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Visit Hawaii and Save Big Even as Demand Soars

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Posted Feb 14, 2023

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Visit Hawaii and experience a laid-back low-stress vibe of the Hawaiian Islands. With lift travel restrictions from Expedia, many are planning their summer trips to Hawaii's major ports for domestic travelers. In order to enter Hawaii, visitors must show proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival until March 26 2022.

According to Expedia, one of the top destinations for summer travel is Hawaiis big island, with double digit-percentage increases in bookings for September 2022 compared to 2019 - outpacing pre-pandemic levels. But along with rising demand comes rising travel costs and rapid inflation making it more difficult to save money while on a Hawaiian vacation. Heres how you can visit Hawaii and still save big even as demand soars!

Visit Hawaii and Save on Airfare

Visiting Hawaii is an exciting and expensive experience. But if you've accumulated miles or transfer them from partner airlines, you can book cheap Hawaii flights to help save money on your trip. Some of the biggest airlines flying to Hawaii include Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. If you're a frequent traveler with Southwest Airlines, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass for a buy-one-get-one deal on most flights.

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Fees typically apply for one-way trips but if you’re planning on island island-hopping during your stay in Hawaii, this can be fairly convenient as well as offer flexibility when it comes to interisland deals. Most interisland availability takes place at Honolulus Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, which is usually convenient from most islands since placing Oahu in the center makes it easy to access other islands without much hassle. Interisland airfares are also relatively low compared to domestic rates so if you're married and traveling together, this can be an excellent opportunity to save some money on specific flight times.

When booking last-minute flights, always keep in mind that those will cost more even with miles involved so make sure to plan ahead if you want to realize any savings on flights when visiting Hawaii.

Exploring the Imposing Beauty of Waimea Canyon, Kauaʻi

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Waimea Canyon is a stunning sight to behold. Dubbed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", this majestic landmark stretches 10 miles long and 1 mile wide, with steep cliffs standing at a depth of 3600ft. From roadside lookouts, visitors can survey its sinuous scenic drive, with towering waterfalls, endless abysses and trails that lead hikers deep down to the canyon floor. For those willing to venture further, coastal headlands and mountaintop swamps await exploration.

Exploring Maui's Picturesque Kihei & Wailea

Maui's Kihei and Wailea provide some of the most phenomenal swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing in Hawaii. With sunny skies year round and winter whales congregating near the shore, it is no wonder why south Maui is one of the top beach destinations in the world. Snorkel cruises regularly head out from big beach, which is a superb mile-long public beach with dedicated public parking lots.

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The nearby exclusive Wailea community offers beautiful strands where visitors can take advantage of Hawaii's beach-access laws. For those looking for an adventure, there are many places to visit nearby like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visit Hawaii is always a hot destination, especially for those on a budget; explore Kihei and Wailea to find the top 7 places that make this island so special.

1. Buy Best of Hawaii

Visit Hawaii and Buy the Best of the Island!

Discover hidden discoveries, explore downtown Honolulu's hip-again Waikiki, or take a hike on the verdant Kalalau Trail - all with our trusted travel companion. With up-to-date advice on the best places to buy in Hawaii, you'll be sure to get the most out of your trip to this paradise. Don't miss out - start planning now!

2. Buy Best of Hawaii

Are you ready to explore the best of Hawaii? Whether you’re looking for a new adventure or some trusted travel companions, this guide will provide relevant up-to-date advice on the top destinations. From the hip-again Waikiki to the verdant Kalalau Trail, hidden discoveries await in Honolulu and beyond. So get ready to explore downtown Honolulu and hang with locals who know all the best spots!

Discover the Magic of Maui's Road to Hana

Experience the thrill of a white-knuckle roller-coaster ride down the Hana Highway on Maui's legendary Road to Hana. A twisting and turning journey through dense jungly valleys, skirts beneath mighty cliffs curling around 600 twists and turns, with fifty-four one-lane bridges crossing over eye-popping torrents of water. Take your time, enjoy the gentle driving and get out for a zen-like pool hike or ginger-scented trail - you'll never forget this amazing experience as you savor fresh guava along the way!

Escape To Paradise At Hanalei Bay, Kaua'i

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Hanalei Bay on Kaua'i's north shore is a paradise for beachgoers of all ages and abilities. Repeatedly voted one of the world's most beautiful beaches, its crescent-shaped bay provides ideal conditions for beginner surfers and active beachgoers alike, as well as a great spot to just relax and take in the sun. Charge massive waves or watch from the golden sands as onlookers amble along the shoreline. Surf lessons are available for those wanting to test out their skills, and when the daylight begins to fade locals and visitors alike fire up barbecue grills and crack open cold brews.

The Infamous Attack on Oʻahu's Pearl Harbor

The 1941 attack on Oʻahu's Pearl Harbor is a sobering reminder of the cost of war and a powerful attraction for veterans, tourists, and military history buffs alike. On December 7th of that year, Imperial Japan flexed its muscle against the growing United States by bombing the Pearl Harbor military bases. This 20th century battle still has a profound effect on native Hawaiians and those who visit Wai Momi nearby.

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Military history buffs will find plenty to explore in Pearl Harbor including a USS Bowfin Submarine tour and aircraft hangars featuring relics from the attack. Pacific Aviation Museum also offers insight into the events of December 7th while the Mighty Mo battleship provides an inspiring example of strength and courage before Imperial Japan formally surrendered.

Unlock Savings with Hotel Points and Free Night Certificates

Hawaii is a popular travel destination, and major hotel brands have a strong presence across the islands. Unlock savings on your stay in Hawaii by utilizing hotel points and free night certificates. As a big player in the lodging industry, Hilton has free night certificates that can easily run you about $500 for a week-long stay at one of their grandiose resorts.

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The Grand Wailea, part of the Waldorf Astoria Resort, is one such grandiose resort that you'll find on the island of Maui. With a 2000-foot-long pool complete with water slides and standard nightly room rates as high as $600 per night, utilizing Hilton credit cards or free night certificates can help you avoid these expensive hotel rates. Additionally, vacation rentals typically don't require you to pay resort fees or expensive hotel parking charges when you're traveling through Hawaii.

Utilizing some of these programs by major hotel brands like Hilton can help you unlock savings on your Hawaiian getaway. Take advantage of their free night certificates when booking your stay and avoid expensive rates at some of Hawaii's grandiose resorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has Hawaii’s travel restriction impacted travel searches?

Hawaii's travel restrictions have had a significant impact on travel searches, resulting in fewer people searching for trips to the islands and a shift in focus towards domestic travel.

Where are the best caves on Kauai?

Kauai is home to some of the most breathtaking and majestic caves in the world. The best ones include Waimea Canyon, Makauwahi Cave Reserve, Maniniholo Dry Cave, and Na Pali Coast State Park.

What is Hawaii Island known for?

Hawaii Island is known for its breathtaking beaches, stunning waterfalls, lush rainforests, volcanic landscapes and vibrant culture. Explore the "Big Island" and discover a paradise like no other!

Is Kauai a hidden gem?

Yes - Kauai is a hidden gem! With its lush tropical rainforests, stunning white-sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets, it's no wonder why so many people consider Kauai to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

What are the best beaches on Kauai?

Kauai is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, from Poipu Beach on the South Shore to Hanalei Bay on the North Shore. With miles of stunning coastline, it's no surprise that Kauai is considered one of the top beach destinations in Hawaii.

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