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Posted Sep 8, 2022

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Leaving cigarettes and shifting to vapes isn’t an easy task for smokers. Only a smoker can know the devastating feeling of borderline cigarettes and introducing something new such as disposable vape like elf bar, to their routine. The constant urge to pick up the tobacco-induced cigarette and smoke is tough to beat down.

Besides all this exhaustion, if you’re still determined to cease smoking, then you’re a hero, and we support you on your way. However, the contradicting thoughts about vaping can unbalance your steps towards wellness. We’re gathered here today to disclose the authenticity of vaping myths.

6 Vaping Myths Disclosed

Following are the six most common myths about vaping disclosed.

1. E-liquid is Just Water

E-liquid is the primary component of vaping. It is composed of VG, PG, and nicotine. If someone says that the e-liquid consists of water that the coil heats up and vaporizes, it’s a false alarm. However, the VG and Pg are addible and safe to inhale because these two components are used by the food and pharmaceutical industry.

2. Vaping Is 100% Safe

For those who are saying vaping is 100% safe. It is entirely wrong because vaping contains nicotine, which is detrimental to health in numerous ways. However, the actual concept is that vaping is safer than smoking. Because disposable vape delivers nicotine to your system by vapourization process and cigarettes deliver nicotine by the combustion process.

Moreover, cigareetes are filled with tobacco from which nicotine is derived. Not only nicotine, many other chemicals, and harmful compounds slide into our body when tobacco is burned, and its smoke is inhaled.

3. Vaping Doesn’t Help To Quit Smoking

Vaping significantly helps to put a stop to smoking in alot of ways. Majorly you can adjust the nicotine levels in your vape if you are aiming to quit your smoking habit. Suppose you are addicted to 20mg of nicotine (the maximum legal amount in the UK).

You can lower the nicotine levels weekly or monthly at a continuous and slow pace. For instance, you can buy a disposable vape with 18 mg nicotine first, then 16mg, and then slowly decreasing to 0mg ones.​

4. Vaping Is Illegal

In the UK, vaping has been legalized since 2015. However, people still judge vapers with those judgy eyes and think vapers are freaks. Some vapers still discreetly vape because of this misconception. The truth is that vaping is legal in the UK, and you can vape in all public places whenever you want. Some private places that probit vapes, but you can always ask for permission when in doubt.

5. Vaping Is Expensive Than Cigarettes

This statement is a total NO NO! Because cigarettes are far more expensive than vaping. According to statistics, an average smoker spends around 4,841.20 per year on cigarettes. However, a vape can cost as low as $387 in the UK.

However, the prices can increase if you prefer more stylish and advanced vape options. Still, the prices will be lower than cigarettes. You can see the difference between both prices, save that amount, buy a car or enjoy a vacation! If you want to buy the disposable vape then you can visit her vape shop.

6. All Vapes Contain Nicotine

The nicotine-relating questions are the most widespread in vaping world. Some people think that all vapes are associated with nicotine. However, it isn’t the whole truth. Some vapes have 0mg of nicotine that you can just enjoy the flavor and blow ghosts clouds of vapor. But, the primary reason behind vape usage is nicotine delivery; most people use vapes to eat their nicotine cravings. If you are looking for a nicotine-free vape, you can easily find it online or in stores.

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