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The Jan 6th hearings are scheduled to take place virtually on Tuesday, January 12th beginning at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time. The hearings, which will be livestreamed on YouTube, will center on various aspects of Congress' constitutional role in a presidential election. Witnesses will include representatives from the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Postal Service (USPS) and state leaders who were involved in administering or conducting the 2020 general election, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties will host the three-hour hearing as they gather evidence and consider Congress’ constitutional role in safeguarding sacred American voting rights. The hearing also serves as an important step towards ensuring every American’s right to vote is respected in future elections and that any potential voter fraud is uncovered before it can be acted upon.

This first hearing is part of a larger investigation into issues related to the 2020 election that began with an initial partisan divide between Democrats calling for an expansive probe into possible voting irregularities while some Republicans argued against further investigation altogether. Additionally, Democrats requested subpoenas associated with investigations concerning President Trump but failed to gain enough Republican congressional support during their efforts By holding these Jan 6th hearings, lawmakers within both political parties have agreed upon one goal: protecting Americans democratic right to vote by setting precedent against fraudulent practices moving forward.

What time are the Jan 6th hearings taking place?

The highly anticipated impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is set to begin at 1:00 PM, EST on Wednesday, January 6th. The hearings will be broadcasted on major news networks across the nation. It is expected that a roll call of the Senators present at the hearing will take place at 1:30 PM EST and Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over this historic trial.

The hearings for this impeachment trial holds great significance as it marks the first ever impeachment against a President after he has left office and also represents only the second time in US history when an ex-President has been tried by Senate for alleged high crimes or misdemeanors.

As this case carries such significant meaning, all of us can feel confident that our most prestigious lawmakers are sure to extend their utmost respect and attention in order to ensure justice is served according to the highest lawyers in nation. This momentous occasion definitely requires clear communication and vast organizational preparation so that decisions making processes adhere closely to constitutional law protocol that each Senate must follow with extreme diligence.

It is our great privilege as citizens of these United States of America to not just be aware but adapt well enough with every occurring event we witness within our political systems so that our country may forever remain just, upright, fair, honorable and balanced. So mark your calendars accordingly! The hearings for former president Trump's official commencement takes place January 6th 2021 from 1:00 pm EST. Don’t forget!

Where are the Jan 6th hearings being held?

On January 6th, the nation's capital will be the center of a crucial event – a joint hearing in both chambers of Congress to review events that occurred during last week's certification of electoral votes. This extraordinary hearing is being held in the U.S Senate Chamber and U.S House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., and is expected to draw a lot of attention from both lawmakers and citizens around the country as it seeks to determine what happened during last week's events at the Capitol Building.

The joint hearing was convened by Republican congressional leaders as soon as news broke about rioters storming into Capitol Hill – just minutes after Vice President Mike Pence had begun counting electoral votes confirming then President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in November’s election. The hearings will look into how secure United States government officials were prior to, during, and after the incident; any intelligence or warnings that were overlooked leading up to it; any missteps by security services; legal or other consequences for those involved; additional security measures needed if similar events are feared or anticipated; who authorized what role do authorities have after-the-fact? Of most concern are messages sent over social media networks like Facebook, Parler and Reddit which helped spur large numbers of protesters towards Capitol Hill where they stormed through barricades and airlocks set up by police to control access.

After much deliberation among congressional leadership, these hearings on January 6th are being held for one common goal: To find answers about an incident we all still know very little about but must progress forward together regardless with solutions that hinder future attacks like this one from occurring again across America. With potential legal repercussions looming for those involved (as well as systemic changes proposed), this promises to be an important investigation intoU s security protocols going forward as well understanding how our country can prevent such future unrest not only within its own borders but also abroad around our world community so we can collectively stand behind solutions that are beneficial long term!

Who is testifying at the Jan 6th hearings?

On January 6th, several important figures will be testifying before the U.S. Senate in connection to the events of the 2020 Presidential election results and America’s electoral system. Prominent among these witnesses is Christopher Krebs, a former Trump administration official who was tasked with protecting America's networks against online nefarious activities.

Krebs famously had his job eliminated from the Trump administration after protesting President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud, which he almost certainly sees as a major part of his mission when testifying on January 6th. It is expected that Krebs will defend America’s voting systems and condemn efforts to undermine them for political gain during his appearance before the senate committee.

Another key witness at these hearings will be Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. Hobbs became one of several centrist Republican politicians who clashed with Trump over issues related to election integrity and transparency in her state throughout 2020; she recently announced that her office would conduct an audit into allegationsmade by pro-Trump activists regarding Arizona's vote count discrepancies during last year's general election results. It has been alleged that some procedural errors occurred during vote-tabulation which resulted in incorrect tallies – it remains to be seen what Hobbs can offer on behalf of her state as a witness at this senate hearing on Jan 6th..

Kris Kobach, an immigration hardliner and former Secretary Of State Kansas alongside Ben Hovland, current Iowa secretary of state are also expected to testify before this body when their tasking arises amidst this inquiry into possible US presidential race fraud or unethical activity therein leading up to the 2020 General Elections outcome etcetera...

Finally Senator Ron Johnson, who will chair this historic hearing for committee members (as per incoming Biden team news coverage) must likely include various assertive attacks upon PresidentElect Joe Biden leading up December 14th Electors Choice narrative for legally certified Stateside recounts/results battle processes overall too....

How long are the Jan 6th hearings expected to last?

The Jan 6th hearings for the attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021 have been scheduled to last three days according to an announcement made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The hearings are expected to begin on Monday morning and conclude sometime late Wednesday evening barring any unexpected delays. The exact timeline has yet to be fully established. As of now, witnesses have not been announced or confirmed but will likely be called upon during the hearing in order discover more details about what happened that day as well as hold those responsible accountable regarding their actions.

Congress is aiming to uncover every last detail concerning the events of Jan 6th during this hearing, with hopes that they can form conclusions and sweeping reforms afterwards if necessary. It is vital that this hearing take place in order for us all to move towards a greater understanding and healing within our government and nation as a whole.

Who will be presiding over the Jan 6th hearings?

Since January 6th, 2021 marks “Joint Session of Congress," it is the responsibility of the Vice President to preside over the hearings. That’s right! Vice President Mike Pence will be handling this significant job.

As per section 15 of The United States Constitution, when Congress meets in joint session to count and certify electoral votes, the vice president serves as their president, likely meaning Mike Pence will take on an influential role at the Jan 6th hearing. Moreover, this process requires both chambers — Senate and House — sitting as one in a Joint Session for counting electoral results (submitted by governors) for each state.

This particular procedure has been conducted in every presidential election since 1804 with some modification only during those years wherein Senate and House weren’t represented jointly by members from both parties. Nonetheless, today it is carried out once again but this time under highly divisive conditions with many Representatives not just questioning 2020 presidential election but also disputing its certified outcome. Thus requiring such an important procedure occurring under intense scrutiny! An interesting study definitely with VP Pence taking most proactive part despite looming impeachment calls against him on civil rights grounds due his response to Jan 6th social deviation where violence did break out inside US Capitol building!

What topics will be discussed during the Jan 6th hearings?

The Jan 6th hearings which are slated to take place on Capitol Hill will be focusing heavily on the events that unfolded at the US Capitol during the early hours of January 6th. Specifically, lawmakers and witnesses will be discussing what led to massive crowds of people gathering outside and eventually entering the building. This includes looking into how protest plans were formed, how people were allowed access into the building, which officials had prior knowledge of these plans and more. Witnesses expected to appear include members of law enforcement as well as President Donald Trump's former attorney Rudy Giuliani who had been involved in helping plan rallies leading up to Jan 6th.

In addition, members of Congress are likely to discuss matters related to preserving national security during times when large crowds gather near government buildings or in other public spaces. This would include any steps that have already been taken or need to be taken going forward in order ensure excitable protests do not become violent or destructive events like they did on Jan 6th.

Finally, the day’s hearing could also focus on bigger topics such as possible reforms needed within American democracy itself that could better prevent violence from erupting regardless of political affiliations going forward or what solutions still need put forth by our elected officials for this purpose in order for all Americans feel their safety is secure no matter who is President.. It’s unclear what answers these hearings might uncover - but it’s certain that these questions will capture many Americans’ attention as we try make sense out of what happened and hope for a path towards restoring peace back into our nation’s capital city once again.

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