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Reap the Rewards of United Airlines Premier Elite Status

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Posted Feb 6, 2023

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Are you a United Airlines Loyalist or a travel credit card novice? Have you ever wanted to attain Elite Status with United Airlines and reap the rewards? If so, then United Airlines Premier Elite Status is the program for you!

United Airlines' Premier Elite Status program, called MileagePlus Premier, consists of eight elite tiers. The tiers include United Premier Silver, United Premier Gold, United Premier Platinum, and finally-United Premier 1K. With each tier comes certain benefits such as free upgrades, extra baggage allowance, lounge access and more. The higher the status attained, the more rewards passengers will receive.

Attaining United Airlines' Elite Status can be done by being a frequent flyer on United or one of their Star Alliance partner airlines. However, it's not limited to that; earning points from using a travel credit card or even shopping at stores through the rewards program that United made can also help passengers earn status with them.

Unlock the Benefits of United Premier Status

United Premier Status is United Airlines' elite status program tied to the amount of spending you've done with the airline and on their United-branded credit cards. Your eligibility for this status is determined based on a number of factors including your initial fare class and the spending you've done. A major factor in securing Premier Status is often how much you are willing to spend, but it also depends on other factors such as your destination and upgrade priority. This can be a great way to access exclusive benefits like free checked bags, waived fees, access to United Club Lounges, and priority upgrades.

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Earning Premier Status with United Airlines can be incredibly beneficial; however, getting an upgrade depends on several factors including your current tier level, fare class of purchase, availability at time of check-in, and the overall demand for the flight. When traveling with United Airlines, make sure you check if you're eligible for any upgrades due to your Premier Status so that you can get the best experience possible during your journey!

Unlock the Perks of United Elite Status: A Recap

United Airlines Premier Elite Status is the top tier of United's loyalty program. It provides a variety of benefits and services to loyalists, allowing them to significantly upgrade their flying experience. To help its loyalists impacted by coronavirus-related travel bans, United initiated a reduced requirements policy in order to achieve elite status more easily.

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These perks provided by United to its elite status holders include priority access at airports, exclusive access to lounges, complimentary upgrades and more. Home airport aiming is also one of the services that United offers; members may be able to get an upgrade or receive special treatment while flying out of their home airport. Recently, United has even offered its loyalists a status match when they join other airlines loyalty programs. With all these impressive perks and services, it's no wonder why so many people are striving for United Elite Status.

How to maximize your rewards

Maximizing your rewards with United Airlines Premier Elite Status is easy with the right travel credit card. Prioritizing what's important to you, such as an annual fee or bonus rewards, can help you get the most out of your card. With a flat-rate travel rewards credit card like Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you can earn two miles per dollar spent on all purchases and enjoy luxury perks like flexible point transfers to airlines like United Airlines through 2023, including United Airlines Premier Elite Status. With a bank-issued travel credit card like the American Express® Gold Card, you can also get up to four times in bonus travel rewards points and other perks like airline status credits.

United's Elite Status Impacts Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has been a real game-changer for United Airlines' Premier Elite status. Before the coronavirus began, Premier Elite status was on a meteoric rise. However, when the pandemic hit, that rise suddenly crashed into a brick wall of restrictions. A thick layer of dust has since been atop all airline benefits you've worked so hard to achieve with United.

But don't worry - great news is here! In addition to continuing to attain United's Premier Elite status through cutting back on purchasing flights and everyday spending, United Airlines has also announced an extension of their credit cards program - up until December 31 2020, United will extend the Premier Qualifying Points you'll earn from their credit cards.

Previously stated, if you are already a United Premier Platinum holder (the highest status), or a United 1K member, then your PointsPlus program will also be extended for six months past January 31 2021 - meaning any points set between now and then will still count towards your elite status come January 31 2022! This means it's even more achievable to earn Premier Qualifying points with your credit card spending and reach those heights of elite statuses once again!

Premier elite status tier benefits with United Airlines

Holding elite status with United Airlines offers many benefits. The airline's premier silver status includes priority check-in, security and complimentary same-day flight change for full-fare tickets. Additionally, members receive one free checked bag and complimentary domestic upgrades on select flights.

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United Airlines Premier Gold status adds two free checked bags and additional complementary domestic upgrades 48 hours before departure, as well as 40 pluspoints per dollar spent on fares. With Premier Platinum status, members get three free checked bags, further advanced complimentary domestic upgrades 72 hours prior to departure, and 80 pluspoints per dollar spent on standard fares for short-haul flights including Latin America and Asia Economy bookings. For long-haul flights in economy or premium business class, members can receive 30 pluspoints per dollar spent respectively.

Finally, the airline's top tier of membership - Premier 1K - adds even more benefits such as four free checked bags, continued PQP earning when cancelling award tickets even when offering international upgrades or points instead of cash for United Airlines flights and select partners including Copa Airlines and Lufthansa (capacity controlled), as well as complimentary Clear membership. Lower tiers offer complimentary domestic upgrades 96 hours prior to departure as well as a free drink in United Airlines main cabin plus 280 pluspoints per dollar spent on fares with additional pluspoints earned when booking in higher fare classes.

Reaching the Elite: Achieving United Airlines Status

Reaching Elite Status with United Airlines is a great way for frequent flyers to elevate their travel experience. There are four United Airlines Premier Elite status levels and each has different requirements to obtain and maintain it.

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United Premier Silver status requires 12 Premier Qualifying Flights (PQFs) or 4000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) in a calendar year, while the higher level United Premier Gold requires 24 PQFs or 8000 PQPs. The ultimate level of Elite Status is United Premier Platinum, which requires 36 PQFs or 12000 PQPs in a calendar year. The highest Elite Status that can be reached is called United Premier 1K, which requires 54 PQFs or 18000 PQPs within the same period.

For those interested in reaching elite status with United Airlines, there are many benefits available at all levels including complimentary upgrades, priority check-in, extra baggage allowance and lounge access. Additionally, those who reach the top tier of elite status such as Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite will receive even more rewards. So start planning your trips now to begin your journey towards achieving one of the most sought-after honors in air travel!

Earn PQFs and PQPs

Earning PQFs and PQPs with United Airlines Premier Elite status is a great way to get rewarded for your airfare purchases. Every dollar spent on eligible United Airfare purchases, including taxes, fees, and select United purchases earns 1 PQF per flight segment. This includes award tickets paid with partner flights and upgrades as well as Preferred Seating, Paid Upgrades, and other discounted fares. You'll earn 1 PQP for every dollar spent on eligible partner flights (not including Basic Economy) that aren't booked through United or United Express. The flight is divided by the number of miles flown and the total number of United Miles earned, allowing you to earn PQPs from partner airlines too! You can even divide and collect PQPs from Preferred Partners by booking through Million Mile Secrets. Additionally, you can earn additional 1,000 PQPs each year when you use a co-branded United Airlines Rewards credit card or a United Club Business Card – depending on the card details specific to your card issuer.

Gain Premier Status with United - An Easy Status Match Guide

Gaining Premier Status with United Airlines is easier than it sounds. With the right tips and tricks, you can easily become an elite member of the airline's loyalty program. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to use a status match challenge to gain United Silver or Gold Elite status in record time.

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A status match challenge is a form of promotion provided by United Airlines where they will offer travelers a status match if they have already achieved elite status with another airline. To qualify for the challenge, customers must provide proof of their current elite status and submit flight information showing six flights operated by United Express within a specific time frame. Once the customer has completed all of these steps, they will receive an email confirming their upgraded status with United Airlines.

Once approved, customers can enjoy all the perks associated with Premier Elite Status such as exclusive access to airport lounges, complimentary upgrades on flights, priority boarding and more. With a successful status match challenge, travelers can easily reach Silver or Gold Elite Status with United Airlines – no matter where they currently stand in terms of their elite flying experience!

1. What do you get when status matching with United Airlines?

When status matching with United Airlines, you will receive a Platinum Elite status level. This means that if you have Delta Platinum, you'll receive 20 PlusPoints for every PQF Threshold met. Once you've accrued a total of 40 PlusPoints, you'll be eligible for United Platinum Elite Status. With Platinum Elite Status, 18 PQF are required to maintain the status and each customer receives 6000 PQP. Those who want to upgrade to higher levels, such as 75000 PQP or above, need to fly with both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

2. What is the process for applying for status matching with United Airlines?

Are you looking to receive United Airlines Premier Elite Status? The process of applying for status matching with United Airlines is simple, yet requires attention to detail.

To begin, fill out the complete Uniteds status match form and email it to United with an updated mileage summary and a copy of your recent membership card from another airline frequent flyer program. Be sure to include your expiration date, current elite status, preferred start date (within 30 days of current date), and if you would like the status match retroactively applied.

Once United has received your information they will review it within 14 business days and provide an update on the status of your application.

Gain Insight into United Status Tiers

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United Airlines offers four levels of elite status: Silver, Gold, Platinum and the highest level, 1K. Each tier offers different benefits that can help you gain access to upgrades, priority booking, additional baggage allowance and more. By understanding each tier's unique features, you can maximize your rewards and make your next travel experience even better.

1. United Premier Silver

United Airlines Premier Silver Elite status is an exclusive club that provides travelers with a higher level of service and benefits. For those who attain this elite status, they can expect benefits such as complimentary premier upgrades, bonus miles earned for flight 7 and upgrade eligibility for eligible flights. To achieve this elite status, travelers must meet the required number of years (12 PQF), 4000 PQP or 5000 PQP by 2024. This year has seen these requirements reduced due to the pandemic, with 8 pqf being sufficient for entry and only 3000 PQP or 3500 PQP needed to retain the status. With so many incentives, United Airlines Premier Silver Elite could make travel more rewarding than ever before!

2. United Premier Gold

United Airlines' Premier Elite status is a valuable perk for frequent fliers, offering 24 years of PQF, 8000 PQP, and 10,000 PQP. This year, due to the pandemic, they have reduced their requirements to 16 PQF and will award up to 6000 PQP. This means more bonus miles earned with every flight and upgrade eligibility eligible for complimentary Premier Upgrades. The benefits include complimentary access to Star Alliance Gold Status with its superior perks such as 8 complimentary upgrades and other benefits.

3. United Premier Platinum

United Airlines Premier Elite Status offers travelers the highest tier of Premier membership. It includes a variety of benefits such as complimentary access to United Club lounges, complimentary Premier Upgrades, bonus miles earned on flights, upgrade eligibility and more. This status is achieved by earning 36 PQF (Premier Qualifying Flight) or 12000 PQP (Premier Qualifying Points) within a calendar year.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, United has temporarily reduced the requirements for achieving Premier Elite Status through 2024 - members can now achieve this elite tier with just 24 PQF or 9000-10000 PQP. Additionally, members get 40+ points when they use their miles for upgrades or PlusPoints for extra benefits such as complimentary lounge access and discounted upgrades.

4. United Premier 1K

United Airlines Premier Elite Status 1K is a great option for frequent flyers. For years, 54 PQF or 18000 PQP was all you needed to reach this level. However, in 2024, United reduced the requirements due to the pandemic to 36 PQF or 13500 PQP and 15000 PQP respectively. With this level of status you will earn bonus miles when you fly with United 11 times or more, have upgrade eligibility, be eligible for complimentary premier upgrades, receive complimentary access to 280+ benefits including preboarding pluspoints, and a free drink on your flight!

5. United Global Services (invitation only)

Are you looking to gain access to the invitation-only elite level called United Global Services? This coveted status level of United Airlines offers a significant amount of perks to those who qualify. In order to receive this premier 1K level, you must meet certain qualification requirements. As a member, you will receive privileges including priority check-in, security and boarding, upgrades on flights, and more. United Global Services is the highest status level with the most benefits; it's no wonder that many frequent flyers strive for this exclusive invitation-only membership.

Premier elite status tier benefits with partner airlines

United Airlines' Premier Elite status offers customers a range of benefits when flying with partner airlines. United MileagePlus offers equivalent Elite Status tiers, allowing customers to enjoy the same privileges and rewards on Star Alliance carriers.

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At the lowest tier, Premier Silver Status offers Star Alliance Silver, which brings benefits such as priority waitlisting and seat selection at a number of Star Alliance airlines, including Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, Avianca Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines Croatia Airlines Egyptair Ethiopian EVA Air LOT Polish Airlines Lufthansa SAS Shenzhen Airlines Singapore Airlines South African Airways Swiss TAP Air Portugal Thai Turkish Airlines.

At higher tiers, Premier Gold Status adds additional benefits including business class lounge access worldwide, plus additional baggage allowance on any alliance airline and priority check-in security and boarding. Customers also benefit from priority baggage handling at many airports around the world.

Uncovering the Expiry Date for United Status

If you're a frequent traveler, you know that having elite status with an airline can make a huge difference in your experience. With United Airlines Premier Elite status, travelers receive perks such as priority boarding, additional miles and discounts on services like checked baggage. Knowing the expiration date for this status is important to ensure you get the most out of it.

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The expiration date for Premier Elite status depends on when you achieve it in the year. To maintain Premier Elite status after January 31, travelers must meet their PQP requirements over a 12-month period using the airline points tool. Those who do not reach their required PQP levels by that date will automatically be reclassified to another status level. Understanding how long your Premier Elite status will last can help you make the most of your airline benefits and rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does United Airlines match elite tiers to Premier Platinum?

Yes, United Airlines does match Elite tiers to Premier Platinum status. To find out more about the program requirements and benefits offered, please visit the United website.

Can I earn award miles on United Airlines?

Yes, you can earn award miles on United Airlines! By signing up for MileagePlus®, United's loyalty program, you can start earning rewards for your flights with United and our airline partners. Learn more about earning and redeeming miles here.

What is United MileagePlus?

United MileagePlus is United Airlines' loyalty rewards program that allows you to earn miles for travel and then redeem them for flights, merchandise and more. Start earning miles today and experience the benefits of membership!

How many flights do I need to qualify for Premier status?

To qualify for Premier status, you need to fly at least 12 qualifying one-way flights or earn 25,000 qualifying miles within a calendar year. Learn more about earning and maintaining Premier status here.

What are the new requirements to earn United elite status?

United's new elite status requirements are simple: fly at least 75 qualifying flights or earn 120,000 Elite Qualifying Miles/Points in a calendar year to qualify for Premier®1K℠ status. Learn more about United's other Elite status tiers and their respective requirements here.

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