How Far Is Universal Studios from Burbank Airport?

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If you’re a traveller looking to make the most of your time in the Los Angeles area, you may find yourself asking, “How far is Universal Studios from Burbank Airport?” The good news is that there’s a very short and convenient route between these two popular destinations!

Universal Studios is located just 11 miles southeast of Burbank Airport – roughly 20 minutes by car, without factoring in traffic. You can reach Universal Studios via I-5 South and CA-134 East; it often helps to plug these directions into your smart phone or GPS system ahead of time.

It's also possible to take public transportation between Burbank Airport and Universal Studios with relative ease. If you're only traveling with carry-on bags, consider taking the Metro Bus Line 150/156 toward Downtown L.A./Union Station at its stop outside gate 4 at the airport; this line drops off within walking distance to Universal City Station if you disembark on Lankershim Boulevard or North Hollywood Station on Lankershim Boulevard near Magnolia Boulevard — both great options for hopping aboard Metro Red Line subway towards Universal Studios Hollywood Station just 15 minutes away from your final destination!

Finally, if arranged in advance – taxis and rideshare drivers like Uber or Lyft usually provide quick transportation services for travellers who don't have time for public transport including travel time estimates allowing travelers enough leeway as per their timelines.

All things considered if convenience is your ultimate goal when travelling from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios, then ride share apps provide a reliable way of hitting the road directly after leaving the airport. With this method — such as using UberXL which starts around $15 - $20 dollars depending on traffic conditions— it should take no more than 20 - 25 minutes ($23 - 30) minutes during peak hours assuming no delays due to events happening within & around airports vicinity

How long does it take to drive from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If you're planning a trip to Los Angeles, chances are you're planning on visiting Universal Studios. And if you'll be flying into Burbank Airport, you might also need to know how long it takes to drive from the airport to the theme park.

Luckily, the short answer is that it depends! Depending on traffic and other factors, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or more. To give a good baseline though: the driving distance from Burbank Airport (BUR) to Universal Studios is approximately 10 miles and should take about 20-25 minutes without any delays due to traffic or construction. It's easy enough to access Universal Studios directly off of California State Route 170 from either direction heading southbound towards Hollywood Boulevard West/Universal Center Drive.

Of course, if traffic is heavy or there are other unexpected delays caused by road work or a fender bender in front of you, then your drive may end up being much longer than expected! Plan ahead for this possibility by building in some extra time for travel before your scheduled arrival at Universal Studios.

In general though, if you plan on driving solo (or with an Uber or Lyft driver), taking the most direct route should get you there in roughly 20-25 minutes depending on how during peak times where there was rush hour congestion with other drivers vying for their own exit offs onto surface streets near pop culture empire center like Hollywood Boulevard West/Universal Center Drive as well as perhaps Sunset Boulevard just east of Vine Street!!

Is there public transportation available to get from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If you’re planning a day trip from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios in California, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy and convenient to access public transportation from the airport to the destination. The perfect way to make your journey is via Metro Bus Line 155 which operates daily between Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and Universal Studios Hollywood.

The buses stop at two separate Metro stops located just outside the airport terminal so it’s easy to locate them upon arrival. Once on board, take the bus directly all the way through Hollywood, where it will drop you off right at Universal City Station, which is within walking distance of Universal Studios. The ride takes around 40 minutes in total and a single fare currently costs US$1.75 per person one-way – meaning that this really can be an economical yet comfortable form of transportation!

Overall, public transportation from Burbank Airport to Universal City is an effortless way for visitors wanting an enjoyable experience during their holiday travels – plus it eliminates the need for taxis or expensive shuttles! Make sure you plan ahead and buy tickets for rides either individually or as part of a package before leaving home in order make your trek even smoother than before when exploring this busy city!

How many miles is it from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If you’re planning a trip from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios, you only have about six miles of travel ahead of you. From the Bob Hope Airport (IATA: BUR) the quickest way to get to Universal City is via North Hollywood Way, which takes around ten minutes depending on traffic.

If you’re traveling from Terminal A at the Bob Hope Airport, head Northeast toward Honolul Street and take a right onto Empire Avenue. Then merge onto N Hollywood Way and take a left onto Lankershim Boulevard onto US-101 South. Take exit 11B for Lankershim Boulevard/Barranca Street toward studios/hospitals and continue on Barrenca until it merges into Olive Avenue passing beneath I-5 and Kingswell Avenue until its terminates at Cahuenga Blvd in front of the kiosks leading in to Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

With stoplights, regular rush hour traffic jams likely lurking nearby on I-5 or Highway 101 and pedestrians walking everywhere around Los Angeles, it takes more time than expected for a simple 6 mile journey so getting an early start is key if possible! So brush up your best driving skills – plan ahead - and be sure to set aside plenty of extra time for this short but snarly drive en route to Universal City!

What is the quickest route from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If an exciting visit to Universal Studios is on your agenda, you’ll want to get there as fast as possible! The quickest route from Burbank Airport (BUR) to Universal Studios in Hollywood is a short journey of only seven miles. Let’s take a look at the most efficient route:

Start by heading northeast toward N Lake St and use the left two lanes to turn slightly left onto W Empire Ave. From there, take the ramp onto I-5 S and follow until you reach exit 140B for US-101 S/Ventura Freeway. Continue on US- 101 S, following signs for Hollywood/Downtown Los Angeles. Merge onto CA-170 S and stay right at the fork、bearing right towards Cahuenga Blvd North. Use any lane to turn slight right onto N Cahuenga Blvd and continue down this street until you reach Franklin Ave – then take a left! Take one more left turn onto Universal Studios Boulevard and enjoy some sunny sights of tour bus parked outside as you approach your destination — Universal Studios!

Thanks for joining us today on this speedy ride from Burbank Airport (BUR) to Universal Studio in Hollywood – we hope that it was helpful for those looking for a quick route between these stops!

What landmarks are along the route from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If you're flying into Burbank Airport in the San Fernando Valley and planning to spend a day at the world-famous Universal Studios, one of the quickest and easiest routes is often by taxi or ride share. Along the way, there are several interesting landmarks that are worth stopping for a photo or for some sightseeing.

First, you'll pass by Bob Hope Airport – named after legendary comedian Bob Hope in 2003 – which was originally called “Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport” when it was opened in 1930. When passing through Glendale, you'll get to see one of Los Angeles' iconic hillsides covered with giant white letters spelling out 'GLENDALE'. The route then takes passengers along several roads lined with beautiful urban murals from local artists; this stretch is sometimes known as LA's graffiti corridor.

The journey ends at Universal Studios Hollywood, located near Studio City at its doorstep; however before guests have arrived they'd have already seen plenty of recognizable landmarks en route such as Burbank's famous Warner Bros Water Tower (which looks like an old wizard’s castle) and Pickwick Gardens & Theatresr – perfect for some pre-studio fun! Naturally, don't forget Nori Hill's famous Hollywood Sign looking inland just before arrival!

We hope this insight has shed light on all the wonderful places to stop off when heading from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios Hollywood! With so much natural beauty and film industry memorabilia around every corner, plan that next trip now!

Are there any alternative routes to get from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

If you're looking for an alternative route to get from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios, you’re in luck! Depending on your preferred mode of transportation, there are plenty of options outside the usual freeway path that can get you there in no time.

One of the simplest and most budget-friendly options goes through the San Fernando Valley and is best explored by car. Start off by heading east on Bob Hope Drive out of the airport and follow it until it turns into Olive Avenue. Take a right onto Clybourn Avenue and make another right at Riverside Drive. Continue south on this road until you come to Lankershim Boulevard, then turn left onto Universal Center Drive to get all the way up to Universal Studios!

Public transportation is also a great way to travel between these two points without dealing with traffic hassles or costly cab trips. Hop aboard Metro Local Bus 244 at Burbank Airport’s bus stop located on Empire Ave near Hollywood Way and ride it straight up past Hollywood High School before getting off at Lankershim Blvd & Moorpark Street, where you can transfer immediately after disembarking to Bus 150 or 155 which will take you directly up 3400 Cahuenga Blvd West for easy access into Universal Studios park grounds.

Biking is yet another viable option in this case - simply follow East/West Alameda Avenue from Burbank Airport all the way north towards Bob Hope Dr, then take that up until you reach Olive Avenue in North Hollywood Park for a pleasant bike ride through Griffith Park under the I-405 Freeway overpass that leads directly into Universal City Plaza—you won’t even have to bother with transferring vehicles or worrying about finding parking further down; freestanding bike racks near most attractions (including The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!) provide secure bike storage while sightseeing around Universal Studios grounds!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Universal Studios Hollywood from Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)?

About 5 miles and a 15 to 20 minute drive.

What is the closest airport to Universal Studios?

The nearest airport to Universal Studios is Burbank (BUR) Airport which is located 4.1 miles away.

How far is Universal Studios Hollywood from LAX Airport (LAX)?

Universal Studios Hollywood is approximately 26 miles and a 30 to 60 minute drive from LAX airport.

How far is Burbank Airport (BUR) from Universal Studios Hollywood?

The distance from Burbank Airport (BUR) to Universal Studios, Hollywood is 4 miles.

How to get to Universal Studios Hollywood by plane?

There are many flights that arrive into Los Angeles International Airport, LAX. Universal Studios Hollywood is located about 7 miles from LAX in the city of Universal City.

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