Can Gay Couples Adopt in Texas?

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Posted Oct 26, 2022

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Yes, gay couples can adopt in Texas. The process is the same as for heterosexual couples. Couples must meet the state's eligibility requirements, which include being at least 21 years old, passing a criminal background check, and completing an adoption home study.

There are a number of ways to adopt in Texas. Couples can adopt through the state foster care system, private adoption agencies, or they can work with an attorney to facilitate an independent adoption.

The adoption process can be long and expensive, but it is worth it to build a family. Gay couples who adopt will have all the same rights and responsibilities as any other parents in Texas. They will be able to provide a loving home for a child in need, and they will be able to create a family that reflects their values and commitment to each other.

How do birth parents choose gay couples to adopt their children in Texas?

There are a number of ways that birth parents can choose gay couples to adopt their children in Texas. One way is through private adoption agencies that work with gay couples. These agencies will often have a list of potential adoptive families that birth parents can choose from. Another way is through the state foster care system. Many gay couples are foster parents and are therefore able to adopt children who are in the foster care system. Finally, birth parents can also choose gay couples to adopt their children through the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE), which is a state-run program that matches children who are in need of adoptive families with potential adoptive families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a gay couple adopt a child?

Yes, as long as both parents are registered with the state and meet all other adoption requirements. However, some agencies may require additional documentation or reference checks beyond those typically required of straight couples intending to adopt.

When did gay adoption become legal in the United States?

The first step towards equality in gay adoption came as individual states passed laws to make homosexual marriage legal, with Massachusetts becoming the first state to do so in 2003.

How many LGBT children are adopted in the United States?

It is estimated that there are 65,500 adopted children who are living with LGBT parents in 2007. The state with the largest number of LGBT adoptions was California.

What are the adoption laws in the state of Texas?

In Texas, there are no specific adoption laws. All adoption proceedings must follow the guidelines set forth by the state health and safety code, specifically sec. 192.008 which requires a supplemental birth certificate to be in the names of the adoptive parents, one of whom must be female and named as the mother and the other of whom must be male and named as the father.

How is the adoption process different in Texas?

In Texas, the process of adopting a child is done through a state agency. There are several agencies that help place children into permanent homes, and they all have different requirements and procedures. The Texas Central Region Adoption Center ( offers specific guidance on the Texas adoption process and can provide you with resources to help you prepare. Once you have determined which agency is best for your needs, the next step is to gather all of the necessary documents. These may include your household's income information, criminal background check information, as well as medical records of both you and the child/children in question. You will also need to file an application with the appropriate agency and complete an assessment questionnaire. After completing this process, an intake coordinator will review your application and contact you to schedule an appointment for a home study. Finally, after passing a home study and meeting all requirements set by the adoptive parents - if they choose to participate - the adoptive child

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