wafers. You can usually find these tasty treats near the register in packs of two or three pieces, making them easy to grab and go. Plus, convenience stores also tend to be cheaper than larger chain retailers such as supermarkets or department stores – so you get more for your money when buying from these local spots! Additionally, you may even find seasonal editions of Wacky Wafers at certain times throughout the year – so be sure to check out your local convenience store if you’re looking for something special!

Is there an online store that sells Wacky Wafers?

Have you ever heard of Wacky Wafers? If not, it's time to get acquainted with this delicious snack! Wacky Wafers are a classic favorite amongst fans of retro confectionery. They are thin and crunchy wafer cookies filled with an irresistibly sweet cream filling. There is no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

So where can you buy them? The good news is, the answer is yes! There are several online stores that carry these delightful snacks in their inventory. For those looking for a larger selection of flavors and varieties, you may want to check out sites like Candy Warehouse or Old Time Candy. You will find wacky wafers in all of the original classic flavors, as well as newer varieties such as cotton candy or strawberry shortcake. With so many delectable options available, there’s bound to be something to please any palate.

When shopping online for your favorite goodies, it pays to do a bit of research first so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and can trust the site’s shipping terms ad customer service policies before making any purchases. Fortunately though, most online retailers offering wacky wavers have dedicated pages on their sites outlining descriptions and prices so shoppers can make sure they getting exactly what they want before checking out.

So if you're on the hunt for some delicious wafer cookie treats with an oh-so-scrumptious cream filling, then look no further than these beloved sweets – now readily available from various reputable online retailers!

Are there any convenience stores that sell Wacky Wafers?

If you’re a fan of the classic Wacky Wafers candy treat, then rejoice – you won’t have to go far to get your hands on some! In recent years, certain convenience stores have started stocking Wacky Wafers in their inventory.

For many convenient store customers, stopping by for a quick bite or snack is commonplace. For those missing the hard-to-find Hershey's candy treat, now there are options to pick up an unexpected snack on-the-go. With snazzy packaging and a unique flavor combinations such as banana split and orange creamsicle that bring back instant nostalgia, it's no wonder many shoppers find themselves picking up an extra box when they pass by the local convenience store!

Some of the top convenience stores offering their customers the deliciousness of Wacky Wafers include 7-Eleven and QuikTrip. These nationwide brands stock these tasty treats in multiple locations across most states making it easier than ever before to get your hands on them again. So make sure next time you visit nearby convenient stores like 7eleven or QuikTrip also keep an eye out for this well sought after snack – because we all know there’s nothing better than a few layers of wisers wafery goodness on these hot summer days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they still make wacky wafers?

Yes, they still make wacky wafers.

What are the wafers called that come in different colors?

The wafers that come in different colors are called Krackel Werks treats.

What is the size of a Willy Wonka wafer?

The size of a Willy Wonka wafer has always been the size of a Bottle Cap.

What happened to the original Wacky Wafers?

Wacky Wafers were discontinued as part of the regular product line when Nestlé purchased the Willy Wonka brand, but they were reintroduced in 2017 by Leaf Brands, LLC.

How many wafers are in a package of Wacky Wafers?

There are (5) wafers in a package of Wacky Wafers.

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