Does Strayer University Have a Nursing Program?

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Yes, Strayer University offers a nursing program that is an excellent way to start a career in healthcare. The school’s offerings are geared towards the needs of people who want to advance their medical knowledge and gain qualifications for highly-competitive healthcare positions.

The RN-to-BSN completion program offered by Strayer University provides students with the opportunity to build upon their skills and expand on the foundations of learning that they have already achieved from previous studies, certifications or licensure. Through this degree program, students will be able to continue developing their professional competency while gaining real world experience while also earning credits towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Those who complete this program will receive a diploma recognizing them as having graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. This can then be applied for entry into the BSN degree program at Strayer University for those who wish to earn a four year bachelor’s degree in nursing upon completion of this coursework.

Strayer offers many additional benefits such as online programs that are tailored-fit for busy schedules and practical support services like career counseling, tutoring and mentorship as part of its curriculum package too so health care professionals are able get exactly what they need from the institution no matter what level of qualification or education they desire– ideal for those with passionate dedication but limited opportunities due to all kinds of life circumstances (time constraints.) This provides flexibility needed when aiming towards professional development at any stage in one's career development goals – perfect timing!

So if you're someone looking into getting involved within health care sector but still not sure where start – give Strayer University's excellent retail RN-to BSN completion programs first consideration!

Does Strayer University offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

No, Strayer University does not offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. However, they do have an impressive array of nursing coursework available and can provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in this field. Instead of offering a traditional nursing major, Strayer's curriculum allows students to customize their degree program by combining general studies and specialty courses particular to their interests or desired career path.

Strayer provides both online and on-campus options so that you can fit course work into your busy schedule. They also partner with numerous community healthcare providers across the country making it easier for students to obtain internships or clinical experience as part of their degree requirements. And if this isn’t enough to entice you, all classes taken at Strayer are transferable which makes completing that BSN with another institution at some point later down the road all the more attainable!

What nursing degree programs does Strayer University offer?

Strayer University provides a comprehensive selection of nursing degree programs for aspiring nurses. The university offers Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees. In addition, the school also provides an Accelerated BSN path with a blended online and in-person learning format.

Each nursing degree program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a nurse. The ASN program covers essential topics such as anatomy, pharmacology, bioethics, leadership principles, and patient care theories while preparing students for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This program can be completed in three semesters if you enter with prior college credit.

The BSN path is more rigorous than its ASN counterpart; it consists of nine semesters of instruction on topics like Pathophysiology, Population Health Nursing Care Delivery Models and Community Health Nursing Theory. Additionally, applicants must complete 54 credits from liberal arts courses covering English composition science/maths psychosocial behavior human development social sciences health informatics & healthcare management finance medical terminology among other subjects. Furthermore,students who enrolled through this Bachelor level would receive preparedness training for practicing nursing roles based on the AACN's Essentials of Baccalaureate Education competencies to make sure their career success after graduation.

The Accelerated BSN option follows an intensive fifteen months pathway that provides immediate immersion into hands-on clinical experience following reviewing foundational knowledge areas required specifially for Nurse practitioners. This way allow opportunity training as early professional practice forexperience during which they will be fitted into fully functioning members of interdisciplinary team while sharpen their technical expertise under close supervision by profession faculties and mentors specially trained registered nurse at healthcare facilities associated with Strayer University.

At Strayer University graduates have plenty options that regardless their starting point they can achieve preparedness towards license nd professional excellence across many pathways per their educational goals while fulfilling individual needs as vocational nurses within fast paced medical settings.

Are there any financial aid options for students enrolled in the nursing program at Strayer University?

Financial aid is available for students enrolled in the nursing program at Strayer University. Strayer offers Federal Direct Loans to help cover the cost of tuition, fees and other academic expenses. Additionally, there are several grants and scholarships available as well. Some of these include the Perseus Scholarship Program, which provides $5,000 in financial aid to qualified students; the Student Response Fund Grant that provides funding support for up to five semesters; and the Phoenix Scholarship which gives an annual award of up to $2,500 to eligible nursing students. Strayer also has deals with lenders that offer private loan options as well as their own loan programs such as a competitive low-interest rate line of credit when needed or requested. There are also monthly payment plans offered so that each student can make manageable payments based on their school attendance status or anticipated schedule throughout the semester or terms.

Ultimately it's important for each potential student researching this program is aware that some type financial support is out there not only for initial tuition but any additional expenses associated with attending like books or supplies. Taking advantage of each option will help minimize the stress around resources during your enrollment period and provide overall great start towards obtaining a degree in nursing from Strayer University!

Is Strayer University accredited for its nursing program?

Strayer University is indeed accredited for its nursing program. Strayer's accelerated nursing program, in particular, is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This ensures that students receive an education of the highest quality. Students of Strayer's nursing programs can be confident that the skills, knowledge and abilities they gain during their studies will prepare them for a successful career in healthcare.

When selecting a university to pursue a degree in nursing, it is important to make sure the institution is properly accredited by an approved agency such as CCNE. Accreditation indicates that the school meets established academic standards and provides quality education. By choosing a college with accreditation from CCNE like Strayer University, students can ensure that their nursings program will provide them with exactly what they need for leaders and innovators in healthcare settings across all industries.

Strayer's online learning environment also makes it possible for busy working professionals to enjoy flexibility while pursuing their degree; class schedules and materials are available whenever and wherever needed via 24/7 digital access or through print textbooks or associated media resources shipped directly to their home address at no extra cost.. With this convenient platform in place, earning one’s degree while maintaining other commitments becomes much more achievable than ever before!

So if you're considering any nursing related field of study, have confidence that Strayer University will get you there! They offer high-quality educational experiences with full accreditation status – perfect for those seeking success!

What clinical experiences are available for nursing students at Strayer University?

Strayer University offers a variety of clinical experiences for nursing students that promote expanded knowledge and clinical skills.

The most popular option is the Nursing Clinical Experience (NCE). This consists of an 8-15 hour per week commitment that can take place in both hospital and community settings. Various health care fields are rotated through by the student enabling the student to observe, participate, analyze and document patient-care data in both lab and real-life practice activities.

In addition to this core experience, Strayer also offers simulations in its state of the art Simulation Center. Through experiential learning students gain academic, technical knowledge along with hands on practice delivering care in simulated environments. Committed to a safe learning environment, these services provide clinical scenarios linked to courses within the BSN program or any other required courses while fulfilling their preceptorship requirements as well as meeting their graduation requirements prior to beginning their clinical rotations at hospitals or long term care facilities throughout Virginia or another nation like India through our sister school AI Global Health.

Finally Strayer University has several interprofessional healthcare activities which offer nursing students an opportunity to learn from others outside their profession disciplines leading to improved scholarly outcomes like researching together on evidence based practices etc., exposing them more with change management policies and networking activities among healthcare providers across various spheres like pharmacists, nutritionists etc.. This helps foster collaboration among various fields critical for effective delivery of healthcare services.

To sum up, nursing students at Strayer University have plenty of options when it comes to gaining hands on experience including simulation center, NCEs and Interprofessional activities. All these combined form an integral part which enable these budding professionals become well rounded nurses committed towards providing compassionate patient centered care ultimately improving overall health outcomes globally

What specializations are available in Strayer University's nursing program?

Strayer University’s nursing program offers a diverse range of specializations that give students the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and skills. There are six undergraduate and four graduate concentrations available, allowing you to customize your program to meet your career goals.

For the undergraduate level, there is an RN-BSN degree, which combines a registered nurse (RN) license with an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Students can then choose from five additional specializations: Adult/Geriatric Care, Critical Care Management, Nursing Administration/Leadership, Nursing Education or RN-MSN online bridge option.

Those interested in pursuing a graduate level degree can specialize in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) or Executive Leader Doctor of Nursing Practice CNL Concentration. These advanced degrees will provide you with broad skillset capabilities and research abilities so you can become a leader in the nursing field The FNP concentration equips students with all necessary knowledge and skills required by primary care facilities while the PMHNP helps to build comprehensive psychological health services. Graduates also benefit from enhanced clinical experience related competencies allowing them to better grow as professionals working directly with patients and families contaminated by mental disorders. These specializations further develop knowledge and practice experience essential for understanding disease prevention practices as well as providing patient-centered healing programs that positively affect overall health outcomes above managing day-to-day medical issues within their communities or organizations they are associated with at large.

No matter what specialization route students choose at Strayer University’s nursing program – whether it's for their undergrad or graduate studies – when graduates join the real world workforce they will possess proven theoretical understanding along with relevant technical and clinical skill sets needed for promoting evidence based care across diverse population settings for individuals regardless of background differences including race, religion etc… all making that final mark showing successful completions from this university program globally recognized!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of degrees does Strayer offer?

Strayer offers undergraduate degree programs in accounting, business, information technology and criminal justice, plus career-focused concentrations.

Is Strayer University accredited by MSCHE?

Yes, Strayer University is accredited by MSCHE.

What are the different areas of specialization in nursing?

There are many areas of specialization within the nursing profession, each of which provides opportunities for nurses to advance. Specializing provides the opportunity for nurses to pursue career ambitions in leadership roles.

What types of degrees does Strayer University offer?

Strayer University offers degrees in Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programs.

Is Strayer University accredited?

Strayer University is regionally accredited.

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