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One of the top-rated activities in Tigard is the Washington Square Mall. This mall features popular stores like Macy’s, JCPenney and Target as well as many other stores ranging from apparel to home decor. The shopping center also has plenty of restaurant options to choose from during your visit.

Another great activity for visitors to enjoy in Tigard is the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge features various waterways that allow people to kayak and canoe, and take part in other activities such as birding or fishing. You can also take a tour of the wetlands by airboat and explore these stunning natural settings up close.

For those who prefer green pastures over busy streets, Francesco’s Farms is a must-visit destination when one visits this Oregon town; this sprawling farm provides visitors with an opportunity to pick sweet corn or strawberries during their visit here and learn about sustainable agriculture first hand from its friendly staff members! The farm also has multiple outdoor activities such as a zip line for children that guarantees hours family fun here! If you’d like something more laid back but equally fulfilling; take the time out for some nature walking along trails near Metzger Marsh while still enjoying yourself within nature by participating with recreational pursuits like horseback riding or star gazing!

If you're looking for nightlife entertainment then look no further than McMenamins Grand Lodge: offering craft beer tastings, live music performances and trivia nights every week - making it an ideal destination if you're around town - visiting family that necessitates evenings spent elsewhere after your daily obligations have been taken care of! And if you want something completely unique then don't forget about Tigard Library: with its regular series “Ask an Expert” lectures; this location serves not only those who require knowledge-based endeavors but also provides insight into local culture. Finally Boones Ferry Park should definitely be on your list when planning on things to do in Tigard because it offers impressive views over Fanno Creek amongst lovely meadows & garden areas! Furthermore it hosts all manner of recreation varied enough that parents can find whatever pleases their little ones - bicycle rentals anyone?

What activities are available in Tigard Oregon?

If you’re looking for something to do in Tigard, Oregon, there are plenty of activities that won’t disappoint! From outdoor adventures in nearby nature spots to bustling attractions at the city center, you can find a variety of options for whatever fits your fancy.

For animal lovers, the Oregon Zoo has many fascinating critters to take in. You can also check out The Gardens at Ballston Lake which provides serene paths around a gorgeous pond and large garden area perfect for quiet walks or photography sessions. If you’d rather be outside while enjoying some retail therapy the Washington Square Mall has over 150 stores and restaurants awaiting visitors. It is conveniently located near several hotels if shopping until close isn't an option during your visit.

You can also plan on visiting Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge where outdoor enthusiasts will find miles of trails ideal for bird watching with over 200 species calling it home or paddling along its rivers and lakes as well as fun fishing spots! If you’re up for some adventure there are summer kayaking tours ready to take you down the river so watch out for fishermen! For those wanting more traditional park settings look no further than nearby Cooper Mountain Nature Park with plenty of exploration opportunities featuring picnic shelters, multiple ponds, and lovely views from trails atop Mt. Cooper itself.

For those interested in more indoors entertainment Tigard offers several museums specializing in local history like The Museum at Campbell House or The Bruce Manning Museum both located within walking distance from downtown main streets. The weekend farmers market is open from 9am-2pm year-long hosting vendors of all sorts selling everything from homemade goods and craft items to food staples like fruits and vegetables grown right here locally in Oregon's fertile soil! And while summertime may mean higher temperatures " Jumpstreet" trampoline parks offer cooling off escapes outdoors complete with waterslides bounding environments -all ready to make those hot days just a bit easier!

All these attractive choices bring something special that makes Tigard unique;combining modern day city life sights with natural parkland beauty showcased through various events & attractions seeming seemingly limitless diversity found only here – so why not explore it?!

What tourist attractions are there in Tigard Oregon?

If you're looking for some fun tourist attractions in Tigard, Oregon, you're certainly in luck. This vibrant and scenic city offers plenty to explore and enjoy. Here are just a few of the amazing sightseeing spots that should be on your Tigard itinerary.

Take a stroll through Cook Park: This popular park is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon enjoying all that nature has to offer. A short walk away from downtown Tigard, it's ideal for joggers, walkers and cyclists looking for a peaceful spot surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife. Pack a picnic or visit one of the local food establishments near the park—it's one of the best spots in town guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

See how farm life used to be at The Old Doppel House Museum: Step back in time with this quaint museum devoted entirely to preserving traditional farm life from almost two centuries ago! Serving as both an educational facility and research center, it features interactive exhibits throughout its three levels of exhibition space that provide insight into everything from farming tools and machinery to everyday household items used by old-timey farmers over 100 years ago.

Check out Central Point Civic Center: An attractive venue with 90000 square feet vast indoorspaces situates at heart of Tigard city within walking distance from public transport hub invites public events such us live concertsand trade shows throughout year around or other kind tournaments or exhibitions don’t miss family festivals during summer season only here you decide what is better way enjoy free time through summer days access provided with entry fee only check official website www dot centralcivicusa dot com.

All these great sights will make your trip filled with memories galore—you won't want to miss out on them when you make plans for your vacation! With so much exciting activities inland more options awaiting those who visits coast side definitely there are plenty adventures await anyone who visits beautiful town Tigard Oregon sure discover something new above places astonish locals un-expect visitors become soon loyal supporters area vibe truly one kind go ahead plan memorable family trip touristic attractions informed

What outdoor activities can I do in Tigard Oregon?

If you're looking for outdoor activities to do in or near Tigard, Oregon, you're in luck! This vibrant and diverse city has plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. Whether you enjoy the thrill of adventure or simply seek relaxation outdoors, there's something for everyone here.

One popular outdoor activity is river rafting. The nearby Tualatin River provides excellent conditions for white water rafting during normal water levels and nearby stocked streams make great fishing holes as well. So make sure to bring your gear and binoculars so that you can spot fish darting among the reeds!

Another great outdoor activity in Tigard is hiking through its many parks. There are several places throughout town where people can explore nature on trails ranging from easy strolls to difficult climbs. You even have access to beautiful views of Mt Hood while walking along some of these trails! Make sure to bring a camera; with plants like wild irises and rewarding views like lush meadows with picturesque Mt Hood views, it might be tempting not to take a photo every few steps!

If golf is your game, then Tigard has plenty of opportunities too! The area’s golf courses offer breathtaking landscapes complete with mountainside views and riverside challenges that will keep any golfer entertained for hours on end. Or perhaps try disc golf—a sport that’s similar but instead utilizes specialized frisbees instead clubs and balls played similarly like traditional courses but often located in wooded areas making them far more scenic options than standard greens and fairways. So if a forested round strikes your fancy then look no further than Tigard for some summer disc golf fun-filled afternoons!

Lastly, if biking appeals more than any other sport, River View Natural Area offers trails perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush plus those wanting gentle countryside rides. Ultimately, there's something here enrich able get outdoors just waiting ans answer the call – all only minutes away from home! Who knows? You may find a new favorite activity while discovering what this town has offer!

What events are happening in Tigard Oregon?

Fall is just around the corner, and that means that the events in Tigard, Oregon are heating up! First up is the annual Tigard Festival of Balloons, which takes place from September 13-15. This festival features a variety of fun and entertaining activities for both kids and adults alike. Highlights include tethered hot air balloon rides, live music performances, arts and crafts vendors, food trucks, kid’s area with bounce houses and more!

In addition to this big event happening in town this fall season is the Tigard Art Walk on September 28th. This annual event gives local artists an opportunity to show off their craftsmanship while visitors shop art displays set up throughout downtown Tigard. There will also be plenty of music from local bands to enjoy while you browse through artwork from all different media including painting posters, sculptures, stained glass pieces and even jewelry!

The annual Bulls-eye Brewfest takes place on October 5th in the parking lot behind Cloud 9 Burgers & Dogs. As one of the premier beer festivals around Oregon featuring over 40 breweries with samples aplenty plus food trucks, live music entertainment games like corn hole tournaments it's no wonder why people gather here every year! Plus admission is free so whether you're 21 or not there's something for everyone at this fun filled event.

Finally, there’s still time to make plans for any classic car enthusiast out there as the City of Tigard hosts its 14 th Annual Show & Shine Car Show on October 26th at Cook Park. From antique cars dating back decades ago plus new models rolling off assembly lines today it’s like one big showcase right under your fingertips where visitors can get up close look at these amazing vehicles plus take photos entries enter raffles & mingle with fellow auto enthusiasts!

So no matter if you're looking for some family friendly events or wanting to try something new there are plenty of things happening around town here in Tigard, Oregon. Just don't forget about all these upcoming Fall festivities & start making those plans now!

What entertainment options are there in Tigard Oregon?

Tigard, Oregon is a vibrant city that offers plenty of entertainment options to visitors and locals alike. From indoor arcades and bowling lanes to outdoor parks and nature trails, there is something for everyone in Tigard.

If you are looking for family friendly activities, consider visiting the Hardwick Park or one of the many picnic sites throughout the city. At Hardwick Park, kids can enjoy a playground while adults relax in the nearby gardens or volleyball court. For those who want to explore nature further, there are miles of paved walking trails located near Tigard’s various outdoor parks. Another great spot is Cooper Mountain Nature Center which includes a two mile walking trail as well as educational programs suited for all ages!

Stargazers will love exploring Tualatin Hills Nature Park where they can take advantage of dark night skies with optimal views of billions of stars free from light pollution. There’s also four premier golf courses open year-round if you’re keen on hitting the links later than most golfers!

If you are looking for more traditional forms of entertainment, head over to Big Al's Bowling Alley or Scoreboard Arcade which offer bowling lanes with bumpers and cosmic lighting plus skee ball machines! For theatre buffs seeking some culture consider catching a show at The Venetian Theatre; locals swear by their top-notch theatrical performances including classical repertoire paired alongside new playwright adaptations that never fail to impress audiences across generations!

No matter what your idea of entertainment entails – whether it's spending time indoors or outdoors – Tigard has something fun for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Main Street in Tigard known for?

Main Street in Tigard is home to the only public glass-blowing art studio in the area and several favorite restaurants and a brewery.

What are the best things to do in Tigard?

-Find a picnic table under a shady tree to enjoy lunch. -Explore the well-maintained park. -Take a kayaking or fishing trip down the Tualatin River.

Where to watch movies in Tigard?

If you're looking to catch a movie in Tigard this holiday season, there are several options available. Some of the more popular theaters in town include Regal Tigard 11, Avid Cider Co. Washington Square, DanceWell Ballroom and Tigardville Station Pub and Grill.

Is Tigard Oregon a good place to live?

Tigard is a great place to live! It has an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Tigard.

What companies are in Tigard Oregon?

Some of the major companies in Tigard are Gerber Legendary Blades, Consumer Cellular, LaCie, and Stash Tea Company.

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