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If you're a proud owner of an Arctic Cat Commander side-by-side, you know that it can be a blast to drive. But if you're looking for something that will allow for even more off-roading and adventure, then one option to consider is a 6 inch lift kit.

Installing an all-inclusive lift kit on your Commander can provide added ground clearance and off-road performance capabilities due to the additional suspension travel available from the larger tires it allows for. With this extra height, your vehicle will be better able to traverse challenging terrain such as rocks, sand or mud without sustaining any damage from ground contact. In additiona, its taller ride height may allow for better visibility while driving down trails or through rough terrain giving you command over any off road obstacle in its path.

When selecting and installing a lift kit on your Commander however it is important to make sure that all parts are compatible with each other aswell as with the stock components of the vehicle which may need tweaking in order to accommodate new components like control arms and brakes setup among them. Moreover, keep in mind safety should be always considered by choosing well known brands with certifications regarding materials used in the manufacturing process like SAE1 specification chrome moly tubing used on most high strength parts such as tie rods and A arm brackets shown by leading companies like SuperATV among others.

Lifting your arctic cat commander six inches certainly sounds intimidating at first but done properly this modification can be well worth it taking into account how much additional flexibility on different terrains is gained through this experience so why not give it a go?!

Are there any suspension lifts available for the Can-Am Commander?

If you're looking for a quality suspension lift for your Can-Am Commander, you're in luck! There are plenty of high-quality suspension lifts that are designed specifically to upgrade the performance of your Can-Am Commander. A few popular options include:

1. SuperATV 4” Portal Gear Lift : This kit is designed to provide an extra 4” of ground clearance, allowing your Commander to take on tougher terrain with improved stability and increased acceleration. It also comes with heavy duty axles and hardware, keeping things together when you want to rip it up out on the trails.

2. Dragonfire High Clearance A-Arms : This suspension kit elevates the entire front end of your Commander by 2” over stock levels, but still keeps your shocks at their original heights so that it can tackle tough terrain without bottoming out on jumps or off camber turns. It also includes adjustable ball joints and tie rods for fine tuning throughout its lifetime.

3. Factory UTV Suspension Lift Kit: An economical way to get more ground clearance from your Commander! This kit includes struts, shackles, sway bar link extensions and clamps - everything needed for easy installation onto stock frame brackets so there's no drilling or welding required! Not only does this lift give an extra 3" ground clearance over stock levels but it increases travel distances too - making sure that all four tires remain planted on any terrain you dare venture into!

No matter which suspension lift you choose, upgrading the performance capabilities of your Can-am Defender has never been easier! With a wider selection than ever before available - no matter how extreme the ride demands - there's something out there just waiting to be taken advantage of!

What type of aftermarket wheels can I use with a 6-inch lift for a Can-Am Commander?

If you are looking to upgrade your Can-Am Commander with an aftermarket wheel that will perfectly fit with a 6-inch lift, good news! There are a number of truly impressive options out there which will help you to customize and improve your ride.

One of the best things about adding an aftermarket wheel to your lift kit is the ability to pick and choose from a wide range of styles and sizes. You can get a look that fits your own personal style and still benefit from top performance. For example, If you’re looking for some serious style points, then 15 or 17 inch Fuel D259 wheels might be just what you need – complete with some attitude inspiring black-milled spoke design.

Alternatively, if reliability is more important to you than style; then try Tusk Terra Prima ATV rims in 14×7 and 14×8 sizes – these feature matte finish patterned faces with machined bead lock rings - guaranteed fresh looks backed up by robust engineering.

Although it may seem like a lot of choice – don’t worry too much because almost any before mentioned option will provide the strength and quality needed for offroading despite its 6-inch lift - all while providing comfort due its increased contact point surface area over standard factory wheels. So whether ultimate performance or aggressive looks are what you crave; rest assured that there is definitely something out there specifically tailored towards Can-Am Commander owners who have decided to level up their game!

How much higher will a 6-inch lift lift a Can-Am Commander?

Just how much of a lift you can get from a 6-inch lift kit for your Can-Am Commander depends on the specifics of your ATV. The 6-inch lift should give your Commander as much ground clearance as it can safely handle, though that number will vary depending on factors like tire size, suspension setup and body roll. Generally speaking, however, you can expect anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of additional clearance with the installation of a 6-inch lift kit for your Can-Am Commander.

What’s more important than how much higher the kit will make your ATV is what kind of improvement to its offroading capabilities you’ll see when it has been installed. With increased ground clearance comes increased ability to tackle terrain that would otherwise be impassable – rocks, hills and more. You may find yourself taking routes through trails or over obstacles that were previously out of reach. And while climbs are usually easier with more clearance too, make sure not to go overboard in terms of height – going too high means compromising both handling performance and ride quality!

What type of tires should I use with a 6-inch lift for a Can-Am Commander?

When you have a 6-inch lift on a Can-Am Commander, your tire selection is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when customizing your vehicle.The right set of tires can make a world of difference between an enjoyable ride and an uncomfortable experience! So what type should you use?

First off, it is important to look at the terrain in which you'll do most of your driving. While some tires may be good for sand or mud, others will provide more traction on hard packed trail surfaces. If you're going to frequently tackle difficult climbs and rocky trails, consider selecting extra deep lugs for all four corners as it will provide more grip to help keep the rear end from spinning out on steep hills.

Next, it's important to consider the size of the tire that best fits your ride height and overall setup. Oftentimes aftermarket bigger tire packages are compatible with 6” lifts kits on Can-Am Commanders; however this option may reduce fuel efficiency or ground clearance due to additional weight or size posing challenges when maneuvering tight turns or uneven terrain. Therefore many riders opt for smaller but beefier tires that offer greater ground clearance (for suspension travel) while still providing adequate traction in most practical situations encountered while riding off road such as wooded areas or sandy dunes. One suggestion would be 30x10x14 Maxxis Bighorn Mud 2s mounted on 14" rims that are designed especially for aggressive riding conditions that match up with 6" lift setups on Can-Am Commanders!

Given these considerations its wise to do some research prior to upgrading/selecting your tires as there's numerous makes/models available depending on factors such as relocation brackets/contact patch requirements & individual riding style preference & budget constraints - ultimately fittingly choosing type & size if vital in obtaining optimal performance from both vehicle & rider alike!

What types of shocks should I use in order to properly support a 6-inch lift on my Can-Am Commander?

Having a properly supported 6-inch lift on a Can-Am Commander is no easy feat. It requires the perfect combination of shocks and other components to improve the overall ride experience and protect you from any potential damage it might cause from being too jolty or stiff.

The first thing that you should consider when choosing a suitable shock for your Can-Am Commander is the type of terrain that you plan to take it out on. Is it bumpy, uneven, root-strewn grasslands? Or perhaps wide open trails with clean dirt roads? Depending on what type of surface you are usually driving over, different shock types may be better suited than others. For example, if your environment is mainly off road then heavier shocks with bigger damping control capabilities may be more suitable as they can handle rougher conditions better than lighter ones will. On the contrary, softer shocks are typically better for smoother terrains like tarmac and dry gravel roads as they will provide a more comfortable ride.

Once you’ve decided which type of shocks would best fit your conditions, its time to determine the weight capacity necessary for them to adequately support your 6 inch lift. Generally speaking most people go for heavy duty adjustable off road lift kits that include four heavy duty adjustable coilovers – two shorter (front) and two longer (rear). These specific types of shock absorbers are usually able to carry up weight very effectively while allowing good travel properties at the same time so that way all four wheels will have independent movement capabilities no matter where they make contact with ground surfaces. Adjustable dampers offered by these kits make fine tuning further based on personal preference possible - allowing customization beyond just hard/soft settings - while air assisted suspension can alleviate majority issues related overheating problems in extreme conditions as well as provide resistance against wear and tear over time due their natural greater durability when compared to non-air alternatives available in market today.

Ultimately lifting up a vehicle isn’t an easy process but having right combination of heavy duty adjustable shocks can certainly help making entire journey lot easier by providing stability levels upmost importance in different environmental circumstances faced during rides we take our Commanders out into - bringing peace mind absolutely necessary especially ones refuse back down from any obstacles put them way during such times!

Does a 6-inch lift change the handling of a Can-Am Commander?

When it comes to determining whether or not a 6-inch lift will change the handling of your Can-Am Commander, it depends on a variety of factors. First, you have to consider the type of terrain you'll be driving on. If you're driving mostly on flat ground with no sharp turns or slopes, then the lift won't make much of a difference in how your Commander handles. However, if you are driving more off-road and going through steeper terrain with wilder curves and bumps, then a 6-inch lift could make all the difference when it comes to performance.

Another factor to consider is how heavy duty your Commander model is meant to be - depending on what model year and specifications yours possesses, you might see less or even more change in handling after a 6-inch lift is installed. Though most models should generally experience better stability as long as they’re properly maintained after installation of an additional suspension system such as this one.

In terms of overall capacity for certain terrains and size when lifted 6 inches up - most drivers can expect smoother navigation over large rocks sticks and other obstacles that won’t fit under factory height while still having enough power under control for quick acceleration needed by recreational users at all skill levels – though if doing tough climbs some modifications such as larger tires are recommended for maximum benefits from any suspension system including this one specifically made for Can Am Commanders with its 5 zone dampening technology ensuring enough travel across different surfaces big or small at any speed.

Overall it's important to remember that since every Can Am Commander is unique in its own way both before and after any modification happens, there might be some additional testing required before stating definitively how much impact changing from factory settings affects handling qualities – but typically the result often times will grant improved response along tighter turns thanks especially those provided thanks to an addition like this one in particular since riding conditions must always come first when any kind of changes are made no matter what kind vehicle we're talking about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lift kit do on a can Am Commander?

A lift kit provides the necessary torque and ground clearance to run bigger tires on your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX.

Can you lift a Can-Am Commander UTV?

Yes, in most cases a Can-am Commander UTV can be lifted with a Highlifter lift kit and/or springs. However, there are certain caveats that should be considered before lifting your Commander UTV. Firstly, make sure the Duncan Engineering lift kit you choose is capable of handling the weight of your Commander UTV. Secondly, be aware that adding weight to the axles will increase their stress levels and could eventually lead to premature axle failure. Finally, always use caution when lifting your commander UTV – never attempt to lift it if you don’t have the proper equipment and knowledge on hand.

Will a lift kit make my commander ride better?

No it will not.

What accessories are available for the 2020 Can-Am Commander Max?

-4 Inch Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kits. -Rear Adjustable Stage 4 Elka Shocks.

How does a lift kit work on a Can-Am Commander?

In order to understand how a lift kit works on a Can-Am Commander, it is first necessary to understand the precise method in which these kits operate. Essentially, a lift kit installs several shock mounts onto the chassis of your UTV. These mounts are then connected to each other by bolts and allow the chassis to be lifted off of its original ground level. The added height increases the machine’s suspension system and improves its ability to handle rough terrain. Additionally, by lifting the chassis off of the ground, dirt and debris can easily be cleaned from underneath without having to remove the entire machine.

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