What Did Dan Cody Do for Gatsby?

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Dan Cody was a self-made man who came from humble beginnings. He was born in Minnesota in 1870, the son of a blacksmith. He worked his way up the ladder, first as a prospector in the north woods, then as a railroad construction worker, and eventually becoming a successful businessman in the oil industry.

Cody was a tough and pragmatic man, but he was also a fair and generous employer. He took a shine to Jay Gatsby, a young man from a similar background, and gave him his first job in the oil business. Gatsby was smart and hardworking, and he quickly rose through the ranks of Cody's organization.

Cody was also instrumental in helping Gatsby to meet and marry Daisy Buchanan, a wealthy woman from a prominent family. Cody introduced Gatsby to Daisy's cousin, Nick Carraway, who was then able to arrange a meeting between the two.

When Cody died in 1918, he left Gatsby his entire fortune. This allowed Gatsby to move to West Egg, where he could live the life of luxury that he desired.

Without Dan Cody, it is unlikely that Jay Gatsby would have had the same level of success in life. Cody was a mentor and a friend to Gatsby, and he helped him to achieve his dreams.

How did Dan Cody's death affect Gatsby?

When Dan Cody died, Gatsby was left with nothing. He was left with no home, no money, and no one to care for him. This had a profound effect on Gatsby, and he became very depressed. He withdrew from his friends and stopped going to parties. He became obsessed with money and wealth, and he began to dream about getting even with those who had wronged him. He also became very paranoid, and he began to believe that everyone was out to get him. All of this led to Gatsby's eventual downfall.

Why was Dan Cody important to Gatsby?

Dat Cody was important to Gatsby because he was da man who introduced him to de big time. He teach Gatsby how to dress, how to talk, and how to spend money. Without Cody, Gatsby woulda never been able to pass himself off as one of da rich guys.

How did Dan Cody's life influence Gatsby's?

Dan Cody's life had a great influence on Gatsby's. Gatsby was very impressed with Cody's wealth and lifestyle. He was also very impressed with Cody's ability to command respect and admiration from others. After Cody's death, Gatsby decided that he wanted to live like Cody had - in a world of wealth and luxury. This was one of the main motivations for Gatsby's quest to become rich.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dan Cody and what is his significance in Gatsby's life?

Dan Cody is a wealthy copper mogul whom Jay Gatsby saves. In gratitude, Cody hires Gatsby as a personal assistant and introduces him to a life of wealth and luxury. Symbolically, Cody represents the lifestyle and wealth that Gatsby wants.

What happened to the Great Gatsby's money when Cody died?

When Cody died, all of his money (including what would have been Gatsby's inheritance) went to Ellen Kaye, "the newspaper woman" who was conveniently on Cody's yacht, the Tuolomee, when Cody died. As a result, Gatsby received none of this intended legacy--through some legal machinations by Kaye.

Why does Gatsby keep a portrait of Cody in his house?

The portrait of Cody may be kept in Gatsby's home as a way of representing the wealth and luxury for which Gatsby longs.

How did Tom Cody influence the Great Gatsby’s drive for wealth?

Cody’s influence on the Great Gatsby’s drive for wealth was twofold. First, by showing him the life of luxury and second, by letting him purchase the big mansion and accumulate a large fortune. Cody’s success as a personal assistant helped to show Gatsby the allure that money could have on people. This in turn inspired the Great Gatsby to become a millionaire himself.

How did the Great Gatsby meet Dan Cody?

Gatsby met him when he was seventeen - a runaway with no money and no prospects. When he saw Dan Cody's yacht drop anchor at a dangerous point in Lake Superior, Gatsby saw an opportunity to leave his old life behind and took it.

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