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It might surprise you to learn that the iconic 6x6 Land Rover Defender is actually still available for sale, albeit in limited quantities. The Defender has been out of production since 2016, but due to its enormous popularity and enduring reputation as an off-road icon, a few limited-edition models are still available from certain dealers or directly from Land Rover themselves.

The list of current dealers offering the 6x6 Defender will depend on your exact location, as availability varies significantly by region. However a quick online search should reveal which dealerships offer them in your area - alternatively you can email the official ‘Land Rover Heritage’ division who may be able to provide more detailed information on specific models and availability.

When it comes to cost, bear in mind that these are highly sought after vehicles with only a limited production run each year - so prices can be high compared to regular Defenders or other vehicles of comparable size and capability. As an example anyway currently available 6x6 cost around £127k before customization options and taxes etc are added. Having said this however it's worth remembering that buying such an icon of vehicular engineering is not just about price: given how rare they are, this might just be your best chance at joining a rather exclusive club!

Where can I find a used Can-Am 6x6 Defender for sale?

Finding a used Can-Am 6x6 Defender for sale can be tricky, but with a bit of effort, you should be able to track down the perfect ride. The first thing to do is contact your local Can-Am dealer. They may have used models in their inventory or know about someone who is selling one. You can also check online classifieds sites like Craigslist and eBay for listings.

If you're unable to find what you're looking for through traditional methods, it's worth considering some of the specialty dealers that deal specifically with Can-Ams. These dealers often source from off-market sellers and have more options than regular retailers. Sites like ATV Trader specialize in buying and selling all terrain vehicles—including the Defender 6x6—giving you access to an even wider selection of possibilities that may not be available otherwise.

With any purchase, make sure to do your research ahead of time so that you don't end up overpaying or stuck with a lemon! Get as much information on the specific model as possible and inspect each contender before making your final decision; doing so could save thousands by ensuring that it’s in proper working condition and doesn't require any costly repairs soon after taking ownership!

How much does a Can-Am 6x6 Defender typically cost?

At first glance, the Can-Am 6x6 Defender might seem like a hefty investment, but a closer look reveals the automotive powerhouse is well worth its price.

In terms of cost, the Can-Am 6x6 Defender has three different models in its lineup—the HD8, HD10, and new XT—with prices that range from $14,849 up to $19,999. Depending on which model you choose and what options you add on (such as aluminum wheels or a wide array of aftermarket accessories), your total cost might be slightly higher or lower than this range.

The good news is that despite its heftier price tag compared to traditional four-wheeled recreational vehicles, the Can-Am 6x6 Defender comes with plenty of features that are well worth the extra cost. Equipped with an impressive powertrain featuring either Rotax 885cc V77 or 976 cc V989C engines capable of producing 82 horsepower and 78 lb.-ft. torque respectively; an ultraresponsive steering system; sizable No Flat tires for superior traction; heavy duty suspension components for added tough terrain capability; dual speed transmission; automotive style interior design; and loads more functionality—all come together make up just a fraction what makes this vehicle so attractive for those looking for powerful six wheeled adventures!

Ultimately, when it comes to purchasing the awesomely multifunctional Can-Am 6x6 Defender, expect your purchase costs to fall in anywhere between $14k - 20K depending on which model you select!

Are there any special deals or discounts on a Can-Am 6x6 Defender?

If you’re in the market for a rugged, reliable all-terrain vehicle with plenty of extra power for those hard jobs, then a Can-Am 6x6 Defender may be exactly what you’re looking for. However, just because these machines come loaded with features doesn’t mean you can’t find some great deals and discounts on them. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to save big without sacrificing quality or performance.

The first place to look when it comes to discounts is at Can-Am dealerships. Many times they will offer promotions on new models specifically geared toward getting customers into the driver's seat of one of their machines. Can-Am dealers are also likely to have sales and specials on models that were previously owned by someone else, which can bring your cost down significantly while still providing a quality ride in an off-road vehicle like this one. Additionally, many dealers will give discounts if you purchase multiple vehicles from them or utilize certain payment plans when paying for your machine—so it may be worth shopping around at local retailers to see if any special promotions suit your budget and needs specifically.

Another potential source of savings is online outlets such as eBay or Craigslist where people are often selling used models that may no longer fit their lifestyle but still provide excellent performance at bargain prices (of course only after ensuring all safety features meet requirements). This can amount to sizable savings over buying a brand new model from the manufacturer and gives you access to scores of potential offers from private sellers trying to offload their own 6x6 Defenders quickly at prices lower than those found in stores or online retailers themselves.

Finally, given that spring is often when this type of outdoor gear goes on sale in anticipation of warmer months ahead - several specialty websites feature deals throughout the year - so keeping an eye out during these periods could yield significant savings when compared with standard pricing (sometimes up to 40%+!). In addition social media outlets such as Facebook lastly offer Deal spots that users can join where they will receive notifications regarding ongoing sales tailored toward items such as ATV's which could once more lead towards some excellent discounts depending upon how much patience and vigilance one has decided employ during their search process!

How does a Can-Am 6x6 Defender compare to similar off-road vehicles?

When it comes to off-road vehicles, there is no doubt that the Can-Am 6x6 Defender stands out from the rest. From its rugged design to its powerful engine, this vehicle is built for tackling any terrain with ease.

The first thing you'll notice about the 6x6 Defender are its impressive all-terrain capabilities. With 6 wheels, this vehicle has an increased traction and improved stability allowing it to climb up steep inclines or cruise through sandy patches with ease. Additionally, it has a 50" track width giving even more control over difficult terrain.

As well as being ruggedly designed, the 6x6 Defender also features a unique engine option - an 82 hp Rotax 1000R V twin engine which ensures plenty of power even when faced with challenging terrains and speeds of up to 80 km/h on flat surfaces like roads and sand dunes. The suspension system also plays a part in ensuring that a smooth ride is achieved regardless of how uneven or rocky the ground may be - includes A-arm independent front suspension along with torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension providing 16 inches of wheel travel at either end while hard shocks make navigating tricky paths much simpler and smoother.

One advantage that sets apart the Can-Am 6x6 Defender from similar machines on offer today is it's generous storage capacity for gear which makes long journeys much easier by having every item within reach without taking space up inside the cab. And as world’s first fully factory equipped side by side convertible vehicle – you can switch between two or six wheel drive depending on your requirement making this versatile option ideal both on rougher courses like rocks or sand dunes but also on packed roads going across town!

When it comes to finding an off-road machine that offers performance and convenience combined with incredible strength – look no further than Can Am’s very own versatile 6x6 model!

Are there any Can-Am 6x6 Defender accessories available for purchase?

If you’re looking for accessories for your Can-Am Defender 6x6, you’ve come to the right place! The Can-Am Defender has plenty of aftermarket accessories available to fit every rider's needs. Whether they are add-ons and upgrades that increase performance and functionality, or even cosmetics that enhance its already impressive styling, there is something out there to make any driver's Defender stand out.

For starters, Can-Am offers their own accessories specifically built for the 6x6 version of the defender. These include an aluminum roof rack and bed extender kit which allows riders to carry more cargo than ever before. There are also a variety of LED light kits available including LED headlights and off road lighting packages so your Defender can conquer any terrain at night. Can-Am also offers brush guards, windshields, winches, audio systems and safety roll cages – perfect if you take your vehicle off int he backcountry a lot!

But that’s not all! There is an entire catalog of accessories designed by third-party companies in order to make sure every custom look or function is achievable with the 6x6 defender. Companies like SuperATV specialize in lift kits so those massive tires can be suspended higher for extreme mud riding or other tough obstacles on your adventures. WARN Industries focus on ATV plows like snow plows or dozer blades created specifically on defenders– perfect if you want something more than recreational riding in inclement weather conditions. On top of them all is Superwinch: they offer full endless recovery systems with wenches which support up to 4500 lbs! That’s one big way they have got all 4 action packed wheelers under control during extreme conditions; we love it here at Superwinch HQ too!

There may be no limit what kind of customizing options are available at this point – making sure everyone’s dreams become reality no matter where life takes them on these powerful vehicles made just for conquering off roading trips like none other than with a Can Am 6X6 DEFENDER.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a can Am defender 6x6 DPS cost?

The current RRP for the CAN-AM Defender 6x6 DPS is $19,899.00

What is the VIN number for a can Am defender ATV?

The VIN number for a Can Am defender ATV is 3JBUSAP4XKK000015.

How many original hours on a can Am defender hd10?

This 2020 Can-Am Defender HD10 Limited. C/A/H has only 688 original hours!

What are the features of a 2016 can Am defender hd8xt?

The features of a 2016 Can Am Defender HD8XT include a front flip windshield, soft doors, rear poly window, winch, turn signal kit and clean local trade in!

How much does a CanAm defender cost?

A new Unused CanAm defender 6x6 DPS HD10 DPS starts at $19,899.00.

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