Why Late Checkout Is an Underrated Marriott Elite Status Perk

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If you are a frequent traveler, you are probably familiar with the various hotel brands that offer late checkout as one of their elite perks. However, if you haven't yet experienced the guaranteed 4 pm Marriott late checkout, it's time to consider upgrading your loyalty status. Marriott hotels provide a unique opportunity for elite members to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free stay by allowing them to check out later than usual.

To qualify for this perk, you need to spend at least 20 hotel nights per year or hold one of the Marriott credit cards. With such effortless qualification criteria, why not take advantage of this fantastic offer and extend your stay at no extra cost? But how exactly does the Marriott late checkout work, and why is it an underrated perk among other hotel elite perks?

In this article, we'll delve into the details of why the Marriott late checkout is worth taking advantage of and how it can help make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned Marriott traveler or someone new to their loyalty program, keep reading to discover why this perk should be on your radar for your next trip.

When Marriott late checkout can really help

Late checkout can be a game-changer for many travelers. Families can enjoy the hotel pool and avoid spending an extra day driving home. For intercontinental travelers, late checkout can mean sleeping longer before catching their evening flight home.

Those on the West Coast who depart late in the evening similarly find value in late checkout, as do those returning from Southern South America on typically red-eye flights departing late at night. In any case, late checkout means more time to relax in a comfortable bed before hitting the road or heading to the airport.

Join Marriott Bonvoy and enjoy the benefits of complimentary late checkout whenever available. It's just one of many perks that make traveling with Marriott a breeze, whether you're jet-setting across the globe or exploring your own backyard.

Discover Hotels That Extend Your Stay with Late Checkouts

Late checkout is one of the established ways that most major hotel chains reward their loyal customers. Marriott late checkout policy offers guests additional hours to enjoy their stay without having to worry about leaving early. As a member of Marriott Bonvoy, you can earn late checkout by simply requesting it during your stay, making it a perfect option for those who want to relax and make the most out of their vacation.

1. Marriott

Marriott is one of the major hotel chains that encompasses 31 unique brands. One of the perks that Marriott offers to its elite status members is a late checkout. The generous late-checkout policy varies based on the member's level, with silver elite status priority list late checkout based on availability and gold elite status 2pm late checkout based on availability.

However, for higher elite status members such as platinum, titanium, and ambassador elite status tiers, Marriott provides a guarantee 4pm late checkout option. This is a neat option called Your24 that allows these premium elite status members to handily enjoy multiple times throughout their stay to maintain their highest level of comfort. Furthermore, Marriott's credit cards like Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card and Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card also offer automatic elite status and provided lots of benefits including guaranteeing late checkouts for its cardholders.

2. Hyatt

Hyatt hotels also offer late checkout options for their guests. Elite status members, such as Discoverist and Explorist, can enjoy a 2pm late checkout subject to availability. Globalist members even have the luxury of a 4pm late checkout subject to availability.

If you're not an elite member, don't worry - there are still ways to snag that coveted late checkout time. Having a Hyatt credit card can earn you automatic Discoverist elite status, which includes the 2pm late checkout perk. Additionally, booking certain Hyatt categories 1-4 with points or using a free night from your cardholder anniversary can also grant you this benefit. And if all else fails, try requesting late checkout through the mobile app or at check-in on your arrival date or even during your existing reservation. Just be aware that some hotels may charge an additional fee for this service.

3. Hilton

Hilton hotels generally offer late checkout to their guests, but the exact time may vary depending on the individual hotel's policies. Their hands-off approach means that late checkout requests are often handled by the front desk and collected independently from brand late checkout guarantees. Hilton members, including those at the base member tier, can receive a guaranteed late checkout benefit depending on their elite status level. Higher elite status levels and certain credit cards, such as the Hilton Honors American Express Card or Hilton Honors Aspire Card, may also offer automatic Hilton elite status with additional late checkout benefits. However, it's important to note that each hotel handles requests on a case-by-case basis and some may have an ambiguous late-checkout policy.

4. IHG

IHG stands for Intercontinental Hotels Group, a multinational hospitality company that offers late checkout to its elite status members. The IHG loyalty program has several tier levels, including base members, gold tier, platinum elite status, and spire elite status. Depending on the individual hotel or specific hotel location, gold elite members are subject to 2pm late checkout, while platinum and spire elite members can enjoy guaranteed 4pm late checkout.

Maintaining platinum elite status requires staying at eligible IHG hotels worldwide for a certain number of hotel stays each year. In addition to 2pm late checkout, platinum elite members receive a free night every account anniversary year and other exclusive benefits at Intercontinental hotels. Intercontinental Ambassador members also enjoy guaranteed 4pm late checkout and other perks like ambassador membership at IHG hotels meaning they get an even higher elite status tier for their hotel stays every year afterward.

5. Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham Hotels offer late checkout to its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Elite Status members. The exact time that you can check out varies depending on the individual hotel location, but it's typically around 2 pm. To qualify for these late-checkout benefits, you'll need to be a member of their rewards program and have achieved one of these elite status levels.

If you're not yet a Wyndham Rewards member, it's easy to sign up for free online. They also offer credit cards with perks like automatic Gold Status and an annual fee waiver for Platinum Elite Status. With over 20 Wyndham Hotel brands to choose from, including popular ones like Days Inn and Super 8, there are plenty of options for your next vacation or business trip.

6. Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection

The Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection is a program similar to the AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts program, but for Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders. This program allows you to book hotels all over the world with VIP perks like automatic room upgrades, best-rate guarantees, and complimentary in-room Wi-Fi. You can also receive complimentary breakfast or beverage credits during your stay.

One of the most sought-after benefits of this program is the late checkout option. While Visa Signature hotels don't guarantee late checkout, it's a perk that many hotel staff will make happen if they can. With VIP guest status from your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card, you have a better chance of securing a late checkout time that works for you. So if you're looking to extend your vacation just a little bit longer, consider using your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card to book through the Luxury Hotel Collection program.

Unlocking the Secret to Becoming a Marriott Elite Member

Are you looking to attain elite status with Marriott Bonvoy? It's easier than you think! Simply staying at a Marriott property can earn you points towards silver, gold, or platinum elite status. With each level, comes added perks such as late checkout and complimentary room upgrades.

Woman in Gray Blazer Sitting by the Table

But did you know that there are other ways to achieve elite status? By holding one of the Marriott co-branded cards or American Express cards, cardmembers can receive automatic silver or gold elite status. For those who hold the American Express Platinum Card, they may even be eligible for platinum elite status. However, it's important to read the fine print as Amex cardmember benefits terms apply.

Not only do hotel credit cards offer elite status benefits, but they also provide additional perks such as free nights and bonus points. So why not take advantage of these offers and elevate your Marriott experience? Remember, becoming an elite member is just a few stays away or simply by holding one of these coveted cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you check out at a hotel?

Typically, hotel check-out time is 11:00 AM. However, it may vary depending on the hotel's policy or if you arrange a late check-out with the front desk.

What is the check out policy at a hotel?

The check out policy at a hotel typically requires guests to vacate their rooms by a specific time, usually between 10am-12pm. Late check outs may be available for an additional fee, and guests may be required to settle any outstanding charges before leaving.

Does Hilton offer late checkout?

Yes, Hilton offers late checkout. However, the availability and fees for late checkout may vary depending on the hotel's policies and room availability. It is recommended to contact the specific Hilton hotel directly to inquire about their late checkout options.

How much is a late check-out at a hotel?

Late check-out fees at hotels vary depending on the hotel's policies and availability. It is best to contact the specific hotel directly for more information.

What is late check-out?

Late check-out is a service offered by hotels that allows guests to stay in their room beyond the standard check-out time, typically for an additional fee. This can be useful for travelers with later flights or those who want to enjoy a few extra hours of relaxation before leaving.

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