How Long Is a Flight from Baltimore to Orlando?

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When considering a flight from Baltimore to Orlando, it's important to look at the various options available. Depending on the type of aircraft you choose, and whether you're looking for a non-stop or connecting flight, your journey could range anywhere from 2 hours 55 minutes to around 5 hours 15 minutes.

The fastest and most popular option is typically a non-stop direct flight on a larger 737 airliner, flying between Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and Orlando International (MCO). On average this type of flight takes about two hours and fifty five minutes. Non-stop flights departing between approximately 7 am - 8 pm can usually be found for around $189.00 USD depending on the day and time of year that you are traveling.

Alternatively if you are in search of a cheaper fare, it may be more suitable to fly from BWI to nearby airports such as Miami International (MIA), Ft Lauderdale - Hollywood Intl. (FLL), Sarasota Bradenton Intl.(SRQ) or Tampa Intl (TPA). Depending on where exactly your destination lies in relation to any one of these airports your total time in transit may take anywhere form 4:30 - 5:15 hours with fares often ranging starting at under $150 US dollars!

To get an exact idea of prices, times and airlines providing service between Baltimore and Orlando simply do an online search using any trusted travel website such as Kayak or Expedia! You'll then be able see the various options right away so that can make an informed decision based upon your own needs for this particular trip!

What is the average flight time from Baltimore to Orlando?

We all know that the struggle of getting from one place to another by air can be a tedious task. Afterall, who doesn’t want smoother and quicker air travel? Well, fortunately for those planning a trip from Baltimore to Orlando - you’re in luck! On average, it usually takes around 2 hours and 13 minutes to make the journey between these two points of interest.

By leaving BWI Airport at 17:15 p.m., travelers will usually arrive at MCO Airport (Orlando International) around 19:28 p.m., making this an ideal journey for anyone hoping to get away for the weekend! Flights typically fly on Thursdays with one stop in cities such as Ft Lauderdale or Charlotte Douglas before then final destination of Orlando is reached. Depending on availability and demand, direct flights add additional flight times ranging between an hour and twenty minutes up to two hours - making this an efficient route.

Additionally most airlines have competitive fares but when booking more than three weeks in advance better prices can be found depending on departure day – so it pays off to do your due diligence here! Busy holidays often inflate prices considerably but luckily if you plan your dates carefully you can still enjoy savings while flying with greater comfort with less stops like Direct Flights providing great value options overall! And watching evening skies is just gorgeous bonus that comes along with this route :)

How many kilometers is the flight from Baltimore to Orlando?

Take to the skies; it's time to explore!

Have you ever wanted to make your way from Baltimore, Maryland all the way down to Orlando, Florida? If so, you may be wondering how long of a journey it will take by plane. The good news is that your flight from Baltimore to Orlando is only about 861 kilometers, or 534 miles!

Depending on which airline you choose and the type of plane being used for the flight, this journey should take approximately two hours and eight minutes in total. However, please keep in mind that these figures vary based on weather conditions and other variables. It is important that you check in advance for any potential delays or issues with your scheduled flight before making any arrangements.

Upon arriving at either of these two airports -Thurgood Marshall-Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) or Orlando International Airport (MCO) - adventure awaits! With several fun activities available in both cities as well as nearby attractions such as Disney World in Orlando and Baltimore's Inner Harbor district nearby too; there will be plenty of things to experience regardless of which direction your travels take you. So go ahead and book your ticket today; a memorable voyage awaits!

What is the fuel consumption of a flight from Baltimore to Orlando?

Air travel is a popular and efficient method of transportation, but it can consume a lot of fuel depending on the length and type of flight. In particular, the fuel consumption of a flight from Baltimore to Orlando can vary greatly depending on aircraft types and other factors.

For nonstop flights between Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) and Orlando International Airport (MCO), the average distance is about 1025 miles. With regular take-off/landing conditions, most twin-engine airliners used for short haul flights will consume approximately 1000 gallons of jet fuel per hour with an average passenger capacity load.

This would mean that the total fuel consumption for this route would be approximately 1230 gallons (1025 miles / 843 mph = 1.21 hours x 1000 gallons per hour = 1230). Of course, this number could change depending on weather conditions or other factors affecting flight speed or payload so it's important to account for these variables when estimating any long haul flight's emission levels as well as total fuel usage.

It also has to be noted that newer planes are increasingly more efficient than their older counterparts in terms of fuel efficiency; The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is equipped with more aerodynamic features enabling faster cruise speeds, consumes up to 20% less jetfuel per mile than similarly sized aircraft such as Boeing’s 767 aircraft resulting in even lower emissions and noticeably higher overall performance levels when flying long distances such as between BWI - MCO.

What type of aircraft typically flies from Baltimore to Orlando?

If you’re looking to travel from Baltimore to Orlando for a getaway, you have quite a few options in terms of types of aircraft. Most often, passengers flying from Baltimore to Orlando will fly aboard Boeing 737-800 and similar aircrafts. These models are some of the most popular commercial airliners in the world, and they tend to be roomy, rugged and reliable.

Airlines such as American Airlines also offer flights on Embraer 190 variants which are a mid-sized option that tends to be more fuel-efficient than larger counterparts like the Boeing 737. Allegiant Air is known for its onboard amenities that include Wi-Fi and multiple screen video players at each seat – this is something great for families or people who enjoy watching new releases during long trips.

Finally, no matter what type of aircraft you choose when traveling from Baltimore to Orlando, it’s natural for there to be some turbulence along the way (especially if you fly over land). To make sure your trip is as smooth as possible – regardless of what kind of plane it may be – try keeping an eye out on the weather forecast days prior so you can prepare accordingly!

What is the cost of a round trip flight from Baltimore to Orlando?

Getting an answer to the question “what is the cost of a round trip flight from Baltimore to Orlando?” often depends on a few factors such as your travel dates, day of week, type of plane ticket (basic or premium) and how early you book.

Generally speaking, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 - $400 for a round trip flight from Baltimore-Washington Airport in Maryland to Orlando International Airport in Florida. Although low-cost carriers like Frontier and Spirit sometimes offer promotional fares that may be even lower than this figure. During peak summer months when flights are highest in demand, however, it’s more likely you will be paying towards the upper end of this price range. All these prices tend to vary slightly depending on which airline you choose and when you book your ticket but these numbers should give you a rough idea of what to expect for standard costs.

Keep in mind too that taxes and fees are generally not included in advertised ticket pricing and can significantly add up at checkout so be sure familiarize yourself with any additional costs associated with your final purchase before booking flights directly online or through commercial travel agents or websites such as Expedia or By leaving some wiggle room speed wise & being flexible with travel dates also allows travelers greater potential opportunity exploit discounted fares while searching online & construing current promotions offered by airlines within price comparison windows as well – adding further potential savings along the way!

How many airline carriers fly from Baltimore to Orlando?

If you’re planning a trip from Baltimore to Orlando, then you’re in luck - there are currently six different airline carriers available to get you from the Charm City to The Sunshine State. From budget-friendly options that offer great discounts for booking off-peak dates or bundles, to premier carriers offering luxury perks and amenities – your options for flying between Baltimore and Orlando are abundant!

The first option is Southwest Airlines, with daily direct flights between Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) and the Orlando International Airport (MCO). They offer two morning departures on weekdays and one departure in the evening. Some of Southwest's onboard amenities include free snack offerings, complimentary drinks, pillows (on select flights), power outlets on every seatback and Wi-Fi service at an additional cost.

Coming in second is American Airlines which also flies directly from BWI to MCO daily. Departure times vary depending on flight times but American Airlines offers food for purchase as well as DirecTV programming during their flights. You can also take advantage of their entertainment streaming app which includes movies and TV shows for no extra cost at all! Lastly they even have Personal Device Entertainment - where passengers can watch what they want from their own device without need of Wi-Fi connection – bonus!

Third up is Delta Air Lines – one could consider this carrier a ‘High End’ provider; boasting interior cabins with individual screens showing movie selections, interactive gaming systems as well as sound reduction headphones to ensure a comfortable travel experience free of interruption by loud neighbors or turbulence! Not only that but Delta also offers complimentary beverages including beer & wine plus snacks such as pretzels & chips…so if you’re looking for premium service this would be your airline of choice!

JetBlue Airways has been providing affordable direct services since 2009 out BWI airport with some dazzling extras when it comes time to fly high. Their Mint Class customers enjoy lie flat seats complete with acacia wood tables & plush cashmere blankets allowing for optimum level comfort almost feels like being at home again...but in the sky stress free style - if course JetBlue also have snacks available in all cabins plus charging ports making sure phones & tablets stay charged up throughout the journey.

Fourthly we have United Airlines who continues its legacy since 1926 connecting destinations worldwide including taking travelers conveniently between Baltimore/Washington & Orlando offering scheduled services starting around 4PM each day during peak season travelling months – ideal for those that prefer late night or early morning check ins back home via this route…and snacking wise..they always offer complimentary something good whenever traveling United too so keep your eyes peeled inflight… Last but certainly not least (IF there were a last) Frontier Airlines provides great value with its low fare select packages catering especially favorably towards large families scanning flight prices trying hard not overwhelm holiday budgets....Onboard Experience wise…. All seating will feature TV shows ranging across sci fi fantasy lifestyle anime RnB drama reality sports + more….plus donuts cookies crisps nuts freshly prepared sandwiches chilled yoghurts smoothies etcetera served throughout so never any anxiety concerning staying happy full fueled during takeoff/landing too :-) So however way looking fly when going oh Florida way......theres likely bargain just waiting find first come better served ^_^

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aircraft fuel consumption?

Aircraft fuel consumption is the measure of how much fuel has been used by an aircraft in one particular flight. Aircraft fuel consumption excludes reserves processes such as line replacement, so it reflects only what has actually been burnt.

How much fuel does it cost to fly a plane?

The fuel cost of flying a plane is usually around 3 to 4 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers. This makes fuel the #1 cost for an airline (representing around 30% of total costs).

What is the best fuel efficiency for medium haul flights?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the specific flight characteristics and objectives. However, a widebody jet with a seat capacity of 350 would generally be expected to have a better fuel efficiency than an airline flying the same type of aircraft with 200 seats.

How much fuel does it take to fly a 747?

It takes about 4.19 barrels of oil to fly a 747, or 187,200 liters.

What is the specific fuel consumption of an airplane?

The specific fuel consumption is an engine characteristic and is assumed to be constant for all flight conditions even though it is a function of the airspeed, throttle setting, and altitude. The tsfc is less affected by the altitude than is the thrust.

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